maize flour millers in Kenya
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10 Best Maize Flour Millers in Kenya

Ugali undeniably is the staple food in Kenya that is most consumed countrywide. This explains why there is a rise in the number of maize flour millers in Kenya. According to a recent case study, Kenyans consumed 29.3 million 90kg bags of maize flour in 2016 alone. But with the maize flour millers flooding the…

maize flour brands in Kenya
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10 Healthy Maize Flour Brands in Kenya

Aflatoxin has become a serious challenge to ugali lovers in Kenya. Many maize flour millers in Kenya fail to take good care of their maize which gets spoilt, and the consequence is aflatoxin. If you consume ugali with aflatoxin, you’ll be at the risk of gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating. To save you…

Gynaecologists in Kenya
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List of Gynaecologists in Kenya in 2022

Looking for a gynaecologist might be a daunting task. Before visiting a doctor, you must first understand their expertise. The prices charged per session differ from one doctor to another; hence comparing will save you a few coins. In Nairobi, gnaecologist consultants practice in hospitals, teaching institutions, and private practice clinics. Some offer their services…

NHIF schemes
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4 NHIF Schemes You Should Know

The National Hospital Fund (NHIF) is a state parastatal established in 1966 as a department under the Ministry of health. As time went by, NHIF was transformed from a department under the ministry of health to a state corporation. The move was initiated by the need to improve effectiveness and efficiency. NHIF’s main mandate is…

NHIF Rates in Kenya
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Updated NHIF Rates for the Employed and Self Employed

In Kenya, it is mandatory for state officers and salaried public officers to be members of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF). Therefore, these people have to contribute a certain percentage of their gross monthly income to NHIF. The remittance varies based on different factors. However, the law in Kenya requires employers to remit 2%…

What does yellow urine indicate?
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What Does Yellow Urine Indicate?

Having yellow urine is a situation encountered by most people. Occasionally, urine changes color depending on the hydration level of your body. All these changes are initiated by the liver as it tries to save water for use by the body. Although the normal urine color should be pale yellow, clear and free of particles…