Discover How to Save a Dying Conversation Over Text

how to save a dying conversation over text

The death of a conversation over text is among the stressful issues especially when you are talking to a fiance. You start typing and then nothing. No response, no acknowledgment that you’ve been alive for the last ten minutes of your life. It’s like getting dumped without any warning or explanation at all! What do … Read more

Find Out YouTube Copyright School Questions and Answers

YouTube copyright school questions and answers

Copyright is a sensitive topic for the YouTube community. Many big brands and other YouTube users have gotten their accounts suspended for violating copyright rules. It does not end at that as some people have been arrested for the same issue. As a brand using YouTube, you don’t want your account to be brought down … Read more

Discover the Highly Demanding Courses in Kenya

highly demanding courses in Kenya

Kenya is in the process of transforming into a knowledge-based economy. The country has been building new universities to meet its growing needs for technology and science-based education. Some of the courses expected to transform this country into this expected outlook are quite demanding. When it comes to the demand for a course, the institution … Read more

Top Construction Companies in Kenya Today

construction companies in Kenya

The construction industry in Kenya is booming, and it’s not hard to see why. With a population of over 50 million people, there are plenty of opportunities for new business ventures. The Kenyan government has also set out ambitious plans to build more roads, houses and hospitals across the country. This means that now is … Read more

15 Hotcake Courses in Kenya with Guaranteed Employment

hotcake courses in Kenya

There are many courses to study in Kenya, but not all of them can be considered as “hotcake”. So which are the hotcake courses in Kenya? A hotcake course is one that will help you build your career and advance yourself professionally or academically. The following are the popular hotcake courses to study in Kenya: … Read more

Proven Digital Marketing Services for Small Business

digital marketing services for small business

More and more businesses are realizing the importance of having an online presence. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, it’s essential to have your website with all the social media links available on the homepage. These links play an essential role by directing people to your online business. Otherwise, once people find … Read more

5 Guaranteed Agribusiness Funding in Kenya

agribusiness funding in Kenya

Kenya is considered an important player in the global agricultural sector. Agriculture employs more than 60% of Kenya’s workforce and is also one of the country’s top sources for foreign exchange earnings. The Kenyan government has made significant investments in supporting agriculture through development projects. This article presents a list of the different organizations providing … Read more

Proven Benefits of Home Water damage Restoration

benefits of home water damage restoration

When it comes to the talk of water damage, there is nothing scarier than hearing about a leaky pipe or burst pipe. Not only does this type of problem create a huge mess and take time and money to clean up, but it also leads to more expensive issues like mould development. We are going … Read more

3 Sure Ways How to Check WiFi Speed on Phone

how to check WiFi speed on phone

This article will show you 3 sure ways to check WiFi speed on your phone. It is important to know what the wireless internet connection in your home or office is capable of, so that you can troubleshoot any issues and make sure it’s not too slow for streaming content. To measure the speed at … Read more

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