10 Beautiful Getaway Places in Kajiado 2024

Are you looking for the best getaway place to enjoy the peacefulness of being out in nature? Look to no place other than Kajiado. It is known for its natural wonders, and planning for quirky holiday stays in and around can be one of the best ways to get the perfect blend of nature and relaxation you have been looking for. Kajiado being among the largest counties in Kenya, has beautiful valleys, volcanic hills, grasslands, and many more places you can’t mind visiting. We’ve compiled for you a list of the 10 most stunning getaway places in Kajiado. They have a complete house accommodation that can quarter you and your family or friends during retreats at a fair price.

The top 3 best getaway places in Kajiado based on customer reviews and satisfaction are:

  1. Raha Mstarehe
  2. Ol Talet Lodges
  3. Oloika Lodge

1. Raha Mstarehe

Getaway places in Kajiado
Raha Mstarehe in Kajiado

Raha Mstarehe is a luxurious oasis with breathtaking scenes, abundant plant and birdlife, a diverse range of species, and beautiful sunsets. It’s one of those locations that will take your breath away. It’s situated on a forty-three-acre plot of land on the Rift Valley ridge, less than two hours’ drive from Nairobi and 34 kilometres south of Karen. The charges for the whole house are $ 200-$273 each night, and it can accommodate up to 12 guests. The house comprises:

  • A completely equipped kitchen
  • A living room
  • Dining area
  • Two bathrooms
  • Three bedrooms.

Raha Mstarehe is one of the greatest retreats where you may discover serenity and forget about time.

2. Ol Talet Lodges

Getaway places in kajiado
Ol Talet lodges in Kajiado

The Ol Talet lodges are situated 40km from Nairobi, through Magadi road next to Ole Polos. The scenery of this area is quite hilly. Modern styling and atmosphere will rapidly cool your minds as you steep in the outstanding environments. The whole house can accommodate up to six people. It has a completely equipped kitchen, a magnificent living area, and a plummet pool to calm off the intense heat. The charges range from $190 each night for the whole house.  

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3. Oloika Lodge

Oloika cottages in Kajiado
Oloika lodges in Kajiado

Oloika lodge is sited 40km from Nairobi near the ole-Polos country club. In the background, the developments overlook Mt. Longonot with Naivasha grand in the contextual and faintly the Kikuyu Ridge. You can fully enjoy the beautiful wonders of the Aberdare Range and Mau Escarpment, particularly during dawn and evening. Oloika presents more than breathtaking views, incomparable serenity, and superb accommodation. It offers a home to reinstate yourself.

Oloika lodge is an attractively premeditated self-catering retreat, expediently hill, bordered by the rolling scenery of the rift valley escarpment. It can accommodate up to 6 people. It has:

  • Three bedrooms
  • Two private bathrooms
  • A splendidly decorated fully furnished sitting room with decorated sofa seats and an entertainment centre.
  • A well-equipped kitchen with top-ranking self-catering amenities.
  • A Terrence fit with a full-set dinner structure.

The rates are $ 190 per night for the entire house.

4. Enkaji Osiwo

Weekend getaway places in Kajiado
Enkaji Osiwo in Kiserian

Enkaji Osiwo is located on Kiserian Magadi road, just 1 ½ hour from Nairobi (22km). While here, enjoy the stunning sights, the peace and tranquillity, and the big piece of land ideal for hiking and biking or just luxuriate with icy beer or glass of wine and watch the splendour of Africa go by.

It has a double main bedroom, twin room, cozy living room, fireplace, a chief kitchen, and an enormous veranda ideal for sundowners and days overseeing the magnificent view.

It accommodates up to 4 people, and the charges are $195 each night for the entire house.

5. Sidai House

Sidai house Kajiado
Sidai house in Kajiado

Side house is a charming country home set on beautiful Champagne Ridge, about 1 ½ hours’ drive from Karen. It’s located on the escarpment, giving sweeping views overlooking the Great Rift Valley. It also offers an inviting deck from which to enjoy nightly sunset.

The house consists of a fully equipped kitchen and a house staff who helps to prepare meals as required, two double bedrooms, a living room, and a dining area. 

It can accommodate eight people for $220 per night for the entire house.

6. The Cave

The Cave Kajiado
The Cave Kajiado

The cave is a romantic secluded holiday home on Champagne Ridge exclusive for lovebirds. It’s just one hour from Karen, 30 minutes from Kiserian, and 45 minutes from Ngong town. Tucked away, nestled against a natural rock, the cave offers the ultimate fell in warmth and coziness with beautiful uninterrupted views across the vast Great Rift Valley.

The cave is just a perfect place for couples. It’s among the three-holiday homes in the African bush, which stretches for 10 acres. The house consists of a fully equipped kitchen, one bedroom with one bed, and a living room.

The cave Kajiado doesn’t provide a resident chef; however, the cottage has a gas bbq grill to make self-catering easy. The house accommodates two people with rates of $85 per night.

Activities to Enjoy While In the Cave                                               

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Walking on top of the cliff and down the valley

7. Olohoro Onyore

Olohoro Onyore Kajiado County
Olohoro Onyore in Kajiado

Olohoro Onyore is located just an hour away from Nairobi. Flee from the busy city to breathe and relax in pure calmness. It’s a wonderful spot to spend time with family or friends while taking in the beauty of the rift valley and the wide Kajiado countryside

The house can accommodate up to 6 people. It has three spacious ensuite bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. During your stay, you will be provided with a helpful cooker who will assist with preparing and cooking meals as required and a housekeeper to help you with cleaning.

The standard charges are $350 per night for the whole house.

Activities to Enjoy While In Olohoro Onyere

  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Bushwalks
  • Sundowners
  • Barbeques

8. Olohoro Onyore Ndogo

Olohoro Onyore Ndogo
Olohoro Onyore Ndogo

Olohoro Onyore Ndogo is an independent and free-standing little sister to Olohoro Onyore home. It’s a perfect getaway for couples or small families. Olohoro Onyore Ndogo is a beautiful and soothing holiday home that’s easy to come to from Nairobi to enjoy incredible, extensive sights through the rift valley ridge.

Its located 30km south of central Nairobi. The home can accommodate 2-4 people at an average charge of $ 200 each night for the entire house.

9. The Castle

The Castle in Kajiado
The Castle in Kiserian

The Castle on Champagne Crest is located only 18km from Kiserian town. It’s a perfect getaway from Nairobi, and it’s among the three-holiday retreats in the African bush. It expanses in a ten acres piece of land.

While here, you can sit on the balcony and enjoy the fantastic views while antelopes graze in front of this home. The Castle can accommodate up to 6 people. The house consists of a fully equipped kitchen, living area, dining area, and five sleeping areas.

The house has a library filled with a wide range of books for you to enjoy. There are games like monopoly, cards, dominoes, and TV and DVD players with a range of movies on DVD.

 The rates range from $83 per night to $160 for the entire house.

Activities to Enjoy in the Castle

  • Walking in and out of the valley
  • Cycling
  • Walking on top of the cliff 

10. Fawlty Tower

Fawlty Tower Kajiado
Fawlty Tower in Kajiado

The Fawlty tower is just an hour’s drive from Karen. It’s a lovely lodge next to the Castle on the Champagne Ridge. The Fawlty tower is just a slight bizarre cottage that is faultless for a couple searching for a retreat home that is spectacular yet inexpensive.

It’s one of the getaway places in Kajiado where you can enjoy incredible sights of the rift valley escarpment while swaying on the day/night bed upstairs, soaking in outlooks of the Ngong hills. The house consists of one bedroom with one bed, a fully equipped kitchen, dining table next to the kitchen,  living area, and a separate toilet and shower.

The home accommodates two guests with rates of $62per night.

The table below simplifies the best getaways places in Kajiado, the number of guests they accommodate, and the rates.

PlaceNumber of GuestsRates
Raha Mstarehe12$200-$273
Ol Talet cottage6$ 190
Oloika cottage6$190
Enkaji Osiwo4$195
Olohoro Onyere6$295
Olohoro Ndogo4$195
The Cave2$85
Fawlty tower2$62
Sidai house8$220
The Castle6$83-$160
best getaway places in Kajiado

Bottom line

Are you looking for the best getaway place to spend a holiday or weekend with your partner, family, or even friends? If so, Kajiado is your go-to. It’s in Kajiado, where you will find a beautiful home accommodating a maximum of two people meant for lovebirds. It’s also in Kajiado, where you will find larger houses accommodating up to 6 people where you can plan for a weekend getaway for your family. If you are a group of families or friends, you are also sorted. Some getaway places in Kajiado have big houses accommodating up to 12 people.

 All the houses have a gas bbq grill making self-catering easy. Some houses have house staff who help in cleaning and preparing meals as you requested. Others houses also provide you with a housekeeper to help you with cleaning.  

As per the charges, never worry because they offer the best at affordable and share prices.