how to store hay without a barn
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How to Store Hay Without a Barn: 6 Easy Ways

Hay storage can be a challenge, especially if you live in a city or a congested area where you can’t build a barn. You can’t leave hay in the rain or snow because it will become moldy, posing gastrointestinal risks to your horse, rabbit, or cattle. This leaves you at crossroads wondering how to store…

types of gas cylinders in Kenya
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9 Best Types of Gas Cylinders in Kenya

When you’re planning to buy or change a gas cylinder, the first thing that comes to mind is which company supplies the gas. The gas used for cooking in Kenya is called Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). It’s the cleanest source of cooking gas. Today, you’ll know the best types of gas cylinders in Kenya. The…

wedding venues in Nairobi
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10 Best Wedding Venues in Nairobi With Their Charges

Are you looking for an affordable wedding venue in Nairobi? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Whether you’re looking for a historical setting, waterfront ceremony, garden wedding, or a beautiful environment wedding venue, Nairobi offers the best deal for you. In this article, you’ll find the best and most affordable wedding venues in…

best trading platforms for beginners
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5 Best Trading Platforms for Beginners in 2022

The trading platform is the trader’s main supporting tool to start the trading process. Usually, brokers offer a few options of platforms to choose from, but it can be complicated for beginners to make that choice. Today, you’ll know the best trading platforms for beginners. There is a whole list of criteria you need to…

best locations for quad biking in Kenya
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9 Best Locations for Quad Biking in Kenya 2022

Quad biking offers a thrilling adventure experience. Hotels, game reserves, malls, and other facilities provide this service. They purchase quad bikes and hire instructors to ensure the rider’s safety. Quad bike rides provide an excellent opportunity for family and friends for a day outing. Today you’ll know the best locations for quad biking in Kenya…

how rich people give away free stuff
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How Rich People Give Away Free Stuff in 2022

People love free stuff, and there are so many ways rich people give away free stuff. However, this doesn’t imply that wealthy people will give away free money to people without a good reason. Today, you’ll know how rich people give away free stuff. Mostly, you can get free stuff from millionaires if you’re worth…

catholic retreat centers in Kenya
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7 Amazing Catholic Retreat Centers in Kenya

In today’s world, people are looking for a quiet and ambient place to reconnect with God and humanity.  Or a place to rest in God’s presence for spiritual direction, workshops, seminars, and individual guided retreats.   If you are drawn to a place of silence and tranquility to deepen with God, here is a list of…

religious retreat centers in Nakuru
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5 Religious Retreat Centers in Nakuru City

People visit religious retreat centers mainly to pray. Christians from all denominations are welcomed. Prayer centers provide peaceful and quiet gardens good for meditation. You can visit them as an individual or group. The centers are open to the public daily. The rooms at the centers are affordable with vast grounds offering visitors ample areas…