The 10 Best Pregnancy Apps for Dads with Guaranteed Results

Becoming a dad is a joyful moment for most men worldwide. Despite the fact that men do not carry a pregnancy, they play a key role in ensuring the safety of their unborn children. As a result, they are concerned with the welfare of both their unborn and born children. However, this monitoring process has been made easy with advanced technology. After the invention of smartphones, dads can easily download some pregnancy apps to monitor the welfare of their unborn babies. However, it is necessary to know the best pregnancy apps for dads for the best accurate results. For this reason, we conducted research on these apps and compiled the best 10. Thus, this is a list of the 10 best pregnancy apps for dads with guaranteed results.

The top 3 best pregnancy apps for dads based on user ratings from the App Store and Google Play Store are:

  1. Contraction timer
  2. What to Expect
  3. Daddy UP

1. Contraction Timer

10 Best pregnancy apps for dads
Contraction Timer App

This App was found to be the best pregnancy app for dads with a rating of 4.6 star on Google Play store. The app was developed based on past experience of an expecting dad. During that anxious time, this expecting dad learned some of the things dads need and what they do not need. Moreover, the app is user-friendly as it is only operated by pressing a simple button. Therefore, because these dads are normally anxious, they need a simplified process to monitor their babies. For these reasons, this app tops the list of top 10 best pregnancy apps for dads.

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2. What to Expect

best pregnancy apps for dads
What to expect app

This app comes second on the list with a rating of 4.5 stars on the google play store. The motivation behind the development of this app was the famous book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Many people who are expecting, especially women, love reading this book as it is an inspiration on their journey. Therefore, just like the book, this app gives essential information to new dads. Some of the components of the app include a pregnancy tracker, medical articles and videos to keep expecting dads updating on their parenting roles.

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3. Daddy Up

Efficient pregnancy apps for dads
Daddy Up App

This app comes third with a rating of 4.3 stars on google play. The app is crucial for dads as it contains most of the information needed by dads in their parenting roles. The app is well choreographed as it contains weekly pregnancy progress, a customized daddy checklist, a “rugged” baby-size comparison, and a journal log. Additionally, the app has other tools that help the dad to monitor the progress of the child through baby announcements. Therefore, this is an app that ensures that the dad is well-informed about what the baby needs at a given time. In this case, even the mum will be impressed to know that the daddy understands all aspects of the child’s development.

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4. Who’s Your Daddy?

This is an app created with humour to respond to most questions daddies have during pregnancy. For instance, most dads-to-be have questions like ‘Now What’ when their wives are expectant. Therefore, to solve these issues, the app is equipped with crucial information to help dads to relate to some of the pregnancy ailments like cravings and puking. In this case, this is an app that helps the dads to understand their wives in that cases. As a result, the dads are educated on how to handle their wives in such states. The app provides weekly updates on how to care for the baby. Additionally, it lets parents understand how their child is developing.

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5. Pregnant Dad

The app has a rating of 3.8 stars on google play. Pregnant Dad is a diversified app that helps dads to monitor pregnancy. Most dads are often concerned with the development and the status of the unborn child. They want to know if the child is growing normally or there is an issue to be addressed. Therefore, this is an app that educates on fetal growth development. Furthermore, the app educates daddies on how to survive as men when expecting a child. The situation in most homes at these times is terrible due to pregnancy ailments. Thus, the dad must be prepared on how to handle these challenges. The app frequently updates the dad 2 to 3 times a week. Apart from these updates, the app ensures that the dad is informed about the child’s due date. For example, the app helps expecting dads to know the celebrities sharing the same birthdate with the child.

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6. Tasty

During pregnancy, women experience dizziness, a factor that makes it difficult for them to handle chores like cooking. Therefore, dads need to be informed of various recipes. Therefore, this app takes the role of educating dads on how to be perfect in the kitchen. The tasty app has diversified cooking tips and more than 3,000 recipes. The app has selected these recipes well so that they are easy to follow to give them an easy time cooking. However, these recipes are interesting to keep the dads going and happy in the kitchen. Finally, the app has been customized so that the daddy can search for ingredients, cuisine, and cooking occasion. Therefore, this makes one of the best pregnancy apps for dads.

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7. iHandy Carpenter

After birth, daddies are concerned with the baby’s nursery. The app provides five essential tools that aid in building the baby’s nursery crib. These tools are a steel ruler, steel protractor, plumb bob, bubble level bar, and a surface level. The app is user-friendly as it comes customized with calibration that makes it easy to use. As a daddy, you will have to start using the app to build your child’s nursery.   

8. ProDaddy

This is an app that makes it easy for daddies to understand some of the chores related to the development of the child. To encourage daddies to use it, the app has made these processes simple and divided them into 3-minute reads. Apart from this, the app provides weekly updates and Daddy Deep Dives and other essential resources like the child’s health insurance, childcare, and postpartum health. Therefore, this is a crucial app for those becoming fathers for the first time.

9. The Big Daddy

This app was established by a doctor after going through the experience of becoming a dad. Therefore, because of his knowledge of medicine, this dad applied some of the best childcare practices in creating the app. It gives details on the development of the child throughout the pregnancy period with periodic comparisons between different periods. The app has a built-in contraction timer, comprehensive checklists, and more than 40 articles approved by doctors regarding childcare. Although it is a free app, it provides some advanced features at a small fee.

10. BabyCenter

This app closes the list of the 10 best pregnancy apps for dads. It is a popular app that aids dads in adjusting to the new parenthood roles. The app provides detailed updates on a weekly basis on child development. Moreover, it advises the new dads on how to tackle their parental responsibilities especially, during the baby’s first year. The app has a contraction counter and a similar app about baby names that makes the daddy a regular contributor to the welfare of the child.