Jaguar’s Properties and Net Worth 2022

Jaguar's Net worth 2021

Charles Njagua Kanyi, popularly known as Jaguar is currently the Starehe MP serving his first term. Having been a famous singer, he joined Kenya’s politics in 2017 and was elected as a Member of Parliament. Jaguar is known for his flamboyant lifestyle even before he joined politics. Furthermore, he is among the top and most … Read more

List of the Tallest Buildings in Africa

Have you thought about the tallest buildings in Africa and the countries where they are? Although the continent has not been ranked about the tallest buildings it has, its number has been rising. Many cities in African countries have invested in tall buildings in recent years. As a result of the many investments in Africa, … Read more

Land Buying Procedure in Kenya

Land is the most essential asset you can have in Kenya. Towns and industries are rapidly growing in the country. Therefore, this is making the price of land to rise tremendously. As a result, many people in the country are trying to own land now as compared to past years. However, it is necessary to … Read more

Natural Stain removers for Your Laundry

Have you ever stained your best cloth? This is the most terrible experience a person can have, especially when planning to go to an event. However, there are many ways used to remove stains from clothes. Among these options is the use of strong chemicals, which has its disadvantages as these chemicals can have negative … Read more

Life Skills To Teach Your Child

A good foundation for a child plays a central role in determining their future. Children raised knowing the different skills needed in life have higher chances of becoming successful. Our modern world is quite technical, one needs some life skills to overcome challenges. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a parent to prepare your child … Read more

Discover the Expensive Schools in Kenya

Most expensive schools in Kenya

They say that education is the key but they have made it so expensive for the common ‘mwananchi.’ The education system in Kenya can be compared to that created by the Jim Crow laws in the United States where the blacks had their schools different from those of the whites. The difference in Kenya, however, … Read more

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