Proven Tips How to Increase WiFi Speed in Mobile

We all know that WiFi is useful for many things. Whether you’re using it to watch videos, download apps, or just browse the web, your WiFi connection needs to be strong in order for you to get what you want out of it. If your phone’s WiFi is running slow all the time, don’t fret! We’ve got 9 proven tips on how to increase wifi speed in mobile.

Here are the proven tips to increase WiFi Speed in Mobile:

  • Restart both your WiFi and Mobile
  • Adjust Your Router’s Antennas
  • Upgrade your router software
  • Access WiFi settings
  • Use a Different Channel for Your Router
  • Enable DFS Channels for Faster Speeds
  • Turn Off Cellular Data While on WiFi
  • Limit the Number of Devices Connected to your Network at Once
  • Download a Faster Browser

Restart both your WiFi and Mobile

Your WiFi device, be it a router or modem accumulates internet signals that fill up its memory over time. It’s kind of like a bucket. It has limited space to store data so when it fills up, its internet speed slows down. Using these devices for long without restarting them will slow the speed of the internet as the memory gets filled up with internet signals. A quick restart is the recommended way to clear the memory of the router and give it a fresh speedy start.

The same happens to your mobile phone. The more you use the phone over the internet, the more the memory gets filled. For faster connections and to ensure the safety of your mobile, it is recommended to restart it at least once a week.

Your phone also has Apps running in the background, Facebook updates and emails all add up to your phone’s internet usage. Closing unused apps will give you a speed boost if too many are draining your internet signal. In line with this, it is necessary to conduct a WiFi speed test.

How to conduct a WiFi speed test

how to conduct a WiFi speed test
WiFi speed test

The best way to conduct a WiFi speed test is by using free web apps provided by Internet Service Providers (ISP). WiFi speed tests are almost instantly as they take up to 30 seconds or 1 minute. The common web-based apps to conduct WiFi speed tests are:

Alternatively, you can conduct a WiFi speed test online. To use this approach, search for speed test by speedcheck. Click on the ‘start test’ section to conduct an internet speed test.

Adjust Your Router’s Antennas

How to increase WiFi speed in mobile
WiFi router antennas

Most WiFi devices have three antennas that are adjustable in direction and angle they receive the signal from your ISP provider instead of only one antenna that is stationary without any control or adjustability. The more you can adjust the antennas to their optimal position, the better your WiFi router will perform and give a strong signal strength to all of its devices.

The essence of adjusting the antennas is to make them more perpendicular to the ISP provider’s router. This way, you will get stronger WiFi signals for faster data transmission and download speeds.

You should also check to ensure there is no obstacle such as walls and metal bars between the router and your device for a strong signal. In this guide on how to increase wifi speed in mobile, we recommend always checking your router antennas frequently.

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Upgrade Your Router Software

Make sure you are running the latest software on your wireless router. Most routers are supplied with a CD or DVD of different versions that can be used to automatically upgrade the firmware. You can also upgrade the software yourself if they do not allow automatic upgrades.

To update your router’s firmware, follow the following steps:

  • Search for your router by typing its IP address in a web browser
  • Enter your login information
  • Look for the firmware or update section
  • Click to download the latest firmware update from the website of your router’s manufacturer
  • Upload the update and restart your router

Note: To achieve this, your computer must be connected to your router’s network.

Access WiFi Settings on your Mobile

Tap the menu key on most devices and select “Advanced” or “WiFi advanced options”. This will reveal more hidden wireless network information, including a list of all available networks in range. If you have multiple routers in the area, you should be able to see each one listed here with its name and strength.

Select your router from the list of available networks, then enter your login information to connect

Confirm that you are connected by going back to the first screen in WiFi settings. If it says “WiFi: ON” at the top, you should be online!

Use a Different Channel for Your Router

When you set up your wireless network, the option of setting a channel is always available. Most routers are set to “Auto” by default so they will automatically choose an open signal that it is allowed to use on the current frequency band (either one, five or both). This means that if any other router in range happens to be using this same channel, you will have a lot of interference and possibly even slower speeds.

Selecting channels for your router can be difficult because there are so many variables that come into play. Some of these variables include the number of people in the area using wireless networks, what types of devices they have, how far away from each other these devices are being used and more. There is not much you can do to change the number of people using wireless networks or how far apart these devices are.

The best option for your WiFi network would be routers with dual-band (two separate signals) that use both the five and two frequency bands at once. This can make a big impact on your speeds as well as they will automatically switch to the least crowded band. If you are not able to afford routers with dual-band, you can also try using channels that don’t have interference from other wireless networks operating in the immediate area.

Enable DFS Channels for Faster Speeds

DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) channels are available in the United States and allow you to increase WiFi speed by using a wider range of frequencies. This can help decrease interference from other devices used within your home or business. To enable these extra frequencies, go into your router’s settings and look for the DFS channels section. There, you will be able to select which frequencies are available with your network. Enable Dual-Band WiFi Signals on Your Router.

Turn Off Cellular Data While on WiFi

Having your cellular data on while using the WiFi cause your phone to constantly switch between the two. The switching will have a negative impact on the speed of your WiFi because of all the extra work the phone does in the background. Therefore, switching off the cellular data means that the phone will only be connected to the WiFi. There will be no cases of switching, therefore, the speed of your WiFi will remain constantly fast.

Limit the Number of Devices Connected to your Network at Once

There is a limit to the number of devices that can be connected to your WiFi network at once. The more device you connect, the slower the speed gets for each individual device. The reason for this is that there are not enough bands available with which to process all these connections simultaneously and efficiently. Therefore, limiting the number of devices on your WiFi allows everyone’s speed to be as fast as possible.

Download a Faster Browser

Most of the browsers available today are not optimized for speed. If you want to increase your WiFi speed, it would be beneficial to switch over to a different browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These browsers have been built specifically for increased internet speeds and also offer other benefits such as tracking protection that most others don’t provide.

Using a faster browser will give you better performance on your WiFi connection since they have enhanced features for faster speeds.

Final Words

Slow WiFi speeds in mobile are always disgusting. However, there are simple ways to increase WiFi speed in both android and Apple mobile. Some of the common approaches you can take to ensure faster WiFi speeds in mobile include using a faster browser, restarting your router and modem.

I hope this guide on how to increase wifi speed in mobile was helpful for you. However, if none of these methods works then it’s time that you contact an expert or technician to resolve the issue at hand.