Buzeki Net Worth, Biography, Real Name, Family, and Companies in 2024

Buzeki, one of the wealthiest people in Kenya, might be the only wealthy village man with a helicopter. Born Bundotich Zedekiah Kiprop, Buzeki owns the Buzeki Group of Companies. He is a self-made billionaire with unparalleled talent in business management. 

Buzeki is also a well-traveled and highly-educated man with college degrees. His story is that of grass to grace. If you think you cannot amount to anything in life, here is an inspiring story of Buzeki. 

I’ll discuss Buzeki’s net worth, biography, real name, family, and companies. Read his story to believe in yourself and gather the confidence to change your situation. 

Buzeki’s Early Life

Bundotich Zedekiah Kiprop is the birth name of Buzeki. He derived his nickname from the first two letters of the three birth names. Buzeki does not say much about his mother, father, siblings, or relatives. However, his year of birth might be 1976. 

That means he is currently a 47-year-old billionaire. We know about him starting school in the Molo area. However, he has never discussed his childhood experiences at home or school. 

Buzeki is a man of excellence in most areas of his life. He excels as an educated man, a business mogul, a public speaker, and a politician. His thrill for chasing success is rare since he rose from a bicycle milk distributor to a multi-billion business CEO. 

Buzeki’s Profile Summary

NameBundotich Zedekiah Kiprop
Date of Birth1976
Place of BirthMolo, Nakuru
Zodiac SignUnknown
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Height178cm(5 feet 8 inches)
Weight150 pounds or 68 kilograms
ParentsFather and mother are unknown
SiblingsNot known
High School EducationMang’u High School
University Education    Royal Holloway, University of London, University of Cambridge, University of Lincoln,
Marital StatusNot known
KidsNot Known
Net WorthThirty Million U.S. dollars
Buzeki’s profile


Buzeki values education, as we can gather from his academic profile and quotes on social media sites. He once said that education is an equalizer. Buzeki started schooling at Molo Academy, where his mother lived. After performing well in his primary school national final exam, Buzeki joined Mangu High School. 

Soon after his O-level exams, he traveled abroad to pursue a Sales and Marketing program at Royal Holloway, University of London. Then, he earned a higher international diploma in Sales and Marketing at the University of Cambridge.  Buzeki has also attained a Logistics Management Degree from the University of Lincoln.

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Employment and Entry into Business

After completing his education, Buzeki returned to Kenya to seek employment. Luckily, he obtained a government role as the Kenya Transport Association Executive Committee chairperson between 2008 and 2010.

Having studied business management, sales and marketing, and leadership, Buzeki felt equipped to start a business. Buzeki net worth grew from a humble point where he had nothing. It took him a couple of years to become the billionaire he is today. 

Here is how Buzeki started distributing milk and running a transportation and logistics business: 

  • Milk Distributor – Buzeki’s first business entailed milk distribution in Mombasa. It was a humble enterprise with a bicycle as the only asset for milk transportation. 
  • Regional Head –Between 1998 and 2000, Buzeki joined the Kilifi Plantations as a regional head. The dairy company belonged to a white man who was his brother-in-law. As the leader of a good sales team, Buzeki made the Kilifi Gold milk brand known in the coastal region. He secured eighty percent of the milk market share. 
  • First Tuzo Distributor – While at it, Buzeki became the first wholesale distributor of Tuzo milk, which belongs to SpinKnit Kenya Limited. He then made Tuzo the most preferred milk product in the Coast region. That was between 2000 and 2008. 
  • Buzeki Enterprises Limited – In 2004, Buzeki discovered a gap he could fill in the transportation sector and founded the flagship company for his conglomerate. 
  • Buzeki Dairy Limited – Buzeki’s success journey began officially in 2008 when he opened a milk processing and packaging business called Buzeki Dairy Limited. He acquired the first milk factory in Kilifi and sold milk under the New Kilifigold brand name. It could produce up to twenty-five thousand liters daily. In 2010, he bought another milk plant in Mau Summit, Molo. It produces the delicious Molo Milk you see in supermarkets. The Molo plant could generate eighty thousand liters per day. Over the years, the Molo Milk brand expanded and brought high profits. One day, Buzeki decided to sell it to Brookside Dairy Limited. He planned to sell it to the Uasin Gishu County to benefit local farmers, but relevant parties were uninterested. So he chose Brookside. As you might know, Brookside belongs to Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta’s family. Buzeki felt ready to let go of a brand he had built from scratch and made one billion Kenyan shillings. The Kenyatta family acquired other milk businesses, including Delamere, Tuzo, and Ilara.

Buzeki has made most of his millions from the milk businesses. For instance, he runs a large-scale dairy farm in Ainabkoi in Uasin Gishu County. 

Buzeki Net Worth

Buzeki net worth

Buzeki is a super-wealthy businessman with several investments and assets. He has a big logistics company that has alliances with renowned companies like Portland Cement of East Africa and Bamburi Cement Limited. 

No wonder he has assets like helicopters, a fleet of trucks, low and side loaders, and platforms. Buzeki has oil tanks and other machinery that help him work in the fuel and oil sector.  

Additionally, Buzeki runs one of the most reliable logistics business departments in Eldoret and Mombasa. Its work is to supply storage machinery in these areas. According to Forbes, Buzeki had a net worth of 30 million U.S. dollars in 2023. 

He is the current CEO of the Buzeki Group of companies that began in 1999 and entails: 

  • Buzeki Dairy Ltd. – It processes, packages, and distributes milk.
  • Buzeki Enterprises Ltd. – This is a transportation business founded in 2004. Buzeki Enterprises Limited follows all the TLB rules when managing its fleet.
  • Bunoil Ltd. – It deals with oil and fuel.
  • Buzek Fleet System Management Ltd. – This is a GPS fleet tracking service business.
  • Transtruckers Logistics Group Ltd. – This business deals with sourcing and distributing general supplies. 
  • Buzeki Insurance Ltd. – It is an insurance agency.
  • Koima Motors Ltd. – Focuses on spare parts and heavy vehicle supplies. 

Buzeki is a high achiever, as is evident in his education profile and career life. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, he has earned juicy awards. One of these came from Ipsos Synovate, labeled the Best Advertisement. 

Buzeki Dairy Ltd, associated with Molo Milk, earned the Most Preferred Milk Brand award in Kenya. Buzeki has also been crowned as the top in the best transportation category. Above all, he became a billionaire and one of the most influential public figures in Kenya in his early thirties. Not many wealthy people in Kenya got rich that early in life. 

Buzeki’s Personal and Family Life

Buzeki remains mum about his personal life and family of origin. Nobody knows if this Kalenjin billionaire has a fiancé, wife, or kids. It is also not clear if he has siblings and if so, where they live. He does not speak much about his early life or parents either. 

Buzeki the Politician 

Bundotich Zedekiah Kiprop attempted politics in 2017. He competed against Jackson Mandago for the governorship of the Uasin Gichu County. Unfortunately, Buzeki did not win the elections. 

However, members of the public got to know about his status in the society that year. Perhaps one of his reasons for failure in these elections was bad publicity. Somebody was spreading rumors that Bezeki was a drug user when he was a teen at Mangú Boys High School. 

Also, the rumors had it that the school expelled him. Another gossip was that he took away 200 million Kenyan shillings from a 70-year-old lady who was windowed. According to Buzeki, these were unfounded rumors out to damage his good name and halt his political interests. 

In the next elections that run in August 2022, Buzeki competed again for the same position. This time, he funded his candidature in full and took an independent stand. Unfortunately, Jonathan Bii of the UDA party won the elections.

Bii ran for the governor seat in the sitting president’s home County and was in his party. Despite the loss, Buzeki funded his campaigns heavily from his multi-billion company network. The self-made billionaire’s dream of becoming the Uasin Gishu governor might one day come true because of his sheer determination and persistence. 

Buzeki Debt Problems

Although Buzeki’s net worth is big, it did not prevent him from getting into debt in July 2020. The accomplished billionaire took out a loan of 2.7 billion Kenyan shillings and was unable to pay. 

The NCBA bank gave him the loan to buy two hundred and eighty-nine trucks and one hundred and forty-one trailers. This story came into the spotlight when Landmark Port Conveyors Limited was about to action fifty-three of Buzeki’s trucks and trailers to recover a debt of 118 million. 

NCBA opened an appeal in court seeking to nullify this auction, claiming that he bought the affected vehicles with its loan money.

Buzeki Social Media Status 

The tycoon is active on social media websites. People discover his public speaking and other social skills by following him on social media. Buzeki has an account on Instagram, and his handle is buzekiprop. 

He is also on Twitter as @BuzekiKiprop, and his Facebook page is Buzekinebochego. Check him on this website named www.buzeki.co.ke.