safety tips while driving

Safety Tips While Driving to Keep you Secure

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road accidents have been among the leading causes of death. Most of these accidents are in low and middle-income countries. In most circumstances, the causes of these accidents are factors that can be prevented. For those driving, it is your responsibility to mind your safety and that of…


Fascinating Places You Should Visit

Kenya is known for its beauty and natural landscapes that attract many tourists from outside countries. People from other countries have learned of the beauty of Kenya primarily through the internet. Apart from having the best marathon runners in the world like Eliud Kipchoge, Kenya is blessed with fascinating sites that can rejuvenate you. However,…

Romantic places in nakuru

List of the Best Places to Visit in Nakuru

Nakuru is considered a diversified county as all the 43 Kenyan tribes are represented here. Being at the center of the Rift Valley, Nakuru has many beautiful places you consider visiting. During holidays or when you take breaks from your normal duties, it is advisable to visit some of the beautiful places in Nakuru. Such…

best bus companies in Kenya

Discover the Best Bus Companies in Kenya

The transport sector is among the fastest-growing sectors in the country. Therefore, this is an important sector as far as the economy of the country is concerned. You will support my claim that most people in the country are using transport services on a daily basis. Moreover, this is the sector that promotes tourism, agricultural…