Interesting Facts About Takawiri Island

Takawiri Island is one of the unspoiled islands in Lake Victoria. The clean and fresh water of the lake makes swimming an unforgettable adventure. Basking in the white sand will blow your stress away. The island is splendidly surrounded by beautiful vegetation, rocks, and hills. To make it more beautiful, transport to the island is only through the water. We present to you the interesting facts about Takawiri island for you to plan and visit the place.

You’ll use a boat or water bus to get to Takawiri island. These means of transport provide scenic views of the Lake and local community residences. While on the island, you don’t have to worry about accommodation. There are luxurious hotels in the vicinity of the Island that offer accommodation services to visitors.

Kenyans and non-Kenyans tour the area to get away from busy life and relax. Stay tuned to know the interesting facts about Takawiri island in Lake Victoria.

How to Get to Takawiri Island

The island is situated at Mbita, Homabay County. From Nairobi, it takes around seven hours by car to Mbita town. From this town, you can get a one-hour boat ride to the Island. The boats have local guides, and they explain to you the cultures of the people around the lake. The journey can’t be tedious if you’re eager to learn. If you have a tight budget, consider using a water bus that has scheduled departure times.

There is a helipad on the Island; thus, you can travel by air. Kabunde Airstrip serves passengers flying from Wilson airport. You can have an arranged means of transport with the resort from the airstrip to the island.

Takawiri Island Features

Takawiri Island is characterized by sandy beaches, palm trees, turquoise blue waters, and cool breezes. You have the feeling of coastal regions in a lake environment. The waters are clear, clean, and fresh.

The Island is surrounded by beautiful green vegetation, rocks, and hills. The calm breeze waves keep palm trees slugging. You can rest under the trees or on the rocks. Diverse plantations around provide breathtaking views.

The weather is warm, a perfect place to wear your swimming gear and dip yourself into the waters. Also, no need to worry about carrying warm clothes. Maybe only during rainy seasons.

One of the interesting facts about Tawakiri Island is that there is no electricity. Resorts depend on solar power for lighting.

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What Activities Can You Do at Takawiri Island?

Takawiri Island is a holiday destination.  In addition to scenic views of the highland, visitors can relax and enjoy the following activities.


Though there is no pool on the Island, swimming in the clear and clean waters of the lake is refreshing. You can swim underwater with your eyes open. This is an opportunity to bond with family and exercise.

Bird Watching

The Island hosts wetland birds like long-tailed cormorants, Egyptian geese, eagles, and white egrets. Listening to their melodies in the morning will be soothing.

Boat Riding

Guides are ready to take you on a trip to the island by boat. You’ll have a spectacular view of the waters, neighboring islands, and vegetation around it.


Takawiri resort provides camping grounds to visitors. Carry tents and other materials to facilitate it. Watching sunset and sunrise, stars and moon at night, and sharing old stories at the fireplace will be unforgettable.


Lake Victoria hosts many fish breeds, including tilapia, Nile perch, and catfish. On the island, you can enjoy fishing. Your catch can be prepared for you for dinner or lunch. Management offers fishing equipment.


The beautiful environs make the island a great place to take photos. You’ll keep the memories in photos.

Other Water Sporting Activities

The activities include; paddleboarding, windsurfing, and snorkeling.

Also, you can watch the sunset as you bask in the sand.

Hotels on Takawiri Island

Takawiri Island and its environs consist of several luxurious hotels. If you’re planning to spend a night or two on the Island, check on the following hotels:

Takawiri Island Resort

The resort is situated on Takawiri Island, sitting next to sandy beaches. The hotel offers privacy and comfort to its customers.

Rooms are solar-powered with hot showers and private bathrooms. Restaurants and bars serve meals and drinks on order. Also, “bandas” provide recreational areas for visitors.

Victoria Sands Lounge

The lounge is located in Mbita town. It offers amenities like a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and ample parking. You’ll have a scenic view of the lake and delicious food. Lovely rooms and manicured lawns make it a beautiful and perfect destination.

Siambi Resort

The resort is located at Mfangano Island. It has a bar and restaurant to offer meals and drinks to tourists. Parking and breakfast at the hotel are free. The hotel provides a camping ground for visitors.

Wayando Beach Eco Lodge

The lodge is located at Wanyama/Kaswanga Road Mbita, Rusinga Island.  You can have food and drink at the restaurant/bar in the lodge. It’s children-friendly and provides ample parking for visitors.

Mfangano Island Lodge

The lodge is located in Mbita. It offers incredible lake views and restaurant and bar service. Also, it has an outdoor pool and a children’s playground.

Takawiri Island packages

The table below shows the hotel packages and their contacts.

HotelPackage (Kshs) per nightContact
Takawiri Island Resort25,000 for two adults on full board0704371033
Victoria Sands Lounge6,000 bed plus breakfast0722279902
Siambi Resort5,000 bed and breakfast0722347145
Wayando Beach Eco Lodge9,800 double room plus breakfast0708593513
Mfangano Island Lodge11,000 per person on full board0704422753
Takawiri Island packages

Note: Prices can change during the holiday seasons. Get in touch with your hotel of choice to book a reservation.

Local Community and Nearby Tourist Sites

The community surrounding the Island speaks the “Dholuo” language. The economic activities include farming and fishing. On your way to the Island, you meet men fishing, children swimming in the swallow ends of Lake Victoria, and women fetching water and washing clothes.

Homes of locals have similar structures with sturdy iron sheets and are built near the waters.

The Island is between Rusinga and Mfangano Islands. You can visit Mbita town for accommodation, take a walk, or interact with the locals.

Who Visits the Island

Tawakiri receives tourists from all over Kenya and foreign countries. Locals interact with people from other regions, thus learning about different cultures.

The Island is kids friendly with areas for children playing ground; thus, it’s excellent for a family day out. Children will interact with others and learn to make friends.

You can also visit as a group of people, providing an excellent avenue for building stronger relationships.

Takawiri island charges an entry fee of Kshs. 500 per person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lake Victoria have sandy beaches?

Yes, Lake Victoria has sandy beaches, especially along Takawiri island. Those who visit the island get to enjoy the blazing suns on the sandy beaches.

How many islands are there in Lake Victoria?

Lake Victoria has more than 1,000 islands. However, most of these are tiny pieces of land. On the Kenyan side, Lake Victoria has seven main islands; Takawiri, Mfangano, Migingo, Rubondo, Maboko, Ukerewe, and Ukora Islands.

Final Thoughts

Takawiri Island offers adventure opportunities only found in coastal regions. You can decide to sand beach, enjoy a boat ride, take a water bus ride, or enjoy Tilapia fish along the shores.

With these interesting facts about Takawiri island, we hope you’ll plan a trip to see it for yourself.