5 Types of Salary Advance Loans in Kenya in 2024

If you’re an employed Kenyan, you know that financial uncertainties can strike at any moment, even before earning the salary. This leaves you grappling with unexpected expenses and the pressing need for immediate cash. If you find yourself caught in this financial whirlwind, there are different types of salary advance loans in Kenya you can rely on to remain afloat.

In the rest of this article, we discuss the different types of salary advance loans in Kenya. We provide a comprehensive guide to help you find the right financial lifeline when you need it the most. Keep reading!

Types of Salary Advance Loans in Kenya

Employed Kenyans have different types of instant cash loans they can borrow to solve emergencies. Here they are: 

1. Employers’ Salary Advance Loans

Before you get a quick loan from a mobile phone lender, digital lender, bank, or Sacco, consider speaking to your employer. Explain why you need money before your next paycheck and hope for the best. 

If you get a loan in advance, your employer will deduct their money from your next salary. It is a cheap option because you only return the principal amount.

2. Salary Advance loans from Mobile Lenders

Kenya has numerous mobile money lenders these days. These lenders provide quick loans via M-PESA and offer a loan term of 30 days. Some mobile money lenders want their money back in two weeks. 

If you want to avoid bank and Sacco salary advance loans, your best alternative is mobile phone loans. Top mobile phone lenders working with Safaricom and have affordable interest rates and high limits in Kenya include: 


M-Shwari is among the oldest mobile money lending platforms in Kenya. It is also the most reliable due to affordable interest charges (7.5%), high loan limits, and loan duration. 

M-Shwari by Safaricom requires an M-PESA SIM card that has been in use for at least half a year. If your credit report looks good, M-Shwari can grow your loan limit to Ksh.30000 and above.

Fuliza M-PESA Overdraft

Another mobile-based advance loan by Safaricom is Fuliza M-PESA. You only need an active M-PESA SIM card to get a Fuliza overdraft facility. With it, you can send money to other M-PESA numbers and buy goods or services via till and pay bill numbers. 

Once you add money to your M-PESA wallet, Fuliza will automatically deduct the overdrawn amount. To check your Fuliza daily charges, dial *234# and tap “Query Charges.”


KCB Bank Kenya and Safaricom M-Pesa provide a dependable salary advance loan called KCB M-PESA. This digital service allows you to save money and lock your savings like M-Shwari. You can borrow Ksh.100 to Ksh.1,000,000 at an annual interest rate of 8.93%.

Government’s Hustler Fund

In December 2022, the government of Kenya started offering a loan facility known as the Hustler Fund. It teamed up with Safaricom to ensure you get money on your phone. If you need a little financial backup before the next payday, opt-in to Hustler Fund via your M-PESA SIM and dial *254#.

You will use the same pin you use with M-PESA, making things relatively straightforward. The lowest amount anybody received for the first time was Ksh.500. Those who pay their loans on time have grown their limits to over Ksh.1000. 

Hustler Fund is among the cheapest types of salary advance loans in Kenya

3. Digital Money Quick Loans

Some mobile money loan apps in Kenya provide salary advance loans to smartphone users. They rely on modern technology to find your location and determine your creditworthiness. 

These digital money lenders can lend a quick loan before the month ends. The top choices in Kenya are:

  • Tala
  • Timiza
  • Zenka
  • iPesa
  • Branch

If you pay your loans on time, digital loan apps can lend you an advance of 30,000+ Kenya shillings. 

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4. Bank Salary Advances

 If your situation is not urgent, you can take out a salary advance loan from a bank. Only a few banks in Kenya have some of the best salary advance loans. Therefore, you should check and compare interest rates, loan durations, and delivery times for different banks. 

Most banks need you to have an active salary account and some might not give you a high loan limit if you have a poor credit history. Their repayment term is up to 12 months. 

The top banks that give salary advances in Kenya are: 

  • KCB Bank Kenya 
  • Equity Bank Kenya Limited 
  • Cooperative Bank (Flexi Plus Salary Advance).
  • ABSA Bank

5. Sacco Salary Advance Loans

Sacco societies in Kenya provide the best loan products to salaried people. If you have joined a Sacco, ask about its salary advance product. Unlike long-term Sacco loans, a short-term advance will attract a higher interest rate.

However, the interest rate will still be lower than that of most banks. Top Saccos offering different types of salary advance loans in Kenya include: 

  • Amref Sacco
  • Stima Sacco
  • Sheria Sacco
  • Hazina Sacco
  • NSSF Sacco
  • Waumini Sacco Society Limited


Where can I get a salary advance loan in Kenya?

You can get this loan from your boss. If they cannot give you a quick loan or enough money for your emergency, borrow a salary advance from a mobile lender, digital lender, bank, or Sacco Society.

Who can get a salary advance from KCB?

KCB provides a salary advance of 1.5 times your paycheck. You can qualify for the loan if you have a Salaried KCB Bank account that has been active for at least 3 months.  

Can I get a salary advance from Absa Bank Kenya? 

Absa provides a quick to anyone with proof of employment, KRA PIN, one passport photo, and recent bank statements.