8 Fun-Filled Activities to Do in Diani Beach Mombasa in 2024

Imagine this—golden sands caressing your feet, crystal-clear waters stretching as far as the eye can see, and a warm, tropical breeze whispering promises of adventure. That’s what Diani Beach in Mombasa promises its visitors. However, you’ll be wondering what you can do in Diani to spruce up your stay. That’s why we’re here to let you know the most fun-filled activities to do in Diani Beach Mombasa for the best staycation.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect solution to your wanderlust woes, look no further! Let’s get started with the best activities to do in Diani Beach Mombasa.

1. Explore the Sandy Beaches of Diani

Fun-filled activities to do in Diani Beach Mombasa

It would be pointless to say you visited Diani if you have not been to more than two beaches in this beautiful coastal town. The town has several beaches that you can walk along, sunbathe, enjoy a cold drink, and eat some of the delicious food around.

A favorite for most people is the Galu Kinondo beach, specifically for those who love water sports, blue waters, and sandy beaches. If you are a foodie, Galu Kinondo also has several restaurants that offer you an amazing dining experience.

If you are on a romantic escapade, consider visiting Ali Barbour’s cave and Beach Bar for the love of seafood.

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2. Have a Canoe Ride on the Kongo River

Kongo River Diani

If you love bird watching and watching the sun, consider taking a canoe on the Kongo River. The river winds down and separates Tiwi Beach and Diani Beach while passing between the mangroves.

The river is quite wide upstream, but it becomes shallow as it joins the ocean. This allows people to move to the beaches more easily.

If you are hungry after the ride, you can camp at the Estuary Beach Lounge for a sumptuous dinner. Also, if you love interacting with others on the beach, you can consider joining a beach bonfire.

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3. Go to a Whale Shark Safari

Whale Shark Safari Diani Beach

The Whale Shark is the largest non-mammalian vertebrate. It holds many records when it comes to size as a whole. The fish is rare in waters below 21°C ( 80°F), so you can only see it in warm waters.

Therefore, the warm waters of Diani Beach are a perfect spot for these fish. They are filter feeders and feed exclusively on small fish and plankton, thus posing no danger to humans.

You can get a guided safari and see these amazing animals off the beaches. Whale Shark Adventures is the only whale shark tour operator that can help you tour and watch the animals.

While on this tour, you can also get to see the playful dolphins and also enjoy scuba diving. If you are in for an adrenaline rush, you can get into snorkeling with the whale sharks, too.

4. Visit the Kaya Kinondo Forest

Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

This is another exciting activity among the best activities to do in Diani Beach Mombasa. It is among the other eleven thrilling forests along the Kenyan coast. 

If you love history, you will fall in love with the remains of the fortified laya villages built by the Mijikenda in the 16th century. The forest is quite sacred to the Mijikenda people, who use it for prayer and sourcing traditional medicine.

5. Deep Sea Diving

The waters at Diani Beach are warm and very clear. This makes it an excellent spot for divers. If you love deep sea diving, this is an activity you will love. 

There are many diving spots at the beach, and many companies offer diving sessions at affordable fees. The colorful reef, vibrant aquatic life, and clear waters make Diani Beach attractive.

So consider taking time deep sea diving in Diani, and you can take beautiful photos while at it.

6. Explore the Diani Art Gallery

Diani Art Gallery

Diani has everything for everyone – even art enthusiasts. It may be the only gallery found on the Kenyan coast. It exhibits a wide variety of beautiful African art.

In this art gallery, there are wonderful sculptures, some beautiful paintings, and even paintings. All of these hail from famous artists and other local Kenyan artists.

You can stick around for their art classes and some special art promotions. If you are a social person, you can enjoy the wine and cheese evenings on this beach.

Other events in the art gallery might interest you.

7. Visit Chale Island

Chale Island

Wasini and Funzi are two of the most popular islands in Diani. However, Chale Island is a secluded but private resort island. The island is visible from Gazi Beach.

You can enjoy watching beautiful corals and a small stretch of perfect beaches. If you love nature, you can enjoy the forest of mangroves near the island.

8. Visit Shimba Hills National Reserves

Shimba Hills National Reserves

This is another activity for wildlife lovers among the 8 activities in Diani Beach Mombasa. It is less than an hour’s drive from Ukunda town.

Apart from the wild animals in the reserve, you can also enjoy watching nature, such as the giant trees, scrub areas, and forestlands. This is a great activity when you want to do anything other than visit the beach.

You can also see the giraffes, the elephants, and even the sable antelope.