How to File KRA Returns Online – An Easy Guide for 2024

Are you a registered Kenya taxpayer? If yes, the Kenya Revenue Authority expects you to file your tax returns before June 30th every year. Even jobless people with a KRA PIN should file nil returns every financial year. If you’re wondering how to do that in the comfort of your home, this article will help you. Here, we explain how to file KRA returns online.

How to File KRA Returns Online – Employed People

Whether you are a Kenyan citizen or a non-resident working locally, you should file your KRA returns every fiscal year. Filing your income tax online is relatively straightforward if you know what to do. The first thing to ensure is that you have all the requirements. These include: 

  • KRA iTax login details
  • A mobile phone or computer with fast internet connection. 

If you have all the above requirements, file your income taxes in this manner:

  1. Open the iTax portal on your computer or mobile browser
  2. Enter your “User ID.” Note that this is your KRA PIN 
  3. Hit “Continue” and enter your “Password.” Alternatively, click “Forgot Password” if you cannot recall it. Check your email address for a temporary KRA portal password. Use it to reset your password.
  4. Below the password box, you will see a “Security stamp” with a math equation (as shown by the image below). You must enter the correct answer to move to the next step.
  5. Once you sign into your KRA account, move to the “Return Menu” area. Choose “Individual Tax Return (ITR) only.” File mandatory details in the form that appears. 
  6. Choose “Yes” as your answer to this: “Do you have employment income?” Click “Next” to view the following page. 
How to file KRA returns online

Filling Out Sections A to T

On clicking “Next” above, you will land on a page with “Section A” to “Section T.” You must fill out all blank sections. 

Here are the sections: 

  • Part 1 of Section A- Basic information: KRA wants to know basic information about your employment perks and incentives. For instance, you will encounter parts asking about your mortgage, insurance policy, foreign employment, and any car your employer has given you.  
  • Click “Next” to view “Section F- Employment Details: The iTax system will have added your employment details to this area. However, you should confirm they are correct. 
  • Hit “Next” to view Section M – Details of PAYE Deducted at Source from Salary: Match the system details you see here with that of form P9.
  • Click “Next” to see “Section Q – Detail of Income Paid in Advance: Skip this section if you never paid any amount to KRA during the current financial year. 
  • Choose “Next” to fill out Section T – Tax Computation: The pre-populated section is the last one you should fill out. Consult your P9 form to know how to answer some important questions in this section. 

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Submit Your Returns

The next step when filing KRA returns online entails submission. If you have correctly filled Sections A to T, click the “Submit” button on your screen. Hit “OK” to confirm this action. KRA will produce the “Return Receipt Generated” notification. It shows that KRA terms your submission complete. 

How to Get Your KRA Returns Receipt

KRA will automatically send you an email showing your Returns Receipt for the current financial year. 

Alternatively, you can click the link on your screen to download it.

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How to File Nil KRA Returns Online

You are required to file nil returns if you have a KRA PIN but are currently unemployed. Here is how to file nil KRA returns: 

  1. Open the “KRA iTax portal” or access it via the KRA mobile app. 
  2. Enter your “PIN” as your “user ID.” Type your “Password” and solve the “Math equation” beneath it. Click “Log in” 
  3. Once logged on, navigate to the “Return Menu” and choose “File Nil Returns.”
  4. Choose a tax obligation type, including “individual.” Hit “Next.”
  5. Enter your “Return Period From” to “Return Period To” details. Ignore the “Wife PIN” slot. 
  6. Press “Submit” and click “Yes” to confirm the action. 
  7. KRA will send a NIL returns receipt featuring an acknowledgment number to your email address. You can also download the receipt via the link. 

If you fail to pay your income taxes on time, KRA will impose a penalty of Ksh. 2,000. Businesses will pay a penalty of Ksh. 20,000. 

You can visit the KRA website to learn more about filing tax returns.