Meet Aeko Catori Brown-Chris Brown’s Son: Facts and Photos

In the world of celebrity lineage, curiosity often surrounds the lives of the famous offspring. Aeko Catori Brown, the son of the multi-talented R&B artist Chris Brown, is one name that has piqued the interest of many. Ever wondered who this little dynamo is beyond the headlines and social media snippets? If yes, keep reading as we reveal everything about Aeko Catori Brown, Chris Brown’s son. 

Aeko Catori Brown’s Background

Aeko Catori Brown

Unknown to many, Chris Brown is a father to Aeko Catori Brown and two other children. Chris once said that fatherhood changed his life. It’s no wonder that he plays an integral role in all of his three children’s lives.

So far, Aeko Catori is the only Christ Brown’s son. The boy is gradually gaining fame, thanks to his famous father. 

Aeko Catori Brown was born on November 20, 2019, at Tarzana Medical Center in California. His parents are Chris Brown and Ammika Harris. Both parents are American citizens and successful in their careers. Chris is one of the top R&B singers globally, while Ammika Haris is a rising social media star and fashion model.

The names Aeko and Catori have ethnic meanings. First, the name Aeko is a Japanese word for “unusual.” Catori means “spirit” in the Native American culture. Hence, Aeko Catori means an “unusual spirit.” 

Chris Brown and Ammika Haris chose this name for their son to help depict his rare, unique, and exceptional character. Aeko Catori Brown loves playing with his toys, drawing, and painting with different colors. 

Although Aeko Catori lives in Germany with his mother, he and his dad, Chris Brown, love one another. Unlike his two other siblings, Aeko Catori has no social media profile. He only has a fan page where the parents showcase his photos and stories about his growth milestones.

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A Summary of Aeko Catori Brown’s Profile

Full NameAeko Catori Brown
Birth Date20th November 2019
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California
Zodiac SignScorpio
Resides InGermany
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
ParentsChris Brown and Ammika Haris
SiblingsHalf-sisters: Royalty Brown and Lovely Brown
Aeko Catori Brown’s Profile

Aeko Catori Brown’s Father – Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is handsome, talented, wealthy, and famous. He is among the most favored American R&B singers. The influential artist and actor lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. 

Chris has made many top songs, including Run It, Look at Me Now, No Air, Don’t Wake Me Up, No Guidance, Kiss Kiss, etc. Chris Brown has received several awards from:

  • Bet Awards
  • Grammy Awards
  • MTV Video Music Awards
  • Billboard Music Awards 

The honorable blues artist may have been violent to women(Rihanna) in the past, but he is no longer the same after having children. Chris Brown is an adorable father to Aeko Catori, who looks like his twin. 

The little boy resembles his dad a lot, including his cute smile. No wonder he calls him “Lil CB.” Brown and his baby mother, Ammika, were happy to announce their son’s birth in 2019. Shortly after his delivery, Chris publicly announced his son’s unique name. 

He also posted a black and white portrait of him tenderly grasping his baby’s feet. The photo’s caption showed the baby’s full name in uppercase letters. Ammika Harris posted a similar picture on her Instagram Stories and got endless congratulatory messages from her fans. 

Even if Chris Brown is no longer dating Ammika, they dedicate themselves to co-parenting the little lad. 

Aeko Catori’s Mother: Ammika Harris

Aeko Catori Brown with his mother

Ammika Harris is an American fashion model. She is also a successful social media content creator. Ammika travels all over the world because of her work. She met Chris Brown in 2015. 

The two lack consistency in their love and relationship since they keep reconciling and falling apart. During the coronavirus pandemic, Ammika Harris was in Germany and could not travel to America due to quarantine. 

When the lockdown ended, she traveled to California, where the two lovers renewed their love. Back then, the baby was a few months old. Currently, Ammika lives in Germany, Europe, with her son, Aeko Catori Brown. 

She is there to pursue and grow her modeling career. Even though Chris and Ammika live continents apart, they participate fully in raising their son Aeko. The two intermittent lovebirds have never broken up officially. 

So, it remains to be seen if they are still in love and plans to make up soon. Sometimes, Chris and Ammika comment on one another’s social media pictures. Besides posting their son’s photos on social media, Chris and Ammika have tattooed their arms with his name. 

Aeko Catori Brown and His Siblings

Chris Brown has not been able to raise a family with one lady. Instead, he has had kids with three different women. However, Chris prioritizes his kids to ensure no one misses his love and attention. 

Chris Brown’s son, Aeko Catori, has two half-siblings. The first half-sister, Royalty Brown, turned nine years old in 2023. The other one, Lovely Symphani Brown, is the youngest of all Christ Brown’s children. 

Royalty Brown

Royalty Brown with her father

Royalty became Chris Brown’s first biological child. He bore this beautiful baby girl with a woman named Nia Guzman on May 27, 2014. Chris Brown was 25 years old at that time. Nia Guzman is a fashion model and looks forward to becoming a nurse. 

The two dated while Chris Brown was in a relationship with Karrueche Tran. The two went separate ways when Nia got pregnant with Royalty. He and Nia Guzman had a complicated relationship, which led to a disagreement about child support when the baby was two years old. 

Nia Guzman wanted to extort more child support money from Chris Brown and to get full custody of their daughter. The court favored Chris by ruling that the two parents would have joint custody over their daughter.

The two had to unite for the sake of their daughter Royalty. From then until now, both parents co-parent Royalty Brown in peace. Chris considers his daughter Royalty one of the priciest gifts in his life. He dedicates himself to ensuring she lacks nothing. Royalty Brown has step-siblings named Zillah Jade Amey and Sinatra L.A. 

Nia had Zillah Jade with her ex-husband, Terry Amey, and her youngest, Sinatra, with another lover. Nia and her ex-husband split when the news emerged that she was carrying the famous singer’s unborn baby. Chris also broke up with his then-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. 

Lovely Symphani Brown

Lovely Symphani Brown with her mother

The lovely baby is the youngest of all Chris Brown’s children. Her mother is Diamond Brown, a model and a social media influencer. She delivered her baby girl on January 7, 2022. 

The public first associated her with Chris Brown in June 2019 when he had his son with Ammika Harris. 

When she announced her pregnancy news by showing her bulging belly, the fans connected it to Chris Brown. They were correct. As expected, Chris Brown accepted responsibility and became a happy dad a third time. 

Although his relationship with Diamond Brown is an on-and-off affair, he seems to value her so much. Last year, in December 2022, Chris gave his baby mother a new Tesla car to appreciate her.

Does Aeko Catori Know his Siblings?

Aeko Catori and his bigger sibling, Royalty Brown, know each other. Chris and Joyce Hawkins (mother) have been helping the two children bond with each other. 

For instance, Royalty and Aeko appeared in a video dancing with each other during his first birthday celebration. 

Royalty Brown and her grandmother also joined Chris Brown, Ammika Harris, and their baby Aeko on their trip to Tulum. The two kids appeared in a photo together. Chris connected the two siblings while his son was young. 

Now Royalty knows she is the elder sister to Aeko Catori Brown and perhaps to Lovely Brown.

Is Aeko Catori on Instagram and Other Social Media Sites? 

Aeko Catori Brown

Chris Brown’s son, Aeko, does not have an established social media presence. 

Aeko Catori only has an Instagram fan page where his parents update their fans on his growth. The parents also post photos of him often. 

The lad wears fashionable clothes and accessories. His mother, Ammika created a kid’s fashion clothing line for him in LA, California. She called it Aeko C. That is all the boy publicly has now.

On the other hand, Royalty Brown has an established Instagram account and YouTube channel. She is a model and an entrepreneur despite being nine years old. Royalty Brown owns the Royalty Brown Collection, a clothing line. 

She and her younger step-sister co-founded the Royalty and Sinatra Kids Vitamin C Gummies. Lastly, Royalty gets regular brand deals and kids modeling deals from FashionNova Kids. Aeko and Lovely Brown have hardly achieved this much since they are small. 

Aeko Catori’s Hobbies

Aeko Catori loves spending time with his parents and exploring new things and places with them. He is fond of drawing and painting, implying that he has a creative young mind. Lastly, Aeko Catori has an immense love for toys, books, musical instruments, cars, puzzles, and other things. 

The only Chris Brown’s son is lucky to have wealthy parents who help him explore different mighty things and places at a young age.