Top Ten Causes of Bad Breath in Humans

Bad breath (halitosis) is an embarrassing issue, especially when interacting with people. However, everything happens for a reason and as such, bad breath is caused by different things undertaken by people. Although most people experience bad breath due to their lifestyle, some are natural and cannot be permanently eliminated. It is therefore essential to understand why one experiences bad breath and if the issue can be remedied. Therefore, this is a list of the top ten causes of bad breath in humans.

1. Poor Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is the leading cause of bad breath. Teeth are supposed to be cleaned regularly to remove food particles that lead to a buildup of bacteria. The point to note in this case is ‘regular cleaning of teeth.’ The mistake made by most people is that they do not clean their teeth regularly. Therefore, they give food particles time to decompose and start turning into bacteria. As a result, they start having bad breath.

The second thing is the manner of how the teeth are cleaned. Many people do not know the correct procedure to clean their teeth. It is essential to understand the various points where food particles are trapped and give them attention when cleaning your teeth. In this case, you should not focus only on the teeth but also the tongue and tonsils. Most of the people have bad breath because they don’t clean their tongues properly. Besides causing bad breath, poor oral hygiene also leads to gum diseases and oral health issues like cavities. Therefore, maintaining high oral hygiene is an essential factor in ensuring a fresh breath.

2. Low Levels of Saliva

Low level of saliva in the mouth leads to dry mouth (xerostomia). Saliva is vital in your mouth as it helps to remove food particles trapped between the teeth, tongue, and tonsils. Most people experience foul breath in the morning, and most of this is linked to dry mouth. According to research, dry mouth condition mostly occurs when people are asleep, leading to “morning breath.” Furthermore, the condition worsens for people who sleep with their mouths open. However, dry mouth can be caused by a problem within the salivary glands if they do not produce enough saliva. Furthermore, the condition can be linked to some diseases within the body. Therefore, it is crucial to see a doctor in case you experience chronic issues of dry mouth.

3. Tobacco Smoking

Tobacco products lead to bad breath and other health problems. It is not only smoking, but even chews and pipe tobacco has this effect. After using any tobacco product, your mouth will be left with odors that can discourage people from talking to you at a close range. Moreover, tobacco products affect your gum tissue, thus causing gum diseases.

4. Poor Digestion

Digestion issues are also among the top ten causes of bad breath in humans. Issues such as constipation and bowel disorders have an impact on your breath. In most cases, digestion issues lead to acid reflux that causes an unfortunate odor on the breath. Additionally, the odor from consumed food can easily get back to the mouth leading to bad breath. As a result, it is vital to check on your digestion if you maintain your oral hygiene.

5. High Intake of Sugar

High sugar intake also features on the list of top causes of bad breath in humans. Sugar ferments quickly, thus, creating a conducive environment for bacteria. Moreover, apart from fermenting, sugar is friendly to bacteria and therefore, when in the mouth, sugar enables these bacteria to survive. The process that occurs in the mouth is these bacteria feeding on sugar. In turn, the sweet treats in sugar are turned into sour smells by these bacteria. Therefore, this explains why you should be careful with sugar intake. Furthermore, it is essential to minimize the intake of sugary diets.

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6. Low-Carbon Diets

Carbohydrates play an essential role in regulating the functions of our bodies. As a result, taking food low in carbohydrate can affect your breath. When the amount of carbs in the body is reduced as a result of an extreme diet, the body’s metabolism changes. In turn, this leads to bad breath. As a result, it is crucial to balance your diet and ensure you take enough carbohydrate to keep your body’s metabolism in the right state.

7. High-Protein Diets

Proteins take longer to be digested and absorbed. In the process of these foods staying in your gut, they release sulfurous gases which pass out through the mouth. However, taking a balanced diet and avoiding too much protein can solve the problem. Therefore, just like with carbohydrate, you should take enough protein and not excessive of it. Furthermore, eating more vegetables and fruits can serve as a remedy for this.

8. Alcohol Consumption

The intake of alcohol affects your breath. The more alcohol a person takes, the more likely he is to experience bad breath. Excessive intake of alcohol has been linked to a decrease in saliva production. As already illustrated, low levels of saliva lead to dry mouth condition. This condition creates a suitable environment for the survival of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.

9. The Intake of Coffee

Coffee, like alcohol, affects the rate at which salivary glands produce saliva. In most cases, people who take coffee in the morning always feel like having bad breath. The reason for this is the impact of coffee flavor in the mouth. Caffeine in coffee decreases the production of saliva. As a result, the low levels of saliva increase the presence of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.

10. Other Causes of Bad Breath

The leading cause of bad breath is bacteria that causes odor. However, there exist other reasons that contribute to this issue. In most cases, bad breath emanating primarily from the stomach may be an indication of developing disease. Bad breath from the stomach has been linked to diabetes, tonsil infections, sinus issues, liver and kidney diseases, and other blood challenges. Therefore, it is crucial to visit a doctor when the problem of bad breath persists.

This marks the end of the list of top ten causes of bad breath in humans.

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