10 Awesome Places for Calm Getaways in Kenya 2024

Most people like going to solitary and calm getaways to relax alone, with their family or friends after a long and busy period. Are you looking for awesome places for calm getaways in Kenya with:

  • Exotic experience
  • Isolated areas
  • Tranquil islands and beaches
  • Scenic sunsets
  • Gleaming moon
  • Vibrant star-studded nights?

Such places are a true definition of calmness because of their peace and tranquility; one can peacefully unwind and relax from the city’s crowd’s buzz and bustle. If you’re looking for the best places to find the perfect calmness and peace you have yearned for, here is a list of 10 awesome places for calm getaways in Kenya:

Getaway homeLocationActivities
Olerai HouseOlerai, NaivashaBike riding, hiking in the surrounding hills, sirocco house pool and barbeques, romantic cruise in the African Gondola
Diamond Dreams of AfricaCasuarina Rd, Malindi, KenyaBeach, fishing, health club, hot tub swimming( outdoor pool)
Jambo Impala EcolodgeKisumu, Impala, Sanctuary Boat trip on Lake Victoria, hippo viewing, bird watching,   botanical walks, dawn and dusk cruises, sport fishing, and cultural tourism.
Jangwani CampAlong Nairobi-Nyeri Highway, SaganaCamping, archery, fishing at river Sagana, rafting, nature walk, boat ride, kayaking, and swimming
Sarova Shaba Game LodgeSamburu, off A2 RdCamel safaris, game drive in the Shaba National Reserve, visit the Samburu village, bird watching, guided nature walks, board games
Swahili House MombasaTiwi, Tiwi beach, kwale countyWater sports, golfing, nature reserves, swimming
Pa Pweza Beach suitesMombasa Malindi RdSwimming, beach, water sports, massage parlors
Jambo Jahazi BahariMida Creek, WatamuSwimming, nature walk
Ol Pejeta houseOl Pejeta Conservancy NanyukiCanine anti-poaching unit visit, Lion tracking, riding with rhinos in the endangered species enclosure, junior ranger program, and running with rangers
Ocean VillaTiwiSwimming, Jacuzzi, bird watching, fishing nearby, and watersports.
awesome places for calm getaways in Kenya

1. Olerai House

Olerai house in Naivasha
Olerai House

Olerai House is among Kenya’s best secluded, delightful and calming retreats on the shorelines of Lake Naivasha. It’s a place you can fully immerse yourself in luxury and coziness in a lovely farmhouse on a private nature reserve.

The getaway place is just a 2-hour drive from Nairobi.

In 2001 the former cattle farm was left for nature to take charge. Today, the farmhouse is enclosed in bougainvillea, and the aroma of wildflowers fills the balmy air.

Wild animals graze under spiraling acacias, while down by the lake, fish eagles dive for prey or scream their lingering cries while hippos harrumph nearby.

Olerai House is among the secluded little gems where people go for a romantic weekend, a family vacation away from the city’s stress, or to recover from hours of travel exhaustion. 

Contact: 0731596437

Email: info@elephantwatchportfolio.com

2. Diamond Dreams of Africa

Diamond dreams of Africa
Diamond dreams of Africa

Diamond dream of Africa is where the charming nature force blends with unique Indo-Arabic architecture to make a mesmerizing beauty. Here, you will get all the comprehensive formulas to enjoy your weekend without any thought and be indulged by proficient staff set to content your requests.

You will relax on Balinese armchairs on the patio of your room and listen to the wind’s sound and the swooshing of the palm trees, as your ideal of leisure comes alive in this tranquil area, enjoy the melody of the seas and let your heart dance in silence.

Contacts: 0720607075/0735955666

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3. Jambo Impala Eco Lodge

Jambo Impala Eco Lodge
Jambo Impala Eco Lodge

Jambo Impala Eco Lodge is nuzzled on the shorelines of Lake Victoria, amid the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary’s beautiful fields and protected habitat. This is the ideal place for discovering Kenya’s western circuit and the lake’s varied attractions, built to minimize environmental impact and maximize your comfort.

It’s easily accessible by major railway networks, roads, and air, reassuring it’s isolated from the crowds of people, making it the perfect retreat. In eco Impala lodge, you can enjoy several activities such as Lake Victoria Island trips, boat trips on Lake Victoria, bird watching, sport fishing, hippo viewing, cultural tourism, botanical walk, and dawn and dusk cruises.

Contacts: 0720264794/0722208575/0728607626

Email: info@jambochesterhotels.com

4. Jangwani Camp

Jangwani camp
Jangwani camp

Jangwani camp is situated in the Murang’a outskirts, one hour forty-five minutes drive from Nairobi. Nestled at the banks of river Sagana the view from the hill gives you a spectacular view of the Jangwani falls and the green background of the camp tucked down below.

There are several activities to enjoy while at Jangwani camp. They include fishing, rafting, kayaking, swimming in river Sagana, archery, nature walk, camping, mountain biking, and many others.

The place is so calm that the only voice you can hear is the roaring sound of the falls nearby. It’s a perfect getaway for you and your partner, family, or even friends.

Contacts: 0702703339/0735909166

5. Sarova Shaba Game Lodge

Sarova shaba game lodge
Sarova Shaba Game lodge

Sarova Shaba Game Lodge is one of the best places in Kenya when it comes to secluded getaways. It’s located in a volcanic desert in Kenya’s countryside in the northern section of Kenya. The lodge has cottage-style accommodations with views of River Ewaso Nyiro and an area of radiant natural exquisiteness filled with lavish gardens and haughty trees.

The cottages have been built and decorated in a convectional and lavish style and well-furnished. The lodge provides privacy and plenty of opportunities for adventurous people. If you want to relax and calm down, the swimming pool is an ideal vantage point from which you can take in the scenery of attractive environments.

Contact: 0709111000

6. Swahili House Mombasa

Swahili house Mombasa
Swahili house Mombasa

Swahili House is situated north of Diani Beach, around 17 km south of Mombasa. Nuzzled among incredible countryside in Kenya, It combines comfy authenticity with well-appointed facilities and secluded relaxing backwoods.

The house is a stylish getaway, the embodiment of countryside majesty, luxury, and quaintness in wildernesses. It offers a spectacular backdrop and calm environment, suitable for an incredible retreat.

Contact: 0707394384

Email: info@swahilihouse.com

7. Pa Pweza Beach Suites 

Pa Pweza beach suites
Pa Pweza Beach Suites

Tucked away on a silent and calm Bamburi beach, Pa Pweza Beach Suites is a spectacular, modern, and stylish boutique family-oriented beach suite, set above soft white beaches on a lovely length of coastline with views of the turquoise sea.

 Pa Pweza Beach Suites have several complementing amenities, such as conference venues, a gym, an airport shuttle, restaurant on-premises, among others. It’s a perfect weekend/holiday retreat for people looking for a calm place.

Contact: 0733294398

8. Jambo Jahazi Bahari

awesome places for calm getaways in Kenya
Jambo Jahazi Bahari House

Jambo Jahazi is an elegant and well-designed, perfectly packed vacation getaway for people looking for a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. It’s set on a magnificent beach in the Indian Ocean. A dreamlike beach is set on the Indian Ocean. It provides a beautiful backdrop of natural features, including fantastic nature and luxury greenery forest.

The resort is known for its exceptional services and modern facilities. It offers two vacations, including a honeymoon and family vacations. Jambo Jahazi Bahari is a perfect place to unwind and escape from it all.

Contact: 0725256352

9. Ol Pejeta House

Ol Pejeta House
Ol Pejeta House

Ol Pejeta House is a hidden retreat in the wilderness of Ol Pejeta conservancy. The snow-capped spires of Mount Kenya offer a stunning backdrop of a truly unforgettable visit to Nanyuki and Ol Pejeta conservancy.

It’s set within the expansive of Ol Pejeta conservancy, and it holds all the big five (rhino, buffalo, elephant, and leopard). Ol Pejeta House is a hidden gem amid the unspoiled magnificence of the Kenyan wilderness. 

The safari lodge offers a contemporary comfort combined effortlessly with Kenya’s farmhouse hospitality traditions, creating an enriching atmosphere as it is calming.

Contacts: 0734669851/0732123333/0709998333

Email: cro@serena.co.ke

10. Ocean Villa

Ocean villa
Ocean Villa

Located in Tiwi, the ocean villa is set on a cliff top right on the Indian Ocean just 17km south of Mombasa. It has four big bedrooms that can accommodate a total of 8-10 guests, with the main bedroom with its private Jacuzzi.

Ocean villa also features private beaches on the right and left of the cliff top with a heliport. Ocean Villa offers total luxury security with a great deal of privacy hence an ideal place for a calm getaway. The villa does not allow guests to come with pets, though.

Contacts: 0724663366/0726579946

Bottom line

You don’t have to travel miles and miles to enjoy a secluded calm getaway since you can find such places locally. Local travel has some advantages as it’s cheaper and more convenient.

There are many awesome places for calm getaways in Kenya at pocket-friendly prices.

The Kenyan getaways satisfy the search for calmness and tranquillity places where you can relax and unwind from the busy city and crowd.

Next time you think of going for a weekend/ holiday getaway, choose one local location and get to explore Kenya. You will enjoy going to places you never knew existed.

The locations come with accommodations and various activities that will keep your thought away from everything. It’s in these places you will find the preferred tranquility and peace you have always longed for.