10 Best Music Schools in Kenya in 2024

We understand your struggle to find the best music schools in Kenya. Navigating through the myriad of options online can be overwhelming. You don’t know where to start since you need a music school guaranteed to nurture your musical talent to greatness.

That said, we’ve scored the internet and created this list of the top music schools in Kenya. The schools on this list have a proven track record of producing some of the best musicians and DJs in the country. Keep reading to know more about each school.

Top 10 Best Music Schools in Kenya

Name of the SchoolTraining and ServicesLocation
Wynton House of MusicGuitar, saxophone, drums voice, hiring, repairing instruments, audio digital recording.Yaya centre (3rd floor) Nairobi 
Kamata Music SchoolMusic production and sound, drum lessons  video and photograph lessons voice coaching D.J. services-Queensway House, 2nd Floor
Kaunda Street (Nairobi CBD)
-Banana Junction in Ruaka
Kenya Culture Centre, Nairobi South BBowed string instruments, singing brass instruments, and music theoryFive-star Nairobi school of music
Five-Star Nairobi School of MusicStudio lessons, DJ/VJ, guitar, piano, audio, and video productionMoi Avenue, Development House 12th Floor, Nairobi
Sauti AcademySongwriting techniques, piano, guitar, voice coachingShalom House, Nairobi
Music InnVocal, music production, drum lessons, and guitar lessonsDavid Osieli Road, Westlands, Nairobi 
Sonata School of Music Playing flute, violin, piano, guitar, drums, clarinet, saxophone, trumpetWestlands, Nairobi 
Kigame Music AcademySongwriting, instruments: drums, guitar, piano, and percussion.Eldoret
Goshom Music SchoolVocals training, saxophone, guitar, and D.J.View Park Towers, Nairobi
The Invisible Crown MusicMusic, dance, and dramaNairobi
Best music schools in Keny

1. Wynton House of Music

Wynton House of Music is a leading music school that provides training in various musical instruments, such as trumpet, piano, guitar, clarinet, violin, ukulele, saxophone, and drums. The school also provides training in music production. It has three branches;

  • Village Market – 1st floor- cell: 0713908411
  • Yaya center- 3rd floor- cell: 0736298713/ 0715188148
  • Mountain mall -3rd floor- cell: 0715177556

For consultation services, use email winniewynton@gmail.com.

2. Kamata School of Music

Kamata School of Music is among the best music training schools in Kenya. Their training includes music instruments, voice coaching, music production, and D.J. Their instrument training includes piano, guitar, drums, violin, and saxophone.

The school is located at Queensway House, 2nd Floor Kaunda Street (Nairobi CBD).

Contacts: 0700070707/ 0722137784.

3. Kenya Conservatoire of Music

The Kenya Conservatoire of Music is among the best music schools in Kenya. The school is a non-profit institute. Therefore, it has no attachments to politics or religion.

The best part of Conservatoire is that it trains and promotes noble quality music of all genres and styles.

The school has 35 local and non-local competent and highly educated trainers devoted to their work. If you’re obsessed with music, you should consider getting the chance to benefit from their affordable lessons.

They focus on students to get quality knowledge and training, which will help them overcome the encounters of music-making. The school has two branches- the main branch and a sub-branch. They provide training in both branches and many other schools where conservatoire teachers visit weekly.

The school trains around 400 students yearly. The main branch is located at Kenya Cultural Centre, and the sub-branch is at Go Down Arts Centre off Dunga R.D. South B next to Car and General.

Contact: 0720962288/ 0737227903

4. Five Star Nairobi School of Music

Five-Star Nairobi School of Music is one of the best music schools in Kenya, just as the name suggests.

The school is located in Development House, Moi Avenues. It offers training in the keyboard, saxophone, drums, piano, guitar, V.J., D.J., violin, and music production, both video and audio. The school is open to everyone who loves music, and no academic qualification is required for you to join any class. 

Contact: 0722831647

5. Sauti Academy

Sauti Academy is one of the most thriving music schools in Kenya. The school teaches music students and nurtures them through trials, organizing music events, and offering private music lessons. Sauti Academy offers training in songwriting techniques, piano, guitar, performances, and voice coaching. The school also provides a music program for the children known as Sauti Kids.

It’s situated at Shalom House, Nairobi. You can reach them through:

Phone: 0728086494

Email: natalie@sautiacademy.com

6. Music Inn

Music Inn School provides music education to students of all ages. It’s among the few music production schools in Kenya. This school offers an engaging musical environment, raising the students’ love for music.

The school boasts of the students’ complete music education program, consisting of training in video production, instruments, audio recording, mixing & mastering, and D.J. academy. They inspire and encourage their students’ potential as musicians. 

Contacts: 0705816968/ 0722492471

Email: info@music-inn.co.ke

Location: 1st floor, southern House along Nginda Street, opposite Meridian Hotel near Khodja Mosque off Moi Avenue, Nairobi Kenya.

7. Sonata School of Music

Sonata School of Music works with professional tutors who have had years of musical knowledge. They offer training in the following:  playing of flute, violin, piano, guitar, drums, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and ukulele, among other instruments. The school also teaches theory in music. 

Sonata School of Music provides music services at parties, weddings, and other such events at a shared cost. Contact them through:

Contact: 0724165100

8. Kigame Music Academy

Kigame Music Academy was established in 2013 by musician Reuben Kigame. It’s located in Eldoret and offers training in songwriting, instruments, drums, guitar, piano, and percussion. Also, they offer training in video and audio production. Reach them through:

Contact: 0721971971/ 0733971971.

9. Goshom Music School

Goshom is situated at View Park Towers 20th floor along Utalii Lane. It offers violin, piano, guitar, voice coaching, saxophone, D.J., and V.J. courses.

Contact: 0720128369

10. The Invisible Crown Music.

The Invisible Crown is situated along Vihiga Rd in Nairobi. The school provides drama, dance, and music training, including private instrument lessons, adult dancing, ballet, private lessons, and contemporary. It also offers training in acting and public speaking. Contact them through:

Contacts: 0786325085/ 0202085419/ 0729200560.  

Email: info@invisiblecrown.co.ke  

Bottom line

Do you think music is your talent and don’t know where to get the best training? This blog has provided you with the best music schools in Kenya from which you can choose the one that fits you best. You are also provided with their location and contacts for easy tracing. Find one, train, and start working on your talent.