Fuliza Ya Biashara in Kenya: Everything You Need to Know

Safaricom and Kenya Commercial Bank launched Fuliza ya Biashara on 4th May 2023. Up to 538,000 businesses that operate MPESA Business Till numbers can create Fuliza overdrafts of Ksh.400,000. 

The two corporate giants made this brilliant idea to help small businesses complete transactions even with zero balances in their MPESA accounts. Keep reading this article to know how Fuliza ya Biashara in Kenya works. 

How Does Fuliza ya Biashara Function? 

The Fuliza ya Biashara functions like the Fuliza MPESA service but with a slight difference. While Fuliza MPESA is a service for individuals, Fuliza ya Biashara belongs to businesses. The service will allow entrepreneurs to get unsecured credit by overdrawing their accounts. 

Fuliza ya Biashara will be a great savior when your business runs out of funds and you still have to pay your suppliers. It could boost your working capital when you have none and ensure that customers get enough stock. 

You can overdraw an amount between Ksh.1000 to Ksh.400,000. Safaricom will determine your Fuliza limit based on various parameters, including how active your LIPA na MPESA Business Till account is. 

Safaricom and KCB will not charge you any interest rates for the first twenty-four hours. During this period, you can create as many overdrafts as your limit can allow. After that, Fuliza ya Biashara will charge maintenance fees ranging from Ksh.12 to Ksh.250 daily for 29 days. 

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Things to Do with Fuliza ya Biashara in Kenya

Ways to use the Fuliza ya Biashara overdraft service when you have no cash entail:

  • Withdraw cash to an MPESA agent.
  • Send a payment to a mobile number.
  • Pay your bills using Lipan a Mpesa.
  • Send payment to another MPESA Buy Goods till number.
  • Withdraw to any nominated phone number.

How to Get Fuliza ya Biashara 

If you apply for a Mpesa Business Till number today, you will not qualify for Fuliza ya Biashara tomorrow. The overdraft service will become available to you after six months. Safaricom and KCB will track how often you have used your Till to determine your best limit. 

Once you become eligible, you can activate Fuliza ya Biashara in Kenya in two ways: 

Using a USSD Code

If you have a feature phone, activate your Fuliza ya Biashara account with a USSD like this: 

1. Press “*234#” on your phone. Ensure you are dialing from your “nominated number.”

2. Choose “MPESA Business Till.”

3. Type your “Store Number.”

4. Opt for “Business Loans” and then “Fuliza ya Biashara.”

5. Choose “Join Now” and then accept “Terms and Conditions.”

6. After that, type the “Operator ID and PIN” and choose the “Accept menu” option.

7. In the next window you will see your overdraft limit.

8. Choose “Transact” to create your first overdraft. 

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Through the MPESA Business App

The MPESA App is perfect for those with Android smartphones. To start using the app, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and download the MPESA Business App. Install it on your device.
  2. Launch the app and choose the “Transact” menu.
  3. Choose “Fuliza ya Biashara.”
  4. Agree to the “Terms and conditions.”
  5. Once your “Fuliza limit” pops up, simple prompts to use Fuliza ya Biashara for the first time.

How to Repay Fuliza Ya Biashara Overdrafts

When your customers pay you through the Business Till, Safaricom will deduct what you owe automatically and update your remaining balances. If your till is active throughout the day, Safaricom will subtract its outstanding balances every thirty minutes. 

After repaying, your Fuliza limit will reset itself and let you borrow the same amount shortly after. One disadvantage of using the Fuliza ya Biashara service is that you could fail to repay your overdrafts on time. 

If you keep defaulting, Safaricom/KCB could reduce your Fuliza limit. The worst-case scenario is that they forward your name to CRB for listing. This will only happen ninety-one days after the due date. Your daily maintenance fee on outstanding balances is at 2%.


Can Fuliza work on pay bill numbers?

Fuliza ya Biashara can work on any registered and active pay bill number. So, you need to opt-in before you can begin sending payments to other owners of MPESA pay bill numbers. After six months of using an MPESA Business Till service, your Fuliza ya Biashara application might get approval.

How Can I qualify for Fuliza ya Biashara?

You can qualify for Fuliza ya Biashara in Kenya now if you already have the MPESA Business Till. Safaricom in collaboration with KCB will set your Fuliza limit based on the performance of your till. If you don’t have it, the waiting period is six months.

What is the highest Fuliza limit I can get?

Safaricom will set your Fuliza overdraft limit. However, the maximum Fuliza MPESA limit for everyone is Ksh.70,000. Fuliza ya Biashara’s maximum limit is Ksh.400,000 for all business users. Growing your limit to the highest level requires consistency and hard work.