Who Is Casey Coates? Facts About Ted Danson’s Wife in 2024

Casey Coates is a renowned environmentalist whose contribution to pollution prevention, energy conservation, and recycling made her famous. Also, her marriage to veteran American actor Ted Danson contributed to her fame. Even at her current old age, she remains a respected environment icon. She lives in Los Angeles, California. 

In this article, we look into the life of Cassandra Coates including her marriage life, career, profession, net worth, and current life. Join along!

A Table Showing Cassandra Coates’ Biography

NameCassandra Coates
Age 85 years (as of 2023)
Date of birth 13th March, 1938
Place of birthLong Island, New York City, United States
Nationality American 
Religion Christianity 
Ethnicity White 
Gender Female 
Zodiac signPisces 
Eye colorBrown 
Movie producer, interior designer, and environment activistBrown 
Education Great Neck high school and Lasell college
Profession Movie producer, interior designer and environment activist
Marital statusDivorced 
Weight 57 kilograms
Height 5’8’’ (1.73 centimeters)
Children Alexis Danson and Kate Danson
sexual orientationStraight 
Ex-husband nameLos Angeles, California, United States
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, united states
Casey Coates profile

Early Life

Casey is a known environmentalist in America. Her real name is Cassandra Coates, and she was born in Long Island, New York City, USA. No information is known about her siblings and parents.

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Casey attended Great Neck High School in New York City. She later went to Lasell College in Boston, which until 1989 was known as Lasell Junior College. After she finished, she went to London, U.K.  

She stayed in Europe for one year, after which she returned to New York City to focus on environmental conversation. Her interest in preserving the environment led her to study for a bachelor’s degree. She joined Parson School for an environment design program and graduated with honors in 1975.


Casey Coates with Ted Danson

Casey has had a passion for environment and interior Design since her younger years. She joined the Ben Thomspon firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and moved to Los Angeles with her husband a year later.

Her top-notch skills gained her recognition, attracting various organizations, including the Environmental Media Association, the South California Institute of Architecture, and the Parsons School of Design New York.

In Los Angeles, she is working towards an environmentally-driven initiative after consulting Jimmy Carter’s work. The initiative was known as the American Ocean and later merged with Oceana in 1987. 

Casey acted as a board member of the Institute of American Indian Arts Foundation. She also worked on the advisory board of the Jimmy Carter project. Moreover, she founded Global Possibilities, a non-governmental organization with a mission to promote environmental conversation.

Besides Casey’s environmental conversation work, she was also a firm producer. She worked on various projects, the most famous being a documentary named From Cover-up, which focused on energy conservation and the effects of global warming, “Who’s Got the Power.”


Casey was married to Ted Danson. They met in 1976 and had a relationship that resulted in marriage. This was after Ted divorced his first wife, Randy Danson; in one of his interviews with Closer Weekly, Danson revealed that theirs was love at first sight. 

They had a beautiful wedding on 24th December 1977 and later moved to Los Angeles. After two years of matrimony, the duo welcomed their first child, Kate Danson, on 24th December 1979. Kate is an actress featured in various movies, including Keepin’ It Real Estate, cousins 1989, and Kemper: The Coed Killer.

Later, they decided to adopt a girl who became their second daughter. Her name is Alexis Danson, and she was born in 1985. Her life is more private compared to her sister’s.

After 16 years of marriage, their marriage ended on the grounds of infidelity. They divorced in 1993, and Ted paid a costly settlement of a whopping $30 million. 

The rift in the marriage began when Casey became paralyzed during the birth of their daughter, Kate. Casey was hit by a stroke that left one side of her body paralyzed. In the initial stages of her sickness, Ted cared for her until later, when they started falling apart. In an interview, Ted stated, “We were adjusting to the fact that we weren’t the same people we were before it happened.”

What Happened After the Divorce?

After the divorce, Casey Coated did not get married, but the ex-husband, Danson, remarried. He married a third wife named Mary Steenburg in 1995. They don’t have children together, but Ted became a stepfather to her children, Lilly McDowell and Charlie McDowell.

Casey Danson’s Current Life

Casey still conserves the environment. She currently lives in a solar powerhouse that she designed by herself. Moreover, she leads an organization known as Global Possibilities, which was founded in 1996. 

The organization advocates solar as a natural successor to non-renewable and renewable energy. Also, together with her ex-husband, they co-founded the American Oceans campaign. The organization is a non-profit aiming to restore and protect the natural condition of oceans worldwide. 

Casey’s Net Worth

Casey still works as a movie producer, environmentalist, and interior designer. This has helped her accumulate wealth that contributes to her lavish lifestyle. Moreover, Ted paid her alimony of $30 million after their divorce. 

Considering the payment was made in the 90’s, that was a considerable amount. The approximated net-worth amount for Casey is $50 million.

Quick Facts About Cassandra Coates

  • How old is Casey Coates? Casey Coates is 85 years old as of 2024
  • What is the name of Cassandra Coates’s adopted daughter? Casey’s adopted daughter, who is also her second child, is named Alexis Danson.
  • When is Cassandra’s birthday? Casey celebrates her birthday on 13th March.
  • Was Cassandra Coates Ted Hanson’s first wife? No. She was his second wife, having divorced the first wife, Randy Danson, shortly before their relationship began.
  • What does Casey Coates do currently? She is an environmentalist education people on global channels and the environment on the West Coast.

Did Casey’s stroke lead to her divorce? Yes, the stroke contributed to the divorce, as Ted once said in an interview, they were not the same people they were before it happened, thus causing a lift between them.