How to Register for Self-Employed NHIF Membership in Kenya

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Kenya accepts both the employed and self-employed. You must be 18 years and above to join NHIF either as an employed or self-employed member. However, during the registration, you can apply as an individual and enroll your family including your children below 18 years. Kenyan laws have made it mandatory for those employed by the government or in formal employment to register as NHIF members. It’s however, voluntary for the self-employed, those in the informal sector, and retirees to join the scheme. In this guide, you will know how to register for self-employed NHIF membership.

There are two ways you can register for self-employed NHIF membership in Kenya as follows:

  • Offline registration
  • Online registration
how to register for self-employed NHIF membership
NHIF Cover

Before you register as a self-employed NHIF member, you need to prepare various documents. These documents will be needed both for the online and offline NHIF registration. Therefore, before we proceed on how to register for self-employed NHIF membership, let’s look at the documents you need:

For Kenyans

  1. A copy of National ID includng that of your spouse if you are married.
  2. Recent coloured passport-size photos (Including spouses and dependents if available).
  3. Original and copies of birth certificates for dependents.

Foreign Residents

  1. Passport Photocopies
  2. Alien certificate or work permit (Including spouse if applicable).
  3. Coloured passport-size photo (Including spouse and dependents if applicable).

Foreign Students

  1. Photocopy of a valid passport
  2. Coloured passport-size photo

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How to Register for Self-Employed NHIF Membership Online

  • Using any browser (I prefer the chrome browser as it’s faster), visit the NHIF website:
  • Select ‘Self-Employed‘ and click ‘Regster Now‘.
  • A form will appear for you to fill. Be very careful as you fill this form to ensure that the information provided is true and accurate. If you make an error at this point, it will be challenging to complete the registration.
  • Select your identification document: It can be a Kenyan Identity Card or Alien Identity Card.
  • After providing the required information, attach your member identification document chosen in the above step. Furthermore, you will be required to attach a coloured passport-size photo.
  • If you are married, you should also attach spouse identification document and those of your dependents like children. A marriage certificate or sworn in affidavit will also be needed.
  • Confirm that the information you entered is correct. Click to Confirm below the form.
  • Save the details.

After the process, you will receive a confirmation SMS from NHIF with your details. At this point, you can start making your NHIF monthly contributions of Ksh.500.

You will have to visit an NHIF office or Huduma center near you to receive your NHIF card. However, this is not mandatory.

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How to Register for Self-Employed NHIF Membership Offline

  • On your chrome browser, visit the NHIF official website:
  • Select the ‘Self-Employed‘ category.
  • An application form will load. Fill it accurately providing the correct details as required.
  • Download the form after filling it.
  • Attach all the needed documents. If possible, use certified copies of your documents.
  • Return the form, with the attached documents to the NHIF office or Huduma center near you.
  • Your membership will be processed and you will get an NHIF self-employed number. You will have to visit the office or Huduma center again to collect your NHIF card.

Adding your Spouse or Child to Your NHIF Card

You can add your spouse or child to your NHIF card by following the steps below:

  1. Present a copy of your ID card
  2. Present a marriage certificate or a sworn in affidavit at an NHIF office or Huduma center near you. This is to confirm that your are married to the spouse.
  3. To add a child, present his or her birth certificate or birth notification if they are between 0 to 6 months old.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you Reactivate an NHIF Card for Self-Employed?

Yes. If you are a self-employed NHIF member who has not made contributions for more than twelve months, your card gets deactivated. If you want to reactive the card, pay a minimum of Ksh. 1,500. You will resume using your NHIF card after 60 days (2 months).

You can pay through mobile money or bank transfer.

2. Can I Replace a Lost NHIF Card?

Yes, you can replace a lost NHIF card. You have to pay Ksh.100 either through Co-op Bank, KCB Bank, Equity Bank, or the National Bank. When making the payment, inform the bank teller that you are paying for NHIF card replacement. You will be given a bank slip to present at any NHIF branch. Alternatively, you can present the slip at a Huduma center near you.