Autumn Snyder: Everything You Need to Know About Zack Snyder’s Daughter

Autumn Snyder was the kindhearted, compassionate, talented, and ambitious daughter of Zack Snyder. She passed away in March 2017 by Suicide. Despite being young, Autumn had shown generosity to many through her charity work. She loved her family and even extended her affection to strangers. After her death, Zack Snyder, the world-famous film director, took a break from the Justice League movie. 

But why did Zack’s daughter, Autumn, commit suicide? This article discusses everything you need to know about Zack Snyder’s Daughter, including the cause of her death. 

Everything You Need to Know About Zack Snyder’s Daughter

Autumn Snyder’s Background Information

Autumn was Zack Snyder and Denise Weber’s adopted child. She was born on  November 27, 1996, in China. After adopting her, the two kind parents brought Autumn Snyder to Pasadena, California, USA. 

This is where she spent her childhood and schooled until she became a college-going young adult. Autumn grew up in a big, loving, nuclear family. Throughout her life, Autumn loved to write and kept a diary. 

She had written novels that helped her raise thousands of dollars for needy people. Like her father, Zack, Autumn wanted to join the movie production industry. Unlike her dad, who works as a filmmaker and director, Autumn would have become a scriptwriter and actress. 

She was a college student when she died at the age of 20 years. Autumn Snyder was a philanthropic and compassionate person. She put other people’s needs before hers. Giving was her prime purpose for living. 

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Summarizing Autumn Snyder’s Profile

Full Birth NameAutumn Snyder
Birth Date27th November 1996
Birth PlaceChina
Death Date12th March 2017
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Hair ColorBrunette
Height5 feet 5 inches
Eye ColorDark brown
ParentsZack Snyder (dad), Deborah Snyder (mom)
Raised WithWillow, Eli, Sage, Cash, Jett, Olivia, and Ezekiel Snyder.
Marital StatusSingle
Autumn Synder’s Profile

Autumn Snyder’s Family: Parents and Siblings

Autumn Snyder's family

Autumn Synder grew up in a large family of eight kids. When Zack Snyder and his ex-wife Denise Weber adopted Autumn, they had two biological kids. These are Eli Snyder and Olivia Snyder. She was the first adopted child. 

Shortly after, the parents adopted her sister, Willow Snyder. After divorcing Denise Snyder, Zack Snyder wedded Deborah Snyder, who became Autumn’s new mother. The two grew their family further by adopting Cash and Sage Snyder. 

Besides these six kids, Zack and Kristen Elin(a former employer who became his lover) had two children. These were Jett and Ezekiel Snyder. Autumn never lacked anything from her parents and seven siblings, including a sense of belonging.

Her parents gave her material and non-material things. Zack has so much value for his children that he tattooed their names on his hand.

Autumn Snyder’s Case With Depression

Autumn Snyder

According to her father, Autumn was suffering from persistent depression for a long time. She was under medication and therapy. 

Zack Snyder disclosed the conversation he often had with her daughter before she passed away. She often wondered what she was about, what she was to do with her life, and what value she had. 

Autumn kept questioning him about her worth, purpose, and contributions to this life. As any other caring father, Zack comforted her with positive words. Autumn’s response was “yeah” and nothing else. 

Autumn was going through severe depression, which did not improve even with medication and therapy.

How Did Autumn Synder Die?

Autumn Snyder's death

Sadly, Autumn Snyder committed suicide on March 12, 2017. On that fateful day, she was 20 years old. Autumn Snyder intoxicated her system with anti-depressants. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner/Coroner report disclosed this fact. 

While examining her body, the examiners found two anti-depressants in high dosage levels. Diphenhydramine was one of the drugs. Doctors usually prescribe this drug to patients with allergies, fever, or flu. 

The other drug was Acute Citalopram, an antidepressant for curing panic disorder, OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), and social phobia. The Medical Examiner/Coroner report revealed that these drugs intoxicated Autumn’s body to the point of causing death. 

Autumn Snyder’s death came at a time when the family was waiting for her to complete her college education and celebrate her victory. She was a student at Sarah Lawrence College and had only one year left to finish her education.

When Snyder heard about the heartbreaking news of his daughter’s passing, he thought the family should grieve alone. He never intended to go public about the daughter’s loss, explaining why they all kept quiet. 

Unfortunately, Zack had to leave his Justice League’s responsibility to someone else to mourn with his family. He knew this would trigger people to probe the matter and talk about it online. That is what they did, and everybody became aware of his daughter’s death. 

How Autumn’s Death Affected Her Family

Zack Snyder Steps Down

Autumn Snyder’s abrupt death devastated her family so much. Zack chose to prioritize his wife and kids during the saddest time of their lives. So, he stopped directing the Justice League film for two weeks. 

Zack thought that was enough break to be with his loved ones and that resuming work after the funeral would help him heal. As it turned out, Zack noticed how sad his wife, Deborah, and the kids were and decided to abandon the film in favor of them. 

Since Zack’s work consumes a lot of time, he could not do it without neglecting his grieving family. So, he stepped down as the film director. Warner Bros had seen such an occurrence before. 

Back in 2008, Heath Ledger suddenly died after finishing the shooting for The Dark Knight movie. The eagerly-awaited movie was almost over when he passed away. Due to his tragic loss, the Warner Bros studios with Christopher Nolan had a difficult time. 

Joss Whedon Releases His Justice League Version 

Warner Bros was ready to postpone the movie release date, but Zack himself disagreed. Instead, he delegated his duties to Joss Whedon, another successful film director credited with directing movies like The Avengers. 

Joss had to rewrite the Justice League’s scripts. That meant removing most of Zack’s work. In the same year of Autumn’s death, Joss Whedon released his Justice League version. Unfortunately, many fans disliked the movie and complained heavily on social media. 

The Release of the Snyder Cut

The DC fans wanted Warner Bros to release another movie that included Snyder’s original trailer’s scenes. They requested Snyder’s movie version on social media using the #SnyderCut hashtag. 

A legendary movie director, Christopher Nolan thought that Whedon’s Justice League would disappoint Snyder. So, he advised him against viewing it. Fast forward to March 2021, Zack Snyder released this Justice League trailer in conjunction with HBO Max

Zack made this movie as Autumn Snyder’s legacy. He wanted it to be a reminder of who she was. At the same time, Zack wanted to deliver what his fans wanted. The official movie’s Teaser entailed her favorite song by Leonard Cohen, “Halleluja.” 

As the film ends, it pops up a text that says “For Autumn.” The Snyder’s Cut got a better reception than the previous Whedon film. The movie had a few critics, such as Maya Phillips from the NY Times, but the general public loved it. 

Autumn Snyder’s Philanthropic Work

Just like her parents, Autumn Snyder had a heart of gold. She loved helping the impoverished in the society. Autumn reportedly fundraised over $12,000 through her writing talent in 2014.

She made a charity named “Write-A-Thon to End Homelessness for Mothers and Their Children.” During an interview, Autumn disclosed her undying passion for writing. She spoke of how she had been writing for several years for herself. 

However, at this point, she wanted to use her writing gift to help raise funds for the Elizabeth House. The Elizabeth House is an establishment in her hometown, Pasadena, California, which supports poor people. 

So, she promised to write 2,500 words daily for 14 days to complete the first part of her second science fiction novel. She planned to finish 35,000 words in two weeks. Autumn asked her fans to pledge money for every word she planned to write. She also set them free to donate any amount they wanted, as every penny would make a difference. 

Although she targeted to fundraise around $2,500 for the Elizabeth House, she received more than $12,000. Notably, her death was a tragic loss to the family and fans. However, it was not in vain, as it has helped create awareness of depression and its implications, including feeling suicidal. 

Additionally, Zack Snyder’s fans have contributed over five hundred thousand dollars to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. About the novels that Autumn wrote before her demise, Zack and Deborah promised to publish them. 

Speaking to a Hollywood journalist during an interview, Zack concluded that his daughter’s novel content would be therapeutic for the readers. Any proceeds from book sales will go to charity. That is what Autumn Snyder would have liked if she were still alive. 

That is everything you need to know about Zack Snyder’s Daughter. All that is left to do is to join her family and charity fans in keeping her beautiful memories alive.