10 Best Maize Flour Millers in Kenya

Ugali undeniably is the staple food in Kenya that is most consumed countrywide. This explains why there is a rise in the number of maize flour millers in Kenya. According to a recent case study, Kenyans consumed 29.3 million 90kg bags of maize flour in 2016 alone.

But with the maize flour millers flooding the Kenya market, finding one that meets your needs and interests can be challenging. This article lists the best maize millers in Kenya, including how to tell if maize flour has aflatoxin.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best maize flour millers in Kenya:

  • Kitui flour mills
  • Capwell industries limited
  • Unga group holdings limited
  • Mombasa maize millers
  • Pembe Flour mills limited
  • Nairobi flour mills
  • Alpha grain millers
  • Grains industries limited
  • Joy millers
  • Mama millers

Best Maize Flour Millers in Kenya

The table below shows the best maize flour millers in Kenya, their locations, and contacts:

Maize Flour MillerLocationContact
Kitui flour millsMiriambai Lane, off Lumumba Rd, Mombasa0202111674/ 0722437583
Capwell Industries LimitedMakongeni, Thika0724237000/ 0207603062
Unga Group Holdings LimitedIndustrial Area Nairobi0207603062
Mombasa maize millersMombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Embakasi, Eldoret0722205212/ 0710200026
Pembe Flour Mills LimitedIndustrial Area Nairobi0700114444
Nairobi Flour MillsIndustrial Area Nairobi0208292958/ 0710200026
Alpha Grain MillersNorth Airport Road0706445444
Grains Industries LimitedMombasa0740111222
Joy millersKerugoya0723730539/ 0733851201
Mama MillersThika0714973365
Best maize flour millers in Kenya

1. Kitui Flour Mills

Kitui Flour mills began as a wholesale company in 1975. It then became a maize flour milling company in 1982. The company, with numerous branches countrywide, makes some of Kenya’s highest-quality maize flour brands.

One of the most popular brands from Kitui flour mills is Unga Wa Dola. This inexpensive, delicious Kenyan maize flour is fortified with essential nutrients, making it an all-around healthy flour.

Other maize flour brands from this company include Ziwa premier flour, Jahazi maize flour, and Babalao maize flour.

2. Capwell Industries Limited

best maize flour millers in Kenya
Soko maize flour

Capwell Industries Limited is one of the few maize flour millers in Kenya that produces premium maize flour. Since the business’s founding in 1999, producing consistently high-quality maize flour has been a top priority, making it a favorite among many Kenyan households.

Soko maize flour is one of its well-known brands; it is inexpensive and fortified with nutrients like folic acid, iron, zinc, and vitamins A and B. Other maize flour brands from this company include Amaize maize flour.

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3. Unga Group Holdings Limited

Unga Group Holdings Ltd is a well-known company that has conquered the maize flour market by producing some of the country’s highest quality maize flour brands. One of its popular maize flour is JoGoo.

JoGoo has been a well-known brand for years due to its lower cost. A live pulse study shows it is among Kenya’s most popular maize flours brands.

The maize flour contains nutrients such as unsaturated fat, dietary fiber, vegetable protein, magnesium, and Omega 6. This flour milling company also produces other well-known maize flour brands, including Hostess and Hodari.

4. Mombasa Maize Millers

Mombasa maize millers were founded in 1978 as a business family. It has since then grown to become one of Kenya’s best maize flour companies, with branches in Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, and Kitale.

The company manufactures some of Kenya’s best maize flour brands like Ndovu maize flour, Cosmo maize flour, and Bahari maize flour.  

Other than being taste and affordable, these maize flour brands contain essential nutrients that provide a wholesome, nutritious meal.

5. Pembe Flour Mills Limited

Pembe Flour Mills is among Kenya’s few early maize flour distributors. Due to its constancy in producing high-quality goods, it has been able to win the Kenyan maize flour market.

One of this company’s most known maize flour brands is Pembe maize flour. Apart from being inexpensive, The distinctively sweet flavor of this maize flour is well-liked since it leaves you wanting more. The flour also contains minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients

6. Nairobi Flour Millers

The company was initiated as a small-scale grain miller approximately 60 years ago. Since then, it has grown to become one of Kenya’s top producers of maize flour. 

The Nairobi flour miller is renowned for having high-quality maize flour milling equipment that produces the most refined maize flour. The most popular maize flour brand of this company includes Jimbi maize flour.

7. Alpha Grain Millers

Alpha Grain Company started in 1970 as a distributor company. It has now become one of  the best maize flour mills in Kenya.

Alpha grain millers are among the few maize flour manufacturer that pays attention to details when manufacturing their products. Its top maize flour brand is Kifaru, a favorite among many households countrywide.

8. Grain Industries Limited

This list will be incomplete without the maize flour manufacturing company behind the well-known Ajab maize flour. Grain industries limited is located in Shimanzi, Mombasa, and it’s well-known for manufacturing maize flour that is perfectly sifted and packed with beneficial nutrients.

9. Joy Millers

The company started maize milling in 2011. It has surpassed people’s expectations despite being relatively new to the Kenyan maize flour market. Raha Premium, the company’s primary maize flour brand, is renowned for its excellent flavor and delicate texture

10. Mama Millers

Wrapping up our list is Mama Millers. The company is a family-owned milling company that started operations in 2007 in Kitale and later moved to Thika, Kiambu County. It’s the company behind the popular Mama maize flour.

Maize Flour Brands Banned Over High Aflatoxin Levels

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) increased its efforts to combat tainted food by ordering the removal of 14 maize brands from market shelves. After comprehensive investigations, they released a list of banned maize flour brands in Kenya.

Among the maize flour brands banned in Kenya include:

  • Sima Tamu maize flour
  • Range corn maize flour
  • Winner’s Ugali Afya
  • Prestige sifted maize flour

Other brands affected are Diamond Sifted Maize, Family, Jasiri Satiated Maize, Jema sifted Maize, Jibe Maize flour, and Jodari sifted maize flour. 

The standard body advised millers to abide by the established norms for other batches that have not yet been tested before being supplied.

However, KEBS pointed out that the action shouldn’t be viewed as a complete prohibition but rather as a step to allow the millers to make needed adjustments and guarantee that consumers will access high-quality products.

How to Tell Your Flour Has Aflatoxin

It’s pretty hard to tell if your four have aflatoxin. This poisonous substance is usually tasteless, odorless, and colorless. However, if present in large quantities, the flour could taste bitter. So it’s recommendable not to use flour that has a bitter taste.

Bottom Line

Ugali is the favorite meal in many Kenyan households. The popular delicacy can be taken with combinations such as nyamachoma, fish, sukumawiki, and mrenda, among others.

But unfortunately, most Kenyans don’t know the source of their best maize flour brands. The list here has enlightened you on the different maize flour millers in Kenya.