10 Healthy Maize Flour Brands in Kenya

Aflatoxin has become a serious challenge to ugali lovers in Kenya. Many maize flour millers in Kenya fail to take good care of their maize which gets spoilt, and the consequence is aflatoxin. If you consume ugali with aflatoxin, you’ll be at the risk of gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating. To save you from these risks, we’ve compiled a list of 10 healthy maize flour brands in Kenya. At the end of the article, you’ll also get a guide on how to tell if maize flour has gone bad. Keep reading.

According to research by The Kenya Maize Flour Business Report, 78 percent of Kenyans love and consume Ugali. At the same time, it’s estimated that aflatoxins kill 157 Kenyans on average per month according to the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). This is a worrying trend that must be stopped.

With the increase in flour brands, it might be hard to identify the best maize flour brand in the market. But that should not worry you; here is a list of 10 healthy maize flour brands in Kenya:

  1. Soko maize flour
  2. JoGoo maize flour
  3. Hostess
  4. Dola
  5. Jamii
  6. Jimbi
  7. Ndovu 
  8. Kifaru
  9. Pembe
  10. Amaize 

1. Soko Maize Flour

maize flour brands in Kenya
Soko maize flour

Soko maize flour is the market’s leading and most preferred maize meal flour. The flour offers incredible energy for the family, taste, and value.

Soko maize flour is made by gridding the whole maize kernel of milled flour. It contains fat and proteins. Most vitamins are concentrated in the grain’s outer layer, the bean, and germ. The layer is removed during milling, resulting in the loss of some crucial vitamins.

Fortification and enrichment of maize flour mean replenishing the lost minerals and vitamins. The maize flour has been fortified with minerals and vitamins making it healthier and more nutritious for the whole family.

Soko maize flour is coarsely ground, adding character to the flour for an enjoyable meal experience.   


Soko maize flour is rich in the following minerals and vitamins:

  • Vitamin B1: for the nervous system, muscles, and brain development
  • Vitamin B2: for healthy eyes, skin, and nails and helps release energy to cells.
  • Vitamin A: for healthy hair, skin, good vision, and immune system
  • Vitamin B6: for healthy skin, nerves, and blood and proper use of proteins.
  • Folate: for healthy blood and growing cells. Also critical for a healthy heart and healthy babies.
  • Niacin: is involved in energy-producing reactions in cells and maintenance of the digestive system.
  • Iron: It helps the body to use oxygen, carrying it to all the body’s cells. It prevents anemia.

2. JoGoo Maize Flour

JoGoo is a common name in many Kenyan homes and is our flagship brand. It’s the leading brand of sifted maize flour in Kenya’s retail outlets and supermarkets. Milled from the most refined grains, it’s undeniably tasty and nutritious for the whole family.

It comes in two types: maize meal and Wimbi (millet). JoGoo Wimbi is a blend of JoGoo maize and high-quality finger millet. It’s used to make brown Ugali and contains suitable nutrients for health-conscious people, people with diabetes, and brown Ugali lovers.

The maize flour brand was founded in 1908. Its parent company, UNGA Limited, is an affiliate company of UNGA holdings and among the largest millers in Kenya and East Africa with a heritage in grain milling.

The UNGA Limited became East Africa’s most prominent grain miller in the 1970s. With such history, the company is known for the fitness in its flour, making it one of the most consumed brands in the country.

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3. Hostess

Hostess ranks as one of the best maize flour in Kenya. It contains minerals and vitamins which meet all your nutritional and health needs. The maize flour is not only one of the tastiest but also beneficial with natural vitamins like vitamin A, B1, B2, B3.B6, B12,  zinc, iron, and folic acid.

These minerals make it a very nutritious maize flour and a great source of energy and strength. The maize flour comes in 1kg and 2kg packages and is available nationwide in most retail outlets.

4. Dola

Dola maize flour is among the high-quality maize flour brands in Kenya. The flour is popular among many Kenyan homes due to its significant nutritious and taste benefits. You can get it in all major supermarkets and retail shops all over the country.

Dola maize flour is manufactured by Kitui Flour Mills Limited, which was established in Mwingi in 1987. Kitui Flour Mills Limited has grown and opened several milling branches across the country. The company also manufactures Dola Attamark 1 flour and Dola chapatti.

5. Jamii

Jamii maize flour also features among the healthy maize flour brands in Kenya. The maize flour has become popular among the Kenyans since entering the market a few years ago. The maize flour comes in 1kg and 2kg and is available in all major supermarkets and wholesale shops across the country.

The brand is manufactured by Jamii Milling Limited in Sergoit, Uasin Gishu County. The company is owned by billionaire Joshua Chepkwony who is also behind the Jamii Telecommunication and Kass Media Group.

6. Jimbi

Jimbi ranks in the top best maize flour brands in Kenya. The maize flour is available in 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, and 90kg packages found in all major supermarkets and different retail shops spread all over the country.

It’s manufactured by the Nairobi Flour Mills Group, founded in 1949. The company is owned by the Ramnik Shah and produces other brands like Jimbi wheat flour and paper bags.  

7. Ndovu

Ndovu maize flour joins the list of healthy maize flour brands in Kenya.  Mombasa Maize Millers Limited is the company behind Ndovu maize flour. The company also produces other flours, including Ndovu home baking flour and Swan home baking flour.

The maize flour is available in 1kg and 2kg, and you can get it in different supermarkets and retail shops countrywide. The company was established by two brothers, Islam Ali and Ahmed Ali, in 1978 and is now a family business.

8. Kifaru

Kifaru maize flour has grown to become one of the most recommended maize flour brands in Kenya since joining the market almost ten years ago. Consumers appreciate the quality of this maize flour, which has propelled it to join the list of the best maize flour in the country.

Kifaru maize flour is manufactured by the Alpha Grain Millers, located along North airport Rd, Embakasi Nairobi. Mohamed Khalif serves as the Managing Director of the company.

9. Pembe

Pembe maize flour is also a popular name in most families in Kenya. It’s primarily sold in 1kg and 2kg, widely available in your local supermarket or retail outlets near you. Pembe is renowned for its consistency and excellent services and is manufactured by Pembe Maize Mills Limited, located in the Industrial area in Nairobi. Dodi A Salim serves as the managing director of the company. 

10. Amaize

Amaize maize flour was a late entrant in the market, but it has proved among the best brands in the country. The maize flour is whiter and refined, making a softer and smoother Ugali, a favorite of many Kenyans, especially in family settings.

Amaize is manufactured by Capwell Industries Limited, situated in Makongeni Thika.

How to Tell If Flour Has Gone Bad

Different flour brands have different shelf lives. The plainer the flour, the longer the shelf life, but most maize flours in Kenya stays fresh for 3 to 8 months at room temperature. It’s important to note that storage heavily influences the shelf life.

You should store your flour in airtight containers away from light, moisture, and air.

The following are ways to tell when maize flour has gone bad:

1. Smell

You can tell flour has gone wrong by the smell. Most flours are odorless, whereas gluten-free flours have a sweet and sometimes nutty smell. If the flour is left exposed to air and moisture, the natural fats oxidize, leading to a decline in quality and a musty, sour smell.

2. Color

The color of flour should never change. If you notice any color change means the flour has gone bad. White all-purpose flour should be white and fluffy. For wheat flour, it should be tan-brown. If it changes color from the original one to tan-brown, sniff it. If white flour turns to a blue hue, the mold is growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which flour is best for ugali?

Soko maize flour is the best for ugali in Kenya. This flour has nutrients like vitamins B, folic, and niacin that promote healthy development.

Who owns Pembe flour?

Pembe flour is owned by Riaz Jaffer.

Bottom line

Ugali is the staple meal in Kenya. It’s consumed countrywide, indicating high demand. There’s a rise in maize floor brands in the market, making it hard to identify the best ones. I hope that this list of healthy maize flour brands in Kenya will help you choose the best to prevent aflatoxin poisoning.