Akil the MC Biography, Age, Real Name, Wife, and Family in 2024

 Among the most renowned hip-hop singers from the U.S. is Akil the MC. Akil wears many hats, considering he is a singer, producer, songwriter, DJ, community activist, youth mentor, and emcee all at once. 

Many people believe he is Tupac Shakur because he looks like him. However, Akil insists he is not him. Akil is an honorable family man with a wife and children. They are all Muslims. He founded the Jurassic 5 band with five other partners and has released several songs together. 

If you are a fan of Akil, this is your chance to learn more about him. This article discusses Akil’s biography, age, real name, wife, and family. Stay here to learn everything about Akil, including whether he is Tupac as people suggest. 

Akil the MC – Who is He? 

The birth name of Akil is Dante Lamar Givens. He converted to the Islamic faith in 1988 and became Akil Karim Talib. Akil’s birth date is April 25, 1970, meaning he is 54 in 2024. He was born in Los Angeles, California. Akil Talib is a renowned hip-hop artist in America and abroad. 

He began his singing journey in a well-known Hip Hop group called the Jurassic 5. The group’s first single in 1995 was called the Unified Rebelution. It released its first music album called the Jurassic 5, in 1998. 

Other perfect albums were Quality Control, Feedback, and Power in Numbers. Many of their songs have appeared in video games like Grind Session. Akil has been a member of other hip-hop groups like the Universal Zulu Nation and Rebels of Rhythm.

Akil Talib is a multi-talented artist who works as a live show performance coordinator, Disk Jockey, emcee, songwriter, hip-hip community activist, teacher, and youth advisor. Akil Talib is secretive about his childhood and education. All we know is that he is educated and has gone through primary school, high school, and college. 

We do not know the names of the schools he attended or the information on his grades. Moreover, Akil Talib does not share much about his father, mother, and siblings. However, he told the interviewer Tom Blain in 2016 that his father was a DJ. His mother was a dancer and art enthusiast. 

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Akil the MC Profile Summary

Akil the MC Profile Summary

Full NameAkil Talib
NicknameAkil the MC, Akil the Tupac, Tay
Birth Date25/4/1970
Current Age54 years
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, USA
HeightOver 5 feet
WeightOver 65kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
EducationUniversity Graduate
Names of Schools AttendedUnknown
OccupationHip-hop artist, DJ, producer, emcee, youth counselor, hip-hip community activist, teacher
Marital StatusMarried
WifeFatimah Talib
ChildrenYes, but we do not know their names
GrandchildrenYes but names withheld
ParentsMother and Father not known
SiblingsNot Known
Net WorthWorth $10 U.S.D
Music BandsJurassic 5, Zulu Nation,
Favorite Activities-Watching English movies and football, -Taking vacations in Africa, USA, and Asia
Akil the MC biography profile

 Akil’s Family

Akil the MC is a married man since 1991. His wife and the mother of unknown children is Fatimah Talib. During his 51st birthday in 2021, Akil spoke about who he was via a short post on his Facebook page. He called himself a son, husband, father, and grandfather. 

Hence, Akil has some grandkids that he does not talk about them. He did not even share the names of any of his family members on this Facebook post. It seems that he likes to keep his personal life private. 

The rapper may have been born a Christian but later decided to become a Muslim. He started practicing Islam in 1990. A year later, he met his current wife.

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Akil’s Career Life

Akil spent his entire early life in Los Angeles, California, USA. His interest in hip-hop began around 1983 during the Run DMC era. He confessed that he did not understand Hip Hop until he listened to DMC. Then after school, Akil and his friends formed the Jurassic 5 group. 

It consisted of Courtenay Henderson, Charles Stewart, Mark Potsic, Lucas Macfadden, and Mark Stuart. The group stuck to the regular school Hip-Hop sound at first. After all, that was all they knew. 

Later, they started renewing the old Hip-Hop according to the modern times of their day. 

Today, AKil’s popularity comes from the work he did with his fellow Jurassic 5 members. Their best song titles are: 

  • Concrete Schoolyard
  • The Influence
  • Quality Control
  • Work It Out
  • What’s Golden
  • The Way We Do It. 

Is Akil Talib Tupac Shakur?

Akil the MC vs. Tupac Shakur

Many people feel that Akil the MC is a Tupac Shakur look like. Tupac Shakur died on September 13, 1996 from gunshot injuries. Just like Akil, Tupac was the best rapper of his time. There is no doubt that the two men have similar-looking eyebrows, eye gestures, and smiles. That has made some people believe that Tupac did not die and might have resumed the music industry as Akil. 

Others claim that Tupac Shakur died in front of a police officer. Also, they reveal that Akil MC was already a rapper before Tupac got killed. He and five friends founded the Jurassic 5 group and released a song in 1996.  

Akil Karim Talib is tired of these false claims and maintains he is a different man from Shakur. Akil said he is a friend of everyone on his 51st birthday Facebook post and that he is happy and free. 

Akil Talib’s Networth

Akil MC began from nothing in the 1990s. However, he has grown from strength to strength over the decades. Today, he is a man worth millions of U.S. dollars. An analysis from 2017 shows an upward growth in his finances. 

He was worth $1 million in 2017 and $4 million in 2019. Today, Akil’s net worth is ten million dollars. 

Is Akil on Socio Media?

Akil Karim Talib is active on social media websites. His Facebook name is akilthej5mc. Other social media accounts are:

  • Twitter – @Akilthemc
  • Instagram – Akilthemc
  • YouTube – Akil The MC 

Akil The MC has fans all over the world. He is a charismatic person with many talents. Although identified as Shakur, Akil is a separate brand and individual.