How to Check Your CRB Status Online in 3 Easy Ways

The Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) is a platform that enables employers, credit, and loan providers to check your payment status. From these platforms, they are able to know whether you are a defaulter or if you pay your dues. Therefore, it is advisable that each time you borrow money from any lending institution, ensure to pay back within the stipulated time to avoid being listed with CRB. If you get blacklisted by CRB, you will not be able to process bank loans in the future unless you pay your loans in full. Here is a guideline on how you can freely check your CRB status online.

Before you start checking your CRB status online, you should ensure that you are registered by either one or all of the three institutions accredited by the Central Bank of Kenya to collect credit information from borrowers. These institutions are TransUnion, Metropol, and CreditInfo.

1. How To Check Your CRB Status With Metropol

You can access CRB services from Metropol through the Metropol Cristobal app, Metropol Website, or by dialing *433#. You will then have to pay Ksh. 100 as registration fees through their pay bill number 220388 with your ID as the account number.

You will receive an SMS with your unique PIN details, a Reference Number, and a special link. You will then have to dial *433# and log in using the provided details. Alternatively, you can visit the Metropol website or the Metropol App and log in to view your CRB status.

You will gain access to the different services offered by the company at a fee, like Credit Score at Ksh. 150, Credit Report at Ksh. 250 and the clearance certificate at Ksh. 2,200.

2. How to Check Your CRB Status Online with TransUnion

You will start by registering with TransUnion using the following procedure:

  • Send you full names to 21272
  • Enter you Nation ID Number
  • Choose CC (meaning Credit Status)
  • You will then receive your CRB status; Good will mean you are not blacklisted while Defaulted means you are backlisted.

Alternatively, you can use the TransUnion App, TransUnion Nipashe, or directly through the TransUnion website.

3. How to Check Your CRB Status with CreditInfo

With CreditInfo, your Credit Report will be availed to you freely once per year. If you want to access it again within a year, you will have to pay Ksh. 350 for every report accessed after your first free report. You are advised to check on their website and fill in your name, National Identification number, phone number, email, and residential address. Finally, you will attach a pdf copy of your National Identification card and clarify why you are applying for a credit report.

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