Steps to Follow When Buying a Used Car in Kenya

Buying a car in Kenya has been difficult especially due to the high rate of con artists. In this case, for you to succeed in buying a used car, you have to follow a detailed protocol to avoid these cons. Many people have been losing their hard-earned money to these cons purporting to sell second-hand…


How to Plan a Trip

Planning a trip is not an easy task. There is a lot to be covered for a trip to be successful. The process is both exciting and overwhelming due to the different factors to be considered before embarking on the trip. Many trips fail because of poor planning that did not match the expectations of…


Fascinating Underwater Cities You Should Know

Have you thought of the idea that there are some cities under the water? It is fascinating to learn that once upon a time, there were cities somewhere that were covered with water. Most of these cities were advanced to greater levels during their times. Therefore, these were cities that could be compared to the…


List of Viable Investment Ideas in Kenya

Investment is one of the ways of preparing for your future life. With an investment plan, your retirement life will be easy as you will have an income source as you relax at home with your family. However, the challenge comes in deciding on an investment idea where you can put your money. Some people…

safety tips while driving

Safety Tips While Driving to Keep you Secure

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road accidents have been among the leading causes of death. Most of these accidents are in low and middle-income countries. In most circumstances, the causes of these accidents are factors that can be prevented. For those driving, it is your responsibility to mind your safety and that of…

Health and Fitness

How to Care for Your Hair

Hair is among body parts noticed quickly by people. Therefore, it is imperative to take care of your hair in the best way that will keep attracting people to your side. Due to the different lifestyles, caring for hair is sometimes challenging. Some people apply some chemicals that, in turn, end up destroying the hair….

Health and Fitness

How to Take Care of Pregnancy

Pregnancy period is a very critical time for women. The period comes with changes to be adhered to by the woman. It is a time when, despite taking care of her own life, the woman is also responsible for the life and safety of the child in her womb. Therefore, this is a critical time…


Fascinating Places You Should Visit

Kenya is known for its beauty and natural landscapes that attract many tourists from outside countries. People from other countries have learned of the beauty of Kenya primarily through the internet. Apart from having the best marathon runners in the world like Eliud Kipchoge, Kenya is blessed with fascinating sites that can rejuvenate you. However,…


A Guide on How to Start Investing

Have you wondered how you can start a successful investment? You are not alone in this as many people find it hard to start investing, primarily due to the many bills they have to pay. Rent, payment of utilities, debts and other daily expenses make it hard for many people to start investing. Therefore, to…

benefits of home-cooked food
General News

Discover the Benefits of Home-Cooked Food

Did you know that cooking at home can get rid of unhealthy ingredients? Cooking your own food gives you more control over what goes in your body. Home-cooked food has many benefits, both financially and health-wise. You tend to eat healthier meals by controlling the spices and ingredients used. In this article, we cover the…