How to Find Out If Your ID Was Used to Register Other Numbers in 2024

Did you know a stranger could be using a SIM card registered in your name? Somebody with a wicked mind needs just your ID card or passport to register a new SIM card illegally. Unfortunately, the culprit can land you in trouble with the Kenyan authorities should they commit a major crime with the illegally registered SIM number. 

You can avoid such a problem by checking if you have unknown numbers registered in your name. That’s why we want to discuss how to find out if your ID was used to register other numbers.

How to Find Out if Your ID Was Used to Register Other Numbers by Safaricom

Someone can impersonate you and put your future at risk. To discover if a criminal used your ID to register unknown Safaricom phone numbers, call *106#. This USSD code is Safaricom’s Number Query Service with various number registration options. 

To check all numbers registered with your national ID, do the following:

  • Call *106#
  • Tap “Check Registration Status.” 
  • Wait for Safaricom to send you an SMS. 
  • If the numbers you use are the only ones registered with your ID, the SMS message will confirm. You will see your numbers below the text confirming your details comply with government regulations. 

Once you dial the above USSD and notice numbers you do not recognize, do not worry. Safaricom has a way to report any unrecognized number linked with your ID. Here is how to report unknown numbers: 

  • Call *106# to view the numbers registration menu.
  • Choose the “Report an unknown number” option.
  • Choose the unknown phone number. 
  • Confirm this number before reporting to ensure it is not yours.

Suppose you accidentally report a Safaricom number you recognize but have not been actively using it. Undo the action this way:

  • Dial the same USSD code or go back to “Home.”
  • Select the “Cancel a Reported Number “option.
  • Choose the valid number you reported accidentally.
  • Verify the cancellation. 

How to Find if Your ID Was Used to Register Other Numbers by Airtel

If you are an Airtel line user, check if you have other numbers that you did not register with your ID. The procedure goes this way:

  • Call *106# on your phone.
  • Choose “Numbers Registered with my ID” from the menu.
  • Select your identity document, including your Kenyan ID, passport, East African ID, or Service ID. 
  • Enter the document’s details and wait for a confirmation SMS.
  • Airtel will deliver another SMS showing every SIM number linked with your ID card. 

Visit the closest Airtel customer service center for assistance if you notice an unknown number registered with your ID. 

Risks of Having Unknown Phone Numbers Registered with Your ID

If you have never bothered to check if you have unrecognized phone numbers, do it before something bad happens. If you ignore this knowledge, here are the possible consequences:

  • Pay for a Crime You Didn’t Commit – The criminal who has a SIM card registered with your ID or passport might commit a major fraud. When the police investigate the fraud, they will track you down because of your identity details. Several frauds where the offender uses someone’s personal details are rising in Kenya. One way to stay safe is to know how to find out if your ID was used to register other numbers.
  • Repay a Loan You Didn’t Request – Mobile-based loans have existed since early 2015. They were all great until some criminals entered the scene. These criminals can easily request a loan with your ID card without the intention of paying it back. What would follow is obvious. The mobile loan lender would locate the owner of the ID number used to request the loan. That’s how you could end up paying for a loan you didn’t take. If more than one criminal has your identity details, then your name could enter the CRB records. 

Identity theft happens when someone steals your confidential documents, bank card, M-PESA or ATM PIN, or another sensitive private document.