How to Develop an Effective Family Budget for a Month

How to develop an effective family budget

Have you ever wondered why your finances get depleted before the end of the month? You are forced to take loans to offset most of your financial needs. If you are experiencing this problem, then you have a problem with tracking your family expenses. Because family issues keep changing, for example, a family member like … Read more

What Does Yellow Urine Indicate?

What does yellow urine indicate?

Having yellow urine is a situation encountered by most people. Occasionally, urine changes color depending on the hydration level of your body. All these changes are initiated by the liver as it tries to save water for use by the body. Although the normal urine color should be pale yellow, clear and free of particles … Read more

Why You Should Expect More Wheelbarrows: William Ruto

William Ruto

The Hustler narrative by the Deputy President William Ruto has become a controversial topic in Kenya’s politics. However, the DP remains firm in his push for the hustler narrative, which according to him, will change Kenya’s political conversations. While speaking in Baringo, the DP made it clear that Kenyans should be ready for more wheelbarrows … Read more

Top 10 Best Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya

Best mobile loan apps

Are you in a financial crisis where you need cash to meet some of your needs? You are not alone in this, life has been difficult to many people. There are many financial needs people are facing in today’s technologized world. Therefore, this has made people to work day and night to meet these expenses. … Read more

How to Make Money in Betting Anywhere

How to make money in betting

Have you been losing money in betting? If so, then you should know that there are some betting tactics you are missing. To make money in betting, you need to be prepared and have some tactics that will guide you. If you start betting without a plan, then there are high chances that you will … Read more

Best Hostels for Students in Nakuru 2021

Best Hostels for students in Nakuru

Most students in Nakuru get confused after getting admitted into a university or college. The main challenge for these students is accommodation. The burning question in most cases is whether they should stay in a hostel or rent an apartment. However, a hostel comes with different advantages compared to an apartment. Therefore, based on these … Read more

Foods that Boost Male Libido Naturally

foods that boost male libido

The main worry to most men is ensuring that they satisfy their women in bed. However, the modern lifestyle has negatively affected most men’s sex duration. In most cases, people are forced to migrate and stay in urban centers where most foods have been processed. During the processing of these foods, some chemicals are added, … Read more

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