8 Wedding Venues in Kenya for a Luxurious Experience

wedding venues in Kenya

For those looking for a joyful bridal venue for their wedding, Kenya has a variety of remarkable wedding venues. However, getting an ideal place can be the most tiresome task. For this reason, I decided to compile a list of the luxurious wedding venues in Kenya for you. A wedding venue should meet all your … Read more

5 Best Trading Platforms for Beginners in 2022

best trading platforms for beginners

The trading platform is the trader’s main supporting tool to start the trading process. Usually, brokers offer a few options of platforms to choose from, but it can be complicated for beginners to make that choice. Today, you’ll know the best trading platforms for beginners. There is a whole list of criteria you need to … Read more

9 Best Locations for Quad Biking in Kenya 2022

best locations for quad biking in Kenya

Quad biking offers a thrilling adventure experience. Hotels, game reserves, malls, and other facilities provide this service. They purchase quad bikes and hire instructors to ensure the rider’s safety. Quad bike rides provide an excellent opportunity for family and friends for a day outing. Today you’ll know the best locations for quad biking in Kenya … Read more

How Rich People Give Away Free Stuff in 2022

how rich people give away free stuff

People love free stuff, and there are so many ways rich people give away free stuff. However, this doesn’t imply that wealthy people will give away free money to people without a good reason. Today, you’ll know how rich people give away free stuff. Mostly, you can get free stuff from millionaires if you’re worth … Read more

Interesting Facts About Chebloch Gorge in Elgeyo Marakwet

interesting facts about Chebloch Gorge

If you happen to be in Baringo, Nakuru, or its surrounding, make sure you visit Chebloch gorge to experience a fantastic view of the gorge with a backdrop of the Elgeyo escarpment. The Chebloch Gorge is a 20 meters deep gorge that provides excellent views of the muddy-brown, crocodile-infested waters of the Kerio River. Today, … Read more

7 Amazing Catholic Retreat Centers in Kenya

catholic retreat centers in Kenya

In today’s world, people are looking for a quiet and ambient place to reconnect with God and humanity.  Or a place to rest in God’s presence for spiritual direction, workshops, seminars, and individual guided retreats.   If you are drawn to a place of silence and tranquility to deepen with God, here is a list of … Read more

5 Religious Retreat Centers in Nakuru City

religious retreat centers in Nakuru

People visit religious retreat centers mainly to pray. Christians from all denominations are welcomed. Prayer centers provide peaceful and quiet gardens good for meditation. You can visit them as an individual or group. The centers are open to the public daily. The rooms at the centers are affordable with vast grounds offering visitors ample areas … Read more

7 Popular Music Genres in Kenya You Should Know

Music genres in Kenya

Over the years, music has evolved. Traditional music was the oldest genre of music in Kenya. But as interactions with western genres increased, artists and producers developed new genres, primarily by merging traditional and foreign genres to enlarge their fan bases. More advanced music instruments like keyboards, percussions, and samplers have also led to diverse … Read more

Where to Buy Cosmetics in Wholesale in Nairobi-10 Places

where to buy cosmetics in wholesale in Nairobi

Are you a cosmetics retailer? Getting quality supplies at affordable prices is key to your business success. An ideal supplier will help you start, run, and manage your business to succeed. Some wholesalers will deliver products to your business. Ordering products online will make the stocking of your business simple and easy. Plus, digital payments … Read more

10 Best Music Schools in Kenya in 2022

best music schools in Kenya

According to Maria Von Trapp “Music acts like a magical key, to which the most tightly closed hearts open”. It has the power to do what words can’t do. Music is a well-known treatment that mitigates your mind and soul regardless of its kind. Many people find it tough to excel in music as good … Read more

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