Dunga Beach in Kisumu– Location, Entrance Fees, and Activities in 2024

Dunga Beach in Kisumu is a perfect getaway destination for families and individuals in Kenya. Known for its beautiful sunsets, perfect boardwalks, and tranquility, Dunga Beach has something for every tourist. 

Whether you need sheer relaxation or to burst your muscles with activity, Dunga Beach is the best place to be in Kisumu. If you cannot take your family to Mombasa for a holiday due to finances, try Dunga Beach instead. 

Today, we discuss everything you need to know about Dunga Beach in Kisumu. We cover its location, entrance fee, and tourist activities. Keep reading!  

Dunga Beach Location 

Dunga Beach, on the shores of Lake Victoria, is about seven kilometers from Kisumu City. It is a relatively long beach with pure white sand and a turquoise lake backdrop. Dunga Beach provides the best atmosphere for those looking for a pleasant holiday environment. 

It has a beautiful wooden boardwalk built among papyrus reeds. The walkway extends into Lake Victoria, allowing visitors to view it from an elevated position. The easiest way to get to the beach from the city is via a Boda Boda, taxi, or personal car.

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Dunga Beach Management

The Luo Environmental Conservation Association (LECA) has been managing Dunga Beach in Kisumu since the end of the 1990s. At the turn of the 21st century, LECA constructed a wooden boardwalk that is now the focal point of the beach.  

Kisumu Dunga Beach Entrance Fee

The entry fee for Dunga Beach is Ksh. 100 for adults. It is a beach with many activities to offer the visitor. However, you will pay to engage in some activities and use facilities like shops and eateries.

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Things to Do at Dunga Beach

Dunga is among the cleanest beaches on Lake Victoria’s shores, yet it bustles with activity. It boasts people-friendly amenities like restaurants, bars, toilets, showers, and beach umbrellas. 

Dunga Beach provides various activities to ensure every visitor gets something to do. Besides individuals and families, Dunga attracts corporate groups that want to hold development seminars or team-building activities like sports. 

Some schools arrange their trips around Dunga Beach, while the locals frequent the place for picnics. This beach offers the following activities to the tourists: 

  • Swimming – The turquoise waters attract people like a magnet. If you love swimming, you can do it safely for hours at Dunga Beach. 
  • Fishing – Dunga Beach is a legendary fishing village. Visitors can get quality fishing lessons from the locals. 
  • Sunbathing – The beach is perfect for sunbathing between March and October since the weather is generally dry. Sunbathing fans can enjoy tanning their bodies during this season. 
  • Socializing – Dunga Beach in Kisumu provides the best opportunity for socializing over a drink. The locals have set up classy beach bars for visitors who love social drinking. You can seep a drink as your kids build castles with the beach sand. 
  • Dining – If you love eating fish, you haven’t seen a place quite like Dunga Beach. The restaurants here serve the freshest and most delicious fish meals. 
  • Sports – Some tourists come to the beach to exercise their bodies by playing volleyball and beach soccer. You can join your favorite beach game during your visit. 
  • Bike Tours – Dunga Beach is not the only exciting landmark. You can go on a guided bike tour to see the neighborhoods. 
  • Local Music and Culture– The Luo tribe is the occupant of Dunga Beach. You will celebrate local music and culture if you arrive here during one of their annual beach festivals.
  • Bird Watching – Dunga Beach provides a natural ecosystem for various bird species. If you love birds, you can focus on watching them after enjoying other beach activities. 
  • Jet Skiing – You do not need to be on Diani Beach or another Kenyan coast beach to enjoy jet skiing.
  • Sailing – This will be your perfect opportunity to wear a life jacket and sail away. You can enjoy it more if you go on a group sail with friends or family. During the expedition, you will explore Lake Victoria better than someone who remains on the beach. 
  • Animal Rides – Similar to a typical beach in Kenya, this one provides camel rides in exchange for a small fee. Dunga Beach also includes horseback riding activities. 
  • Camping – If you come here for a few days, you can sleep outside whenever you like. The beach provides camping opportunities and gear to visitors who prefer to spend the night there.