How to Increase Fuliza Limit in 2 Sure Ways

Fuliza is the easiest way to receive a loan in Kenya. There are many times when I tried paying for services with less amount in my Mpesa account. However, that did not worry me as I knew I have a high Fuliza limit that always serve me well. The same approach I used to increase my Fuliza limit is what I want to share with you. Therefore, if you are stuck with a low Fuliza limit and want to increase it read this article keenly. You will find out how to increase Fuliza limit in 2 easy ways.

Fuliza is a product of NCBA bank offered through Safaricom Mpesa. If you have insufficient funds in your Mpesa account, Fuliza allows you to complete your transactions by topping up the deficit. However, you have o confirm if you want Fuliza to top up the amount for you. If you decline, the offer is canceled immediately.

How to Increase Fuliza Limit

Before we proceed, you should make sure that you have been a Fuliza customer. If you have not been using Fuliza services, then this guide on how to increase Fuliza limit may not work for you.

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1. Opting out of Fuliza and Activating Again

Step 1: Opt-Out of Fuliza

  • On your phone’s call log, dial *234#.
  • Select 0 which is Fuliza services
  • Select option 7 “Opt out”

If you use the MySafaricom app, follow the following procedure to opt-out of Fuliza:

  • Log in to the app
  • Select Mpesa
  • Select Fuliza M-Pesa
  • Click on Opt-out

Step 2: Re-activate Fuliza

After opting out of Fuliza, you should re-activate it as follows:

  • Dial *234# on your Safaricom line
  • Select Fuliza
  • Select “Activate

If you use the MySafaricom app, log in to the app, select Mpesa then Fuliza. Click on activate and you are done.

After completing these steps, you should see your new increased Fuliza limit if you meet the requirements.

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2. Use Fuliza Services Frequently

This is the second method to increase Fuliza limit. According to Safaricom, the more you use and repay your Fuliza on time, your chances of getting a higher Fuliza limit increase. The statement means that the more you use your Fuliza limit and pay on time, your chances of qualifying for a higher Fuliza limit increases.

You are not required to do anything else if you prefer this approach. Provided you have activated Fuliza services on your Safaricom line, keep using the services. Based on your transaction history, your Fuliza limit will be increased automatically.

Fuliza Mpesa Charges

You should know that Safaricom charges a service fee of 1% on the Fuliza amount you get. Additionally, there is a subsequent maintenance fee. Standard Mpesa transaction rates also apply to Fuliza. Here are Fuliza Mpesa charges:

AmountRates (In Kshs)
1-1002 (One-time fee)
101-5005 (daily)
501-1,00010 (daily)
1,001-1,50020 (daily)
1,501-2,50030 (daily)
2,501-70,00035 (daily)
Fuliza Mpesa charges

How to Fuliza Mpesa Loan

If you want to start using Fuliza Mpesa services, here is what you should do:

  1. You should have an active Safaricom sim (line) and be an Mpesa user
  2. Your Safaricom sim must have been in use for at least 6 months to qualify for Fuliza services
  3. If your line meet these requirements, dial *234# on your phone. Select Fuliza Mpesa and opt-in.
  4. For the MySafaricom app, log in to the app and select Mpesa. Go to Fuliza and select opt-in.
  5. Based on your transaction history, Mpesa will automatically allocate a Fuliza limit to you. You will not be able to exceed the allocated limit on your usage.
  6. Repaying your Fuliza loan is easy. You simply deposit money into your Mpesa account. Fuliza will automatically deduct the loan with the incurred interest.

Final Thoughts

Increasing your Fuliza limit is easy as illustrated in this article. It’s advisable to keep using your current limit and ensure to repay the loan on time. You will see your Fuliza limit grow if you adhere to these recommendations.