Carrefour Kenya: The Owner, Branches, Offers, and Contacts in 2024

Carrefour Kenya is among the fastest-growing hypermarket chains in the country. The French hypermarket serves an estimated customer base of seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand daily. 

Carrefour boasts more than three hundred and seventy-five stores scattered in fifteen nations and owns over twenty thousand workers. Kenya is among the countries that Majid Al Futtaim (the Carrefour founder) chose to operate in. The distinguished entrepreneur opened his first Carrefour subsidiary in Kenya in 2016.  

Now we have eight Carrefour branches within Nairobi. This article is about the background, branches, offers, and contacts of Carrefour Kenya. Read it to find the closest Carrefour branch and its offers. 

Carrefour Hypermarket Background

Carrefour is a mega hypermarket chain belonging to Majid Al Futtaim. The renowned entrepreneur and marketer founded his French chain store in 1995. He first targeted the Middle East and North Africa region countries. 

Later, he moved to East Africa and South Africa countries. In Kenya, the Carrefour hypermarket started in 2016. Carrefour had plans to open one hundred and forty hypermarkets and two hundred and ten supermarkets by 2018.

It focuses on creating hypermarkets, supermarkets, and web-based stores. Carrefour had more than fifty-five hypermarkets and over fifty supermarkets across the Middle East and North Africa areas in 2018. 

Carrefour recruits its workers from different nationalities to ensure shoppers’ satisfaction and convenience. Offering a collection of over one hundred thousand products, Carrefour allows you to shop flexibly. It is among the most dynamic and fastest-expanding hypermarket chains in the world.

Whether you need fresh produce, packaged food and drinks, or home appliances, you can find them in Carrefour Kenya. Since it is an international brand, the hypermarket provides some items you cannot find in the local markets. You can buy its items from the Jumia web store too.

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Carrefour Kenya Branches

Carrefour has managed to open up around 14 branches in the Nairobi area. You will mostly find it in big malls across Nairobi and its environs. Carrefour is also in Mombasa City and Kisumu City. 

The table below includes all the Kenyan branches and their contact details:

Carrefour BranchLocationContactsClosing Time
Carrefour Sarit Center SupermarketKaruna Road, Westlands.0800 221 32210 pm
Uhuru Highway Carrefour MegaIn Mega Mall along Uhuru Highway, Nairobi CBD.0800 221 32212 am
Carrefour Two Rivers MallAlong the Limuru Road0800 221 32210 pm
Carrefour Junction MallNgong Road in Junction Mall0800 221 32210.30 pm
Carrefour WestgateWestgate Shopping Mall along Mwanzi Road.0800 221 32210 pm
Carrefour Village MarketAt Village Market, along Limuru Road0800 221 32210 pm
Carrefour Galleria Shopping MallLangata Rd0800  221 32210 pm
Carrefour Thika Rd MallTRM on Thika Highway.0700 87687610.30 pm
Carrefour Village Market 0800 221 32210 pm
Carrefour The Hub MallInside The Hub, Karen, along Dagorreti Road, Nairobi.0800 221 32210 pm
Carrefour NextgenIn the Nextgen Building on Mombasa Road0800 221 3228.30 pm
Carrefour Garden City MallGround Floor, Garden City Mall, along Thika Rd.0800 221 32210 pm
Carrefour SouthfieldAlong Eastern Bypass in Southfield Building.0800 221 32210 pm
Carrefour Enterprises- Buru BuruIn Karibangi South, off Mumias Road, Buru Buru Phase I.020 778 6535 pm
Carrefour United MallIn United Mall, Kisumu City, on Jomo Kenyatta Highway.0800 221 32210 pm
Carrefour Supermarket RailwaysIn Mega Plaza, Kisumu City, on Apindi Street.0800 221 3228 pm
Carrefour NyaliIn the United Mall, Nyali, near Mombasa City.0800 221 322
Carrefour supermarket branches in Kenya, locations, and contacts

Carrefour’s Operating hours 

The table above has a column for Carrefour’s closing hours. That’s because the hypermarket’s closing hours vary with the region. Where there might be higher risk at night, such as the Buru Buru branch, the hypermarket closes by around 5 pm. 

The Uhuru Highway Mega supermarket closes at midnight, allowing customers within Nairobi CBD to do their shopping late at night. The rest of the hypermarkets close by around 10 pm to 10.30 pm. 

Thus, Carrefour is among the most convenient shopping hubs for Kenyans with limited time to go to the malls during the day. As for the opening hours, most Carrefour hypermarkets are already open by 8.30 am.

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Current Carrefour Offers

Like other Mega supermarkets in Kenya, Carrefour has its current offers running. Customers are already enjoying the deals that entail the most competitive prices and attractive discounts. 

Carrefour promotions and deals usually span across its many product categories. The hypermarket ensures that every shopper saves money while buying things for their homes. 

The items on offer now include: 

  • Cocktails – Carrefour has discounted all its Delmonte Juices by 11 percent. Now you can buy your best flavor among Delmonte Blend Tropical, Delmonte Cranberry Apple, and Delmonte Blend Litchi at a lower price. You can also shop for other discounted cocktail drinks, including the Monster Mull Can, which costs 25 percent less. 
  • Pantry Deals– Carrefour Blue Band prices are off by 10 to 13 percent. The Kenya Highland products like instant coffee and milk powder are selling at 12 to 13 percent less. Java House Coffee items are off by up to 15 percent. Daima Milk yogurts now cost 12 percent less. 
  • Angusha Kwa Trolley – Carrefour Kenya has excellent price cuts for different products in its Angusha Kwa Trolley promotion. You can purchase your Christmas Feast foods and drinks now to save money. The Chicken Thigh Quarter product has a discount of 51 percent. The Afia Tropical Carrot beverage price is KES 99, which is 48 % cheaper. The Carrefour Pasta Vermicelli costs 36 percent less money now. The spaghetti pasta prices are down by 36%. The same case applies to the Soko Home Baking wheat flour, which costs 25 percent less now compared to November. There are several other products you can get through this promotion, including the Savanna Premium Cider and Ditali Macaroni. 
  • Just For You – Keep clicking on the Just For You category. There are no deals now, but they might crop up later in the rest of the year.

Carrefour Kenya opened when Kenyans had lost mega supermarkets like Nakumatt, Uchumi, Ukwala, and Tuskeys. It has done its best to offer better shopping experiences than its predecessors. The hypermarket has expanded to three Kenyan cities and will keep on growing.