How to Increase Fuliza Limit in 2 Sure Ways

how to increase Fuliza limit

Fuliza is the easiest way to receive a loan in Kenya. There are many times when I tried paying for services with less amount in my Mpesa account. However, that did not worry me as I knew I have a high Fuliza limit that always serve me well. The same approach I used to increase … Read more

65 Loan Apps Without CRB Checks in Kenya

loan apps without CRB checks

Life is becoming harder on a daily basis in Kenya. Kenyans from all walks of life are looking for means to finance their lives. The most common way of getting financial support is through loans. However, it is not easy to get a loan from a bank if you are not employed or have a … Read more

10 Easy Transcription Jobs in Kenya for Beginners

transcription jobs in Kenya

Do you love writing? Do you want a chance to make some extra money from home? If so, a transcription job may be perfect for you. With a transcription job, all that is required of you is listening to audio recordings and typing up what was said. Such an opportunity can work well both as … Read more

Find Out How to Get Capital to Start a Business in Kenya

how to get capital to start a business in Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country with a lot of potentials. However, when it comes to starting a business in Kenya, there are some barriers you will have to overcome if you want your company to succeed. The first thing you need to start a business in Kenya is capital. If you don’t have proper funding … Read more

7 Best Peer-to-Peer Lending in Kenya

peer-to-peer lending in Kenya

As the Kenyan economy continues to grow, many people are becoming more interested in peer-to-peer lending. This is understandable as banks often charge high-interest rates for loans and mortgages. Therefore, it can be hard for entrepreneurs and small businesses to get access to capital. In this article, we shall discuss peer-to-peer lending in Kenya. Because … Read more

10 Best Money Market Funds in Kenya

money market funds in Kenya

The Kenyan economy has been on the rise for the last few years. As a result, people are earning more and there is increasing demand for money market funds in Kenya. The increased demand has led to an increase in competition among companies that offer these types of funds. This article will provide information about … Read more

Discover 14 Questions About Money Management with Answers

questions about money management

Do you ever find yourself asking questions about your personal finances and not getting the answers? If so, don’t feel embarrassed. There are many people who have these same questions but haven’t been able to find the answer they were looking for. This blog post will cover 14 common questions about money management. We conducted … Read more

Awesome Transcribers Kenya-Learn Transcription from the Best

awesome transcribers Kenya

Transcribing is a great way to make money from the comfort of your home. It’s also a great skill to add to your resume! However, the challenge is getting into the transcription industry in Kenya. Although there are many renowned transcribers in Kenya who are making as much as Ksh.100,000 in transcribing, newbies face a … Read more

Free Loan Apps in Kenya Without a Registration Fee

loan apps in Kenya without a registration fee

Most loan apps in Kenya have been charging a registration fee for first sign-ups. Have you ever downloaded a loan app then before accessing the loan, you are asked for a sign-up fee? This has happened to me severally and I think this is not right because people look for loans to service their emergencies. … Read more

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