How to Join Stima Sacco Savings Society in 2024

Stima Sacco is among the best-performing SACCOs in Kenya with high dividends on Share Capital and Alpha Savings. However, where do you start if you want to join Stima Sacco? Well, we are here to guide you on how to join Stima Sacco Savings Society easily. Keep reading to find out the right process to follow.

How to Join Stima Sacco Savings Society: Membership Registration

Stima Sacco has a simple membership registration procedure. You could dial *489# or fill out an online form to begin the registration process before submitting the form and other required documents (discussed below) to the nearest Stima Sacco branch.

Stima Sacco allows three types of membership:

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Corporates

Depending on the membership type you choose, Stima Sacco will request certain documents. Here are the required documents per membership: 


If you open a new Stima Sacco Savings account alone, bring the following documents:

  • A duly filled individual membership application form. 
  • A copy of your national ID or passport.
  • Your KRA PIN certificate copy. 
  • A recent passport-size photo. 

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Joint Membership

If you prefer to open a Joint Membership account with your friend or relative, bring these documents to the nearest Stima Sacco branch:

  • Duly completed joint membership application form.
  • Duplicate copies of your national IDs or Kenyan passports.
  • Copies of your KRA PINs 
  • Provide colored passport-size photos.

Group Membership 

Do you prefer to join Stima Sacco as part of a group? This can be a local self-help group, chama, etc. If so, ensure you’re at least four people then, provide these application documents: 

  • Duly completed Group Membership application form.
  • Minutes of your group’s meeting showing that you agreed to join Stima Sacco.
  • Copy of your group’s registration certificate.
  • Copies of your IDs or passports and KRA PIN certificates.
  • A record of group members.
  • Colored passport-size photos of every person. 
  • The group’s constitution.

Corporate Membership

If you want to join Stima Sacco Savings Society as a company, carry these documents: 

  • Readily filled corporate membership application form.
  • Directors’ agreement to join Stima Sacco.
  • Photocopy of your certificate of incorporation.
  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Photocopies of KRA PIN certificates 
  • National ID or passport photocopies 
  • Colored passport photographs of all signatories.

Eligible Applicants 

Here are the people who can join the Stima Sacco Savings Society:

  • Anyone working for KenGen, Kenya Power, KETAWU, REA, KETRACO, GDC, or another company in the energy sector.
  • Former members of Stima Sacco, but they should register with KES 2,500.
  • Former employees of Stima Sacco.
  • Current and former workers of Stima Investment Cooperative Society and their nominees.
  • Family members of former employees or members of Stima Sacco and its affiliate companies.
  • Any other person who passes the CMC approval.

Membership Contributions

Stima Sacco will register you today if you meet all the registration costs. It charges three types of fees, including:

  • Share Capital: Stima Sacco requires its members to buy shares upon joining based on their category. Individual members and groups should have accumulated a minimum shareholding worth Ksh. 25,000 after one year of joining. On the other hand, Corporates should have accumulated a minimum shareholding worth Ksh. 50,000 after one year of joining.
  • Registration: Stima Sacco charges the same registration fees regardless of your membership. The registration fee is KES. 500. 
  • Minimum Monthly Savings: When joining Stima Sacco, you’re expected to contribute your savings for the current month and subsequent months. Individuals are expected to contribute at least Ksh. 1,000 while groups Ksh. 5,000 monthly. On the other hand, Corporates should contribute at least Ksh. 10,000 monthly. 

Account Opening 

Stima Sacco Savings Society is ideal for Individuals, Corporates, and Groups. After meeting the mandatory membership contributions, the company will open three accounts for you:

  • Share Capital: It is an account that will only contain your shares money.
  • Alpha Deposit: This is a savings account from which you cannot withdraw money (you can only withdraw when leaving the Sacco upon providing notice to the Sacco). The Alpha Deposit account enables you to take out loans. 
  • Prime Account: The Prime Account is a typical current or transactional account.