picnic sites in Kajiado

10 Amazing Picnic Sites in Kajiado County

Kajiado is an excellent place to go for a picnic. National reserves, hills, and lakes provide scenic wildlife, landscapes, and plantation views. The accessibility from Nairobi makes the area an excellent place for a family day out. You can use a bus, plane, or taxi to get to the tourist sites. The management of sites…

Music genres in Kenya
General News

7 Popular Music Genres in Kenya You Should Know

Over the years, music has evolved. Traditional music was the oldest genre of music in Kenya. But as interactions with western genres increased, artists and producers developed new genres, primarily by merging traditional and foreign genres to enlarge their fan bases. More advanced music instruments like keyboards, percussions, and samplers have also led to diverse…

Facts about Lake Turkana

13 Interesting Facts About Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana, formerly known as Lake Rudolf is one of the lakes found on the floors of the Great Rift Valley. Up to date, the lake remains safe from overexploitation and uncontrollable numbers of visitors. Long-distance from major towns and rough roads could be the reasons for this. However, this does not take away its…

Kitengela glass bridge

7 Interesting Facts About Kitengela Glass Bridge

 The Kitengela glass bridge is currently one of the scariest bridges. The suspended swaying bridge hangs about 100 meters above a deep river valley connecting Masai lodge, Nani’s Kitengela Glass Art, and Silole Sanctuary. The bridge is made of wire and glass with gaps in the railing. Crossing can be scary, especially when you get…

Gynaecologists in Kenya
Health and Fitness

List of Gynaecologists in Kenya in 2022

Looking for a gynaecologist might be a daunting task. Before visiting a doctor, you must first understand their expertise. The prices charged per session differ from one doctor to another; hence comparing will save you a few coins. In Nairobi, gnaecologist consultants practice in hospitals, teaching institutions, and private practice clinics. Some offer their services…

how to start a wines and spirits business in Kenya

How to Start a Wines and Spirits Business in Kenya in 2022

Wines & Spirits businesses keep on thriving. Entrepreneurs consider the business lucrative due to the high demand for alcohol in the country and enticing profit margins. A report by NACADA shows that 13 million Kenyans drink liquor daily. The average person spends Ksh. 210 per day. The alcohol industry operates with Kshs 26 billion in…

pension schemes in Kenya

39 Best Pension Schemes in Kenya

Thinking about years without a monthly salary/income can be depressing. But the truth is that slowly and surely, you’re heading there. Retirement is inevitable. Preparing yourself in advance will help relieve stress when you’re not working. Pension schemes offer an opportunity to save for the future. The schemes provide different plans to suit individuals working…

where to buy cosmetics in wholesale in Nairobi
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Where to Buy Cosmetics in Wholesale in Nairobi-10 Places

Are you a cosmetics retailer? Getting quality supplies at affordable prices is key to your business success. An ideal supplier will help you start, run, and manage your business to succeed. Some wholesalers will deliver products to your business. Ordering products online will make the stocking of your business simple and easy. Plus, digital payments…

Getaway places in Kajiado

10 Beautiful Getaway Places in Kajiado 2022

Are you looking for the best getaway place to enjoy the peacefulness of being out in nature? Look to no place other than Kajiado. It is known for its natural wonders, and planning for quirky holiday stays in and around can be one of the best ways to get the perfect blend of nature and…