Two Rivers Cinema: Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

Kenyans know the Two Rivers Mall as one of the best places to shop, dine out, and enjoy the water park. However, the mall has recently introduced the Two Rivers Cinema. Together with Century Cinemax, the Two Rivers Mall has the most advanced cinema complex for movie buffs. 

There is no other place like this in the entire East Africa. The TRC complex has auditoriums for adults and children, fulfilling everybody’s needs. If watching theatre movies is one of your favorite activities, now you know the best place to go in the Nairobi area. 

This article sheds more light on the TRC auditoriums, including various charges. 

What Is the Two Rivers Cinema All About? 

If you are new to the Two Rivers Mall, you can find it on Limuru Road. The mall has always offered many exciting activities to the public. Recently, the Two Rivers Mall and Century Cinemax made the most luxurious cinema auditorium. 

It has six screens but only opened three to the public after announcing the good news. Here is all you need to know about the Two Rivers Cinema hall: 

  • Big Screen Movie Experience – The dimensions of the largest screen in the TRC complex are 19.5 by 8.7 meters. It consists of a Dolby Atmos 4K screen, an advanced sound system, and laser projections from Century Cinemax. The builders had to build a four-story tall chamber to fix the enormous screen. Its size and room are enough to arrest your mental focus, ensuring an immersive movie-watching experience.
  • Comfortable Seats – The cinema auditorium boasts high-back rocking seats that offer timeless comfort. The front rows feature excellent-quality, reclined lounge chairs with a slot to place your beverage bottle or cup. Behind the first row, you will see a platform that separates it from the second and third rows. The standard seats on these rows have an advanced design, allowing users to adjust their backrests without blocking anyone’s view. There is a kids’ VIP cinema column too, featuring perfect couch beds on the front row. The seats change colors as you move to the highest staircase. 
  • Ultra-modern Sound Systems –  The Two Rivers Cinema offers the most contemporary 7.1 digital sound system. This equipment has sound clarity and ensures even sound distribution in the entire theater. Since everyone can hear the movie’s sound effects and voices, you can expect a calm and relaxing movie-watching environment.

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What Are the Ticket Prices at Two Rivers Mall?

Two Rivers Cinema Tickets

To start going to the movies at TRM, you must know how much you will pay for the service. The Two Rivers Cinema charges affordable prices, ranging from 400 to 800 Kenyan shillings. 

However, you should expect the prices to vary based on the day of the week you visit. Here is a summary of the charges throughout the week: 

  • Monday to Wednesday – If you watch the standard or regular screen, you will pay KES 550. The price includes your salted popcorn and a soda. On the other hand, you will pay KES 650 if you prefer the Max Atmos Screen. Again, you will get salty popcorn and a soda.
  • Student Thursday – The mall and Century Cinemax have created a day for students to enjoy a movie together. Those who choose the regular screen will pay KES 400, while those watching the Max Atmos Screen will spend KES 450. Everyone will receive the same snacks. 
  • Weekend – Most Nairobians will probably get time to visit the new TRM cinema hall over the weekend. It is likely the reason the prices are higher than business days. If you watch the 2D regular screens two and three, you will pay KES 750. The price is the same for someone who opts for the 2D Max Atmos Screen. Those who choose the 3D Max Atmos Screen should pay KES 800. 

To purchase the movie ticket that will give you a seat in the Two Rivers Cinema, use one of the two options. First, visit the Two Rivers Mall website and book your movie ticket online. 

Alternatively, visit the cinema and buy your ticket in cash. 

TRM has the most convenient ticket-buying procedure, allowing you to secure your seat in minutes. Even if you make the eleventh-hour ticket booking, you can get a response equally fast.

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When to Visit the Cinema Auditorium 

The cinema hall opens daily and starts showing movies at 12.30 pm. Its closing time is 10 pm, allowing those free in the evening or at night to have a chance to enjoy. Since the showtime schedule is flexible, you can determine the best time to visit. You can send a WhatsApp message to 254 112 955 750 or call.