Top 13 Providers of Logbook Loans in Kenya in 2024

In the vibrant financial landscape of Kenya, logbook loans have emerged as a popular and accessible means of securing quick and hassle-free financing. These loans, secured against the borrower’s vehicle logbook, offer a practical solution for individuals seeking immediate financial assistance. This market has various lenders, including established financial institutions and specialized lenders.

We have researched and compiled a list of the top providers of logbook loans in Kenya. Therefore, if you’re looking for a quick loan secured against your vehicle’s logbook, keep reading to find out.

1. Mwananchi Credit Limited

Mwananchi Credit Limited is a microfinance company and one of Kenya’s most common logbook loan lenders, started its operation in 2010. They offer logbook loans of up to 20 million ksh. Other services at Mwananchi Credit include salary advance, local purchasing order financing, asset finance, and more.

Key Requirements

  • Applicant’s KRA pin
  • Original log book
  • Two passport photos
  • Original ID
  • Six months bank statement
  • Comprehensive insurance certificate

Features of Mwananchi Credit Logbook Loan

  • The interest is 5% (compound rate) when the loan lasts six months.
  • 50% financing force forced face value of the vehicle
  • Ksh 300 for the application form
  • Payment of an upfront car valuation fee of Ksh. 4,000
  • Ksh 300 for CRB check
  • 1% insurance fee on the loan amount
  • 6 hours of processing time
  • Ksh 2,500 for processing fees
  • 6% interest rate on reducing balance if the loan is for 12 months

Mobile: 0709 147 000


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2. Platinum Credit

Platinum Credit is one of the reputable logbook loan lenders in Kenya. It was started in 2003 and has expanded to various countries, including Tanzania and Uganda. They offer loans of between Ksh. 50,000 and 2 million.

Requirement for Platinum Credit Logbook Loan

  • Original log book
  • Original ID
  • 6 months certified bank statements
  • Comprehensive insurance cover
  • Personal checkbook
  • Certificate of registration for business owners
  • Recent three months’ payslips and letter of contract for salaried employees


  • The loan is processed within 24 hours of application.
  • 12 months repayment period
  • 4% interest rate per month
  • Loan between Ksh. 50,000 and 2 million

Mobile: 0709 900 000, 0730 900 000


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3. Jijenge Credit

Jijenge is a microfinance company that offers loans with ease. They have an Android application to make accessing loans easy for their clients. Clients can bet up to 60% loans of their vehicles’ market value.

Requirements for Jijenge Credit Logbook Loans

  • Must have an original & 2 copies of the logbook
  • Certificate of registration/Incorporation for Business owners
  • KRA pin certificate
  • Last 1-month, certified bank & Mpesa statements
  • Two copies of National ID.
  • Valid Comprehensive Insurance certificate.
  • Personal checkbook.
  • Two colored passport-size photos
  • Recent payslips and employment letters for Salaried Employees

Mobile: 0711 282 727, 0703 282 727


4. Ngao Credit 

Ngao credit started in 2017 and has expanded since then. It offers loans up to 60% of the car value, which takes a 20-month repayment period. Clients can borrow up to 3 million logbook loans.

Requirements for Ngao Loan

  • Original logbook
  • KRA pin 
  • Comprehensive insurance 
  • Original national ID 
  • 4% of the loan amount as processing fee 
  • Recent six months’ bank statements 
  • Ksh.4,000 tracking fee
  • Post-dated cheque(s) 
  • A valuation fee of Ksh.4,000 is paid upfront. 
  • 1% Insurance fee on the loan amount 
  • Search Ksh.2,000 

Mobile: 0709 650 000


5. Momentum credit

With Momentum Credit, you can get 60% of your car’s value in 24 hours. They charge an interest rate of 3.5% of the total loan amount per month. They can lend a maximum of Ksh. 5 million, and you must pay a valuation fee of Ksh. 3,000.

Requirements for Momentum Credit Logbook Loan

  • Copy of a valid National ID
  • Valid KRA Pin
  • Proof of Residence
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Have the recent three months’ payslips for the employed clients
  • Six months of active bank account
  • Original logbook
  • One Passport Photo

Mobile: 0709 434 000, 0709 434 900


6. Samchi Credit

Samchi Credit is a growing microfinance company in Kenya. They offer logbook loans of between Ksh. 50,000 and 1,000,000. 

Features for Samchi Credit Logbook Loan

  • Ksh. 1,500 membership fee of 
  • Ksh. 5, 500 processing fee + Ksh. 4, 500 chattel cost
  • The loan amount is 50% of the car value for those less than eight years old and 30% for those above eight years. 
  • Comprehensive insurance cover 
  • Valuation certificate

Mobile: 0703777770

7. Mogo

Mogo is one of the logbook loan lenders with the highest loan range. They offer a range of 80% of your car value within 24 hours. They have branches in Nakuru, Nairobi, and Mombasa. 

Requirements for Mogo Loans

  • Proof of income
  • Posses a logbook in your name 
  • A valid ID or passport 

Mobile: 0768 469 112

8. Bidii Credit Limited

Bidii Credit is a microfinance offering logbook loans at 60% of your car value with a repayment period of 18 months. Their interest rate is 4% of the loan, including fees and interest. 

Requirements for Bidii Credit Loan 

  • Clean credit history
  • 6 months bank statement with a chequebook
  • Original logbook
  • Applicant’s 2 passport photos 
  • Valuation proof
  • The car should be in your name/guarantor’s name.
  • Proof of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance

Mobile: 0709 840 000


9. Citizen Credit Limited

Citizen Credit Limited is a financial institution offering logbook loans in Kenya. They are located in a finance house, Lota Street in Nairobi. You can get a loan by securing it with more than one vehicle at a go.

Requirements for Citizen Credit Loans

  • 2 passport photos
  • National ID of the applicant
  • Comprehensive insurance certificate
  • KRA Pin of applicant
  • 6 months bank statements
  • Original logbook

Mobile: 0722 646 687

10. Africa Credit Limited

Africa Credit Limited offers logbook loans of up to Ksh. 500,000 within 24 hours. You can contact them when you need quick cash. Their offices are located in Nairobi at Anniversary Towers.


  • Recent six personal or business bank statements
  • Original national identity card or passport
  • proof of comprehensive insurance
  • A copy of the registered vehicle owner’s PIN certificate 
  • Up-to-date motor vehicle records with the Kenya Revenue Authority
  • Utility bill or rental lease for proof of residential address. 
  • Motor vehicle logbook

Mobile: 0721902361

11. Wezesha Credit

Wezesha Credit is an institution ready to sort out your quick money needs. They are located at United Complex Road, Mombasa Road, Kenya. 


  • Be Kenyan with a minimum of 18 years.
  • Proof of income
  • comprehensive insurance cover
  • Clear original ID 
  • Copy of KRA Pin 
  • Have an insured vehicle that is free of finance
  • Proof of address vehicle logbook 
  • Certified bank statements for the last six months 
  • One passport-sized photograph 
  • comprehensive insurance cover

Mobile: 0796580580

12. Sonix Credit Limited

If you need a fast loan of between Ksh. 50,000 and 600,000, Sonix Credit Limited is at your service. Their logbook loan is up to 50% of the motor vehicle value. 


  • A valid logbook or title deed 
  • A copy of the employee’s work ID Card 
  • One week Legal charge over your property 
  • Joint registration of the pledged motor vehicle same day 
  • A post-dated cheque
  • Valuation proof 

Mobile: 0796229079

13. Meridian Acceptances Limited

Meridian Acceptances is a microfinance company located in Anniversary Towers, Nairobi. You can apply for a logbook loan by visiting their website for downloadable forms.


  • Personal or business bank statements for the last six months 
  • Valid National ID or passport 
  • Two blank signed motor vehicle transfer forms. 
  • Motor vehicle evaluation
  • Original KRA PIN of the applicant 
  • photograph of motor vehicle logbook 
  • Copy of KRA motor vehicle records 
  • A chequebook account 
  • Implementation of chattel mortgage

Mobile: 0709267700


Advantages of Logbook Loans

Here are some potential advantages of logbook loans in Kenya:

  • Quick Access to Cash: Logbook loans offer a relatively quick and straightforward way to access cash. The application process is often less complex than traditional bank loans, and approval can be faster.
  • No Credit Check: One of the significant advantages for individuals with poor credit history is that logbook lenders typically don’t perform extensive credit checks. This makes obtaining a loan easier for people with a less-than-perfect credit score.
  • Secured Nature: Logbook loans are secured against the borrower’s vehicle, which means the lender has collateral in case of default. This security can sometimes lead to lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans.
  • Flexible Repayment Terms: Some logbook lenders may offer flexible repayment terms, allowing borrowers to tailor the repayment schedule to their financial situation. This flexibility can be beneficial for those with irregular income.
  • Possibility of Keeping the Vehicle: In some cases, borrowers can keep and use their vehicle during the loan period as long as they continue making timely payments. This provides a level of convenience compared to other types of secured loans.