List of the Best Places to Visit in Nakuru

Nakuru is considered as a diversified county as all the 43 Kenyan tribes are represented here. Being at the center of the Rift Valley, Nakuru has many beautiful places you consider visiting. During holidays or when you take breaks from your normal duties, it is advisable to visit some of the beautiful places in Nakuru. This will serve to rejuvenate and give you the energy to undertake your normal activities positively. However, selecting a perfect spot to visit might be challenging and this is why I have decided to create this article. Here, you will find a list of the best places to visit in Nakuru.

1. Menengai Crater

Having been born in Nakuru, this is the place I frequently visit without getting tired. This is a place you will be tempted to visit many times for a hike or a drive up and later relax at the top to enjoy the amazing view of Nakuru. Menengai is the single largest surviving volcanic crater in Kenya, located on the Northern side of Nakuru. The volcano provide an excellent view of Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria. To witness all these, just organize yourself and visit it.

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2. Lake Nakuru National Park

When Lake Nakuru is mentioned, Flamingoes run through the mind. This is among the best places you should visit in Nakuru. This is a salty lake surrounded by bushy grasslands. The lake is a habitat for more than 450 bird species with the park hosting hundreds of wildlife. Lake Nakuru National Park is the only park in the region with both white and black species of Rhino.

Apart from this, the park hosts lions, baboons, wildebeests. spotted hyenas, buffaloes and Vervet monkeys. You should not be worried about spending the night in this place as the park has several lodges. The lodges include Flamingo Hill, lake Nakuru Lodge and Sarova Hill Lodge. While in the park, you can also visit Nyati Reedbuck, Nyuki, Soysambu, Naishi and Chui. The activities you can undertake in the park include game drives, camping and bird watching. Finally, the park has the Lion HIll and Out of Africa as its best viewpoints.

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3. Lord Egerton Castle

This is another fascinating spot you should visit in Nakuru. The castle is located 14Km from Nakuru town and it sits on a 100-acre piece of land. Lord Egerton build the castle for his intended bride between 1938 and 1954. To make the castle special for his bride, Lord Egerton decided to import construction material. Furthermore, he employed Indians in its construction. The wonderful this is that the marble used in its construction was from Italy and England. Despite all these efforts, you can’t imagine that the bride to be turned down Lord Egerton’s proposal. The reason for turning down the proposal was that the room in which Lord Egerton was living in was small. Due to this, Lord Egerton was heartbroken and decided never to get married. He banned any woman from accessing this property. Currently, the castle is owned by Egerton University and is open to the public.

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4. Hell’s Gate Park

This park is unique for its eroded galleys, its cliffs, flat plains and rock towers scaling up the sky. It is also here where you will find Hobley and Olkaria extinct volcanoes. Along the gorge of Hell’s Gate, there are volcanic plugs with paths extending to the hot springs. You can imagine such a scenario which is unexplainable. Furthermore, you will see animals like lions, gazelles, baboons, Zebra, buffalo, reedbuck, giraffe among others. The park is also a habitat to many bird species.

Another interesting fact about this park is that the lammergeyer found homage within the cliffs. The rocks in this park were used as places where vultures could drop and break bones before sipping the bone marrow. Moreover, the cliffs are now home to the shy antelopes which are adapted to staying on rocks. Finally, KWS organizes Wheelbarrow races meant to raise money to conserve the park. Th event is usually filled with fun, therefore, you should plan and visit the place.

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5. Hyrax Hill

If you want to have the best view of Nakuru town, then purpose to visit Hyrax Hill. Historically, Hyrax Hill museum depicts the lifestyle of seasoned settlement by prehistoric people at least 3,000 years old. The Museum is a former farmhouse ceded to the monument in 1965, by the Late Mr. A. Selfe. A small museum was opened here where artifacts from the Hyrax Hill site and other sites in the Central Rift Valley are displayed. The place is not crowded hence perfect for a picnic. Take a visit to the place to witness for yourself.

6. Naivasha

Naivasha is one of the best places to visit in Nakuru as it attracts many tourists in the county. When mentioned, many people relate Naivasha to flower farming, although this is not the main tourist attraction site in this place. Naivasha is a home of the only freshwater lake in the Rift Valley. The place has a chilly weather thus when visiting, carry with you some warm clothes to avoid getting into problems. With the many birds hosted here, the scenes are beautiful which you should plan to see for yourself. Apart from the birds, there are many sanctuaries you can visit to see different wildlife. Other beautiful places you can visit in Nakuru include Crayfish, Fisherman’s Camp, Hippo Camp, Crater Lake Camp and Camp Carnelleys.

Lake Naivasha

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