9 Cheap Taxi Apps in Kenya

cheap taxi apps in Kenya

The taxi business in Kenya is at an all-time high. Taxi app companies have rapidly increased over the past few years. And the fascinating thing with these apps is that it has become easy to book a taxi in the shortest time possible. Today, you’ll know about the cheap taxi apps in Kenya. The nine … Read more

NTSA Road Signs and Their Meaning

NTSA road signs

Did you know there are numerous NTSA road signs you don’t know their meaning as a driver? And for you to be considered a good driver, you must understand these road signs. Road signs help in maintaining safe driving conditions. They restrict drivers from colliding with one another, alert drivers of potential danger, and inform … Read more

11 Cheapest Cars in Kenya in 2022

cheapest cars in Kenya

The cost of buying a car in Kenya is expensive, especially due to the 25% import duty on all cars. The best way to reduce this import duty is by buying a cheap car because it will have a low invoice price which translates to low importation tax. Today, you’ll know some of the cheapest … Read more

9 Breathtaking Waterfalls in Kenya

breathtaking waterfalls in Kenya

Waterfalls offer an opportunity to interact with nature. The beautiful green vegetation along the footpaths down the rivers is always spectacular. Walking/hiking to the sites is a form of exercise if you want to shed some weight. Moreover, Visiting waterfalls with family and friends helps in building better relationships. This article presents the nine breathtaking … Read more

Interesting Facts About Takawiri Island

interesting facts about Takawiri island

Takawiri Island is one of the unspoiled islands in Lake Victoria. The clean and fresh water of the lake makes swimming an unforgettable adventure. Basking in the white sand will blow your stress away. The island is splendidly surrounded by beautiful vegetation, rocks, and hills. To make it more beautiful, transport to the island is … Read more

10 Awesome Places for Calm Getaways in Kenya 2022

awesome places for calm getaways in Kenya

Most people like going to solitary and calm getaways to relax alone, with their family or friends after a long and busy period. Are you looking for awesome places for calm getaways in Kenya with: Exotic experience Isolated areas Tranquil islands and beaches Scenic sunsets Gleaming moon Vibrant star-studded nights? Such places are a true … Read more

5 Editing Techniques To Make Better Travel Videos

editing techniques to make better travel videos

Traveling and exploring new places is a lot of fun. And everyone wants to share their experience and memories with people. But how do you do it in an impressive way? No, sharing photos is dull and uninteresting. The new talk of the town is a travel video. Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube … Read more

8 Interesting Things to Do at Wasini Island in Kenya

Things to do at Wasini Island

Wasini Island is located 75km south of Kenya’s coast and 3km opposite the harbor of village Shimoni.  The name “Wasini Mpunguti” was given to early Chinese inhabitants, which to the locals means short Chinese. Wasini Island is among the hidden gems in Kenya, and many people know it as “paradise on earth.” It’s a unique … Read more

7 Crucial Tips for First Time Concert Goers in Kenya

tips for first-time concert-goers in Kenya

The ticket is ready, your party is assembled, and all that’s left is the big concert day to arrive. Your enthusiasm is understandable as live shows and music are incredible. Everyone is a music fan inside, so you should experience a concert at least once in life. Concerts offer a unique and enjoyable moment for … Read more

8 Best Team Building Venues in Kenya in 2022

team building venues in Kenya

Team building is one of the best ways to enhance social relations with your employees, colleagues, or friends. We understand how hard it might be to find a place best for team-building activities since Kenya has various venues.   As important as team building, it is to you finding a suitable venue that offers the best … Read more