65 Loan Apps Without CRB Checks in Kenya

Life is becoming harder on a daily basis in Kenya. Kenyans from all walks of life are looking for means to finance their lives. The most common way of getting financial support is through loans. However, it is not easy to get a loan from a bank if you are not employed or have a poor credit score. Banks leverage Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) to check credit scores before awarding a loan. Therefore, for those with poor credit scores, the only hope of getting a loan is through loan apps. Before taking a loan, you should find some of the best loan apps without CRB checks.

Some loan apps like Timiza do check your CRB score. Therefore, we have compiled a detailed list of loan apps without CRB checks in Kenya. If you are looking for an easy way to get a loan faster, check these loans apps.

The top 5 loan apps without CRB checks in Kenya based on customer reviews and satisfaction are:

  1. Tala (Rating 4.6)
  2. Zash Loan (Rating 4.1)
  3. Zenka (Rating 4.1)
  4. Opesa
  5. Fadhili


Tala is among the mobile loan apps without a registration fee that has been operating in Kenya for years now. With a customer review rating of 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store, many customers have expressed their satisfaction with Tala services and products.

Tala is among the easy-to-use loan apps without CRB checks in Kenya. If you want to access Tala loan, first download the app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store. Fill the loan application form carefully and verify your details. Counter-check to ensure that all details provided are correct as this will facilitate quicker loan processing.

The benefit of using Tala is that it gives you an opportunity to grow your loan limit. If you make your loan repayments on time, you can grow your loan limit up to Ksh. 30,000. Furthermore, you can express a preference for loan terms up to 120 days.

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Zash Loan

Zash is also one of the mobile loan apps without CRB checks. If you want quick money for shopping, business, or to finance other financial emergencies, then Zash loan app is your go-to place. The app provides loans ranging from Ksh.500-Ksh.50,000.

The repayment period for Zash loan ranges between 91 days to 365 days. Therefore, you have enough time to repay the loan. Another promising feature is that the app provides instant loans. After filling in your details, you will not wait long before receiving your loan amount through Mpesa.

Apart from the fact that the app does not need a CRB record, it has a low-interest rate. The maximum APR is 25% per year. Thus, this is a flexible loan app that ensures you are not exploited in terms of interest.


Zenka is among the best loan apps without CRB checks in the country. The app has unique features that make it easy to use. For example, you will not be taken through tedious registration processes like the provision of guarantors or access to your contact list. Some loan apps use these requirements to exploit and threaten customers. However, this is not the case with the Zenka loan app.

Apart from quick loan disbursement, Zenka allows customers to apply for the first loan of fixed-term 61 days. Additionally, the app has a flexible loan amount ranging from Ksh. 500-Ksh. 30,000. Therefore, you are at liberty to apply for whichever amount you think will satisfy your needs. You have a maximum period of 180 days (6 months) to pay back your Zenka loan.

To access Zenka loan, download the app from Google’s Play Store, fill in your details and check the amount you qualify for. At the start, the app will specify the amount you are qualified for which will then keep growing as you use the app.


Opesa is a safe credit loan app that does not check CRB records. Furthermore, the app does not list defaulters in CRB. Therefore, as much as you are advised to repay your loan on time, you should not be afraid to take a loan from Opesa.

With Opesa, you can get a loan ranging from Ksh. 1,500-Ksh. 50,000. The maximum APR rate for this loan app is 36% with a service fee ranging from Ksh. 100-Ksh. 600 for a one-time charge. It’s easy to access Opesa loan and the amount will be deposited into your Mpesa account within 5 minutes.


Fadhili loan does not check CRB records before granting loans to customers. You can access Fadhili loan directly from their loan app. This loan app is quite diversified as it provides loans in Kenya ranging from Ksh. 500-Ksh. 1,000,000 depending on your eligibility.

The minimum repayment period for Fadhili loan is 91 days with the maximum being 36 months. Fadhili is a good option for those who want an instant loan for an emergency. If you have a sick person who needs to be attended to urgently but lacks funds, Fadhili can sort you out. You should not worry even if you have a poor credit score as this loan app does not check the report. Moreover, the app will not list you in CRB in case of delayed payment.

Other Loan Apps Without CRB Checks

If you are looking for a diversified list of loan apps without CRB checks to access loans, here it is:

  • Kenya Quick Loan Shop
  • Senti
  • Kua
  • Palm Loans Kenya
  • Kava Personal Loans
  • Hikash
  • PesaFlash
  • Peso Loans
  • Hela Pesa
  • Branch
  • Africa Loans
  • Kashway
  • Usawa Loan App
  • Utajiri Loan App
  • Kano Loan App
  • Upazi Loan App
  • Dolax Loan App
  • Craft Loan App
  • Lendi Mkopo
  • i-Save Mobile
  • Okoa CAsh Loans
  • Mb_kash
  • Investor
  • iPesa
  • Kopa Jirani
  • Okolea
  • LionCash
  • Mshiko Chap
  • MKash Bee
  • Carbon
  • Eazzy Loans
  • Fululiza Senti
  • Stawika
  • Kuwazo
  • Saida
  • Loanika
  • Fair Money
  • UbaPesa
  • Umba (Formerly Mkopo Kaka)
  • Lendy Loans
  • Fair Money
  • Top Loan Lenders
  • Izwa Loans
  • Loans Chap Chap
  • Okoa 0% Interest Loans
  • Kash Pesa Loans
  • Fair Branch
  • HiCash Quick and Easy Loans to Mpesa
  • Imarika Credit
  • Fintech Loans
  • PesaPata
  • Okoa Pesa Pap
  • M-Kopay
  • Instant Cash
  • Kenya Quick Loans Market
  • Pezesha
  • mKopa
  • Tunzi
  • Phedha Loans
  • Aspira
  • TumaPesa
  • Duta
  • Okolea Quick Loans

Advantages of Mobile Loan Apps

You can get loans from other financial institutions like banks. However, here are the advantages you get by using mobile lending apps:

  • Faster disbursement. As compared to banks, mobile loan apps processes ans disburses their loans in minutes. If you apply for a bank loan, it can take even months before you get the cash.
  • Less paperwork. With mobile loans apps, you are not expected to fill many forms incorporating different people and institutions. A bank will expect you to provide many details including those of your gurantors, CRB certificates, and your employment history.
  • Low interest rates.
  • Your credit privacy is guaranteed
  • Loan apps are convenient. You can easily access a loan in case of an emergency at any time.

Final Thoughts

Mobile loan apps make it easy for people to access credit in Kenya. However, loan apps without CRB checks make it even easier for those with poor credit records to get loans. You can check out your eligibility among the loan apps listed here and borrow the amount you wish.