Who Is Frances Cain? Facts About Jeremy Clarkson’s Ex Wife in 2024

Frances Cain is a TV personality, entrepreneur, and talent manager. She is known for her substantial contribution toward her ex-husband Jeremy Clarkson’s lucrative career. Below is a closer look at different aspects of her life, including family, career, marriage, and current lifestyle. 

Table Showing Frances Catherine Cain’s Biography

Name Frances Catherine Cain
Age 57
Nickname Francie 
Current residenceUnited Kingdom
Gender Female 
Nationality British 
Date of birth10th June 1966
Height in centimeters170
Height in feet5’6’’
Place of birth United kingdom
Weight in lbs137 lbs
Weight in kgsAbout 62kgs
Marital statusDivorced (Jeremy Clarkson)
Siblings 3
Eye colourDark brown
Hair colourBlonde 
Sexuality Straight 
Children 3
Net worthApproximately $5-$10 million
Profession Talent manager, TV personality
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/franciecain1/?hl=en 
Twitter https://twitter.com/francieclarkson?lang=en 
Frances Cain’s profile

Early Life

Born on 10th June 1966 in the United Kingdom, Frances Catherine Cain is the daughter of Major Robert Henry Cain, a distinguished British military officer and World War 2 veteran. His gallantry earned him the Victorian Cross, the highest British Armed Forces award.

After quitting the army, Frances’s father went to Asia, spent some time in Africa, and then returned to the UK. He later died in 1974. A lot is unknown about her mother, but she grew up with three siblings, including a brother, Finlo Cain, and two sisters (Diplock and Helena). 

While her association with her husband put her in the limelight, Frances has maintained a private lifestyle. Little information is known about her upbringing apart from the fact that she lived in the U.K.

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Frances Cain with her family

Frances married her ex-husband in 1993 as a second wife after he divorced Alex Hall. However, they later divorced in 2014 after 20 years of marriage. The divorce settlement given by Clarkson was approximately 10 euros.

Before they married, they were colleagues, with Frances being Clark’s manager. In their marriage period, Clark was an automotive writer while trying to venture into the entertainment industry. She was Clark’s second wife after the ex-husband divorced Alex Hall after six months of marriage. 

During their marriage, France and Clark settled in Chipping North, UK, where they had three children. The firstborn was Emily Clark, born on 21st July 1994; the second born was Finlo Clark, born on 14th March 1997; and the last born was Katya Clark, born on 24th November 2000. 

Through their marriage, Jeremy Clarkson and other people applauded Frances for contributing to his success. She also contributed to his dressing which made him look charming. Moreover, she was known for giving him standard gifts, such as a Mercedes Benz 600, during Christmas celebrations. 

Crack started appearing in 2010 within their marriage when the ex-wife to Jeremy had a plan to have a tell-all book concerning her continued affair with him even after their divorce. As a result, Jeremy took an injunction to prevent her from proceeding with the book that would spill their secrets. 

More problems emerged in their marriage when Jeremy Clarkson was rumored to have an affair with a colleague in Top Gear, Phillipa Sage. When confronted with the allegations, the duo denied it but were later found kissing in public in 2013. Frances filed for a divorce in 2013, ending their 20-year marriage.

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Career Life

Frances Catherine came to the limelight after marrying celebrity husband Jeremy Clarkson. Before getting married, she worked as Clarkson’s manager, which significantly affected his career. She greatly supported him while getting into the entertainment industry from being an automotive writer.

Even after marriage, she continued to be his manager and encouraged him to get the brash TV persona, which made him a celebrity. She used to arrange his appointment diaries and ensured his fashion style was amazing.

Net Worth and Earnings

Frances didn’t reveal much about her net worth, just like her personal life. But the estimated net worth is between $5 and $10 million. When she worked as her husband’s manager, which helped him earn millions of dollars each year, she accumulated significant wealth.

However, most of her wealth is a product of her divorce settlement. The couple did not release the settlement to the public, but speculations were that Jeremy Clarkson paid her 10 million euros as a settlement. Moreover, she kept their home in Chipping, Norton, worth 2.5 million euros.

Frances Cain’s Current Lifestyle

Since separating from her celebrity husband, she has kept her lifestyle private. But she is seen in public from time to time. At some point, she was seen on the Caribbean vacation alongside a man named Fred Milln, whom she is rumored to be dating. The duo has been seen several times together. 

She currently lives in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, U.K. When she is not on vacation, she spends time with her family and does charity work. She participated in cycling and running events to create awareness for disabled veterans.

Frances Catherine Cain Quick Facts

  • Who is Frances Cain’s father? -France’s father was a famous British military officer, Robert Henry Cain. He was a World 2 veteran who received the high-rank award. He died in 1974.
  • Where is Frances Cain’s origin? It is unknown where Frances was born, but it is speculated that she was born in the Isle of Man, where her father lived.
  • Who are Frances Cain’s kids?- Frances Cain’s kids are Finlo Clarkson, a boy, and two girls, Katya and Emily Clarkson, who married in 2022.
  • What is Frances Cain’s marital status?- Frances Cain is divorced from her ex-husband, Jeremy Clarkson, after infidelity with his ex-wife, Alex Hall, and his colleague Phillipa Sage.
  • Has Frances Catherine Cain remarried? No, Frances hasn’t remarried, but she has been seen with Fred Milln several times, which has stirred speculations that the two are a couple.
  • What is France’s net worth? Frances’s net worth is between $5 and $million.
  • What is France’s occupation?- Frances worked as her husband’s manager, but after the divorce, she indulged in charity work.