Top 10 Best Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya

Are you in a financial crisis where you need cash to meet some of your needs? You are not alone in this, life has been difficult to many people. There are many financial needs people are facing in today’s technologized world. Therefore, this has made people to work day and night to meet these expenses. However, despite the hard work, people find it hard to satisfy their needs when they only depend on their salaries. As a result, people turn to loans to meet some of these needs. The challenge, however, is getting a loan within the shortest time through your mobile phone. Some online lenders tend to be con artists who levy exorbitant interests on their loans. Therefore, you need to be careful before deciding where to get emergency money fast. Therefore, here is a list of the top 10 best mobile loans apps in Kenya where you can borrow money fast.

Yes, the top 5 best loan apps in Kenya where you can get emergency money immediately are CreditHela, Tala, Branch, Timiza, and Zenka. Based on the ranking and reviews provided by customers, these are the best mobile loan apps in Kenya.

To come up with this list of the top 10 best mobile loan apps in Kenya, the following metrics were used:

  1. The Ratings of the App from Google Play store. We looked at those Apps with a rating of 4.0+
  2. User Reviews 10k+
  3. Number of downloads 500k+
Name of the AppLoan AmountRatingReviewsDownloadsInterest RateLink
CreditHelaKsh. 1,500-80,0004.7 Star100k+1M+8.9%
TalaKsh. 500-30,0004.5 Star408K+5M+11% (21 days).
15% (30 days)
BranchKsh. 250-70,0004.5 Star329K+10M+13% to 29%
TimizaKsh. 50-150,0004.2 Star16K+1M+6.08% (Per month)
ZenkaKsh. 500-20,0004.2Star49K+1M+29% (Per Month).
OKashKsh. 2,500-50,0004.1 Star81K+1M+14% (14 days)
16.8% (21 days).
Haraka AppKsh. 250-5,0004.1 Star45K+5M+23% (One Month).
OpesaKsh. 2,000-10,0004.1 Star41K+1M16.8% (14 days).
StawikaKsh.500-50,0004.0 Star15K+500K+1% per day for 21 days.
SaidaKsh. 600-100,0004.0 Star12K+500K+15% (One Month).
Top 10 best mobile loan apps

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