16 Profitable Businesses in Kenya You Should Know

profitable businesses in Kenya

Kenyan businesses are a key driver of the economy and create employment for many people. The government is making efforts to deregulate business, improve competitiveness, and reduce regulatory burdens on small businesses through various reforms. This article provides a list of 16 profitable businesses in Kenya. These are businesses that require a capital of less … Read more

Best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya

how to make money online in Kenya

Online work has become common in Kenya. However, the online industry is full of con artists waiting to prey on your hard-earned money. As a result, it becomes challenging to know where to start. You definitely want to get a genuine way to make extra cash online without being conned. In this guide, we’ll discuss … Read more

How to Start a Legal Business In Kenya in 2022

How to start a legal business in Kenya in 2021

Are you wondering how you will covert that idea in your mind into a business? This may be a challenging task without relevant knowledge on how to go about it. However, this article makes this process easy by guiding you on the processes you should undertake. To start with, the article guides you on the … Read more

A Guide on How To Apply For A Passport Online in Kenya

A Passport is an essential identification document for travelers. Airlines, airport authorities, and immigration officials use this document to authenticate the identity of a traveler. Therefore, if you are planning to travel, it is necessary to equip yourself with a valid passport. In Kenya, passport application was not easy before 2017. However, the good news … Read more