16 Cheapest Places to Buy Items in Eastleigh, Nairobi in 2024

Eastleigh is one of the best shopping hubs in Nairobi. If you plan to buy stock for your small business, travel to Eastleigh any day throughout the week. Eastleigh has several shopping malls selling items like clothing, shoes, carpets, curtains, foodstuffs, kitenge fabrics, handbags, jewelry, perfumes, and dummies. Nairobi has other places selling the same items but cheap pricing sets Eastleigh apart. As one of the cheapest places to buy items in Nairobi, Eastleigh offers both wholesale and retail prices. 

If you purchase items in bulk, you can resell them and make a good profit. Eastleigh is ideal even for family shopping because of cheap prices and quality products. Before you travel to Eastleigh, read this article to discover the malls that sell the things you want. 

Where to Find the Cheapest Items in Eastleigh, Nairobi

Eastleigh is a small neighborhood in the Kamukunji Sub-county. It is among the cheapest places to buy items in Eastleigh. The best shopping malls are in the Garissa area. To get to Garissa from Nairobi CBD, enter the Matatu Numbers 9 or 6. 

These minibusses are easy to find in front of the Nairobi Fire Station in Nairobi CBD or near Kenya National Archives. You can also enter a 14-sitter Matatu vehicle Number 4 on Luthuli Avenue, which goes to Eastleigh Section 3. 

Ask the driver or tout to drop you off at Garissa shopping center. Since Garissa is full of shops, you should know the actual malls to purchase items from. The following malls sell the cheapest goods in Eastleigh: 

1. The Most Affordable Clothes: KES 200 to KES 350

Eastleigh vendors focus on selling new clothes. If you look forward to selling new clothes in 2024, Eastleigh may be your best shopping hub. The figure-hugging dresses you see many girls and women wearing are in Eastleigh. 

You probably think that these dresses are expensive but they are not. These dresses cost KES 200 to KES 350, allowing you to purchase some cute ones for sale. The best Eastleigh shopping malls for cheap dresses and other garments include:

  • AI Arafat Mall
  • Olympic Mall(at the entrance)
  • Stalls behind the MOU Café
  • Beijing Shopping Mal

2. Female Clothes

Female clothes in Eastleigh

Whether you need women’s clothes for yourself or business, you can find all varieties in Eastleigh. From brand-new jeans to jumpsuits, Eastleigh is a one-stop shop for all women’s garments. You can shop by garment in the following malls:

  • Tansim Mall – It is the best shopping mall for women’s jeans, jumpsuits, and dresses.
  • Al Mubarak Mall – If you need beautiful female suits, climb to the first floor of the Al Mubarak Mall. 
  • Prime Mall – Women salivate after the fashionable designer clothes from Turkey. Unfortunately, these clothes are too expensive for a low to middle-income earner. But that does not mean you cannot wear Turkey fashion clothes. You can purchase replica Turkey clothes at the Prime Mall. Although imitated, these clothes look just like the designer ones.
  • Mandera Shopping Mall – Here you can purchase sweatpants for business, yourself, or the girls in your family. The mall has other female items like lesos and leather jackets. 
  • Kings Shopping Mall – If you have a small waist, high waist jeans pants would look good on you. You can purchase these pants from the Kings Shopping Mall.
  • Amal Plaza Entrance C – All types of ladies’ jeans are in the Amal Plaza Entrance C. 

3. Men’s Clothes

 Eastleigh is still the best shopping place for anybody who needs to sell all men’s clothing. You should go mall by mall and select different male garments. These malls include: 

  • New Mandera Shopping Mall – It is the best mall to visit if you need men’s khaki trousers, t-shirts, and shirts. 
  • Yale Plaza – This is the best shopping center for those looking for upscale male fashion clothes.
  • New Al Mubarak Mall – Visit this mall if you need high-end apparel.
  • Amal Plaza – Ideal for high-end fashion clothing for guys. 

4. Shoes

For those looking to purchase shoes for their businesses, other people, or themselves, consider visiting one of the cheapest places to buy items in Nairobi. Eastleigh is the best source of new shoes. 

You can purchase them from the:

  • Olympic Shopping Mall – If you want a few shoes for yourself and your family, get them at retail prices on the Second Floor. Those looking for many pairs of shoes can purchase them at a wholesale price on the First Floor.
  • Social Hall – Another place in Eastleigh with affordable shoes is the Social Hall. 

5. Kids Clothing

Kids require brand-new fashionable clothing for traveling or attending events like weddings and birthdays. You can also buy them nice clothes for Christmas or as presents for excelling in school. The best shopping malls in Eastleigh for kids’ clothes are:

  • Amal Plaza
  • Tokyo Mall

These malls sell dresses, shirts, trousers, sweaters-shirts, innerwear, socks, and any other garment belonging to children. You can enter both malls and compare prices for different products. 

6. Handbags

Handbags are some of the accessories that females cannot live without. That is why starting a handbag business in Nairobi is a brilliant idea. Regarding the best handbag sources in Nairobi, Eastleigh tops the list. Here are the malls that sell affordable, high-quality handbags: 

  • Social Hall
  • Eastleigh Mall
  • Olympic Mall shopping center

Find bags in all colors, shapes, and sizes at discounted prices. 

7. Underwear 

If you want to sell innerwear for men and women and socks, consider getting them from Eastleigh. The best malls for underwear items are the:

  • Olympic Mall – Visit the basement area.
  • Amco Mall – It is ideal for male clothes like boxers and socks.
  • Tansim Mall – Get inside and inquire about innerwear for different genders. 

8. Jewelry

The best gold and silver jewelry comes from Eastleigh. If you can sell this type of jewelry, tour the Bangkok Mall. It is beside the Galmart Supermarket Dealer, facing Al Mukaram. 

9. Carpets

Whether you need carpets for sale or just one or two for your house, you can get them cheaply in Eastleigh. The best carpet sellers have stalls in the Day to Day Mall. This mall is on the 1st Street, Garissa, Eastleigh. 

10. Perfumes

The best source of perfumes in Nairobi is Bangkok Mall in Eastleigh. You can purchase perfumes in bulk to enjoy the discounted wholesale price. On the other hand, you can purchase a bottle or two of perfumes at a slightly higher price.

Eastleigh’s Bangkok Mall has fragrances from different brands and offers the best wholesale and resale prices. 

11. Deras

Deras are currently the most popular wide dresses among women. You can buy and sell Deras if you plan to start a new business that can thrive. The best Dera source in Eastleigh is the street beside the Mandera Shopping Mall. 

12. Kitenge and Lesos

Kitenge is the attire that could easily represent the entire African continent. The favorite of men, women, and children, the Kitenge fabric makes the most attractive outfits. You can purchase Kitenge fabrics in Garissa, Eastleigh if you have a tailoring shop.

Women looking to buy lesos for sale can also find them in Garissa. Kitenge fabrics and lesos are inside the Kitenge House, in front of the Bangkok Mall.

13. Curtains

Do you wonder where people get their long and heavy curtains? They purchase them from Garissa’s most popular malls. You can sit down and wait for the tailor to sew you a pair of curtains if you cannot find any pleasant ready-made style.Whether you need a curtain for your kitchen, sitting room, or bedroom windows, they have them in Eastleigh. Visit the:

  • Bangkok Mall
  • Day-to-Day Mall.

14. Mannequins

Dummies or mannequins are the figurines that help sellers advertise your dresses, suits, and other outfits. There are small dummies for children’s clothes and larger ones for adults. 

If you are searching for dummies, travel to Garissa, Eastleigh. Ask where the Al Mubarak Mall is, and go to the First Floor, West Wing. This is where they stock all mannequin styles.

15. Foodstuffs

Eastleigh has the best wholesale shops for food items. Whether you need sugar, flour, margarine, cooking oil, or rice, the Nur Shopping Center can provide them. It is the top foodstuff wholesaler in Eastleigh. 

16. Wallpapers

Wallpapers are ideal for home or office decoration. They come in all colors and motifs. Eastleigh is the best source of wallpapers for sale or personal use. You can purchase them at only seven hundred shillings per roll. The best wallpaper vendors are inside the Day to Day Mall. 

Now you know some of the cheapest places to buy items in Eastleigh. Choose it for any type of shopping, including Christmas, business, or family.