10 Easy Transcription Jobs in Kenya for Beginners

Do you love writing? Do you want a chance to make some extra money from home? If so, a transcription job may be perfect for you. With a transcription job, all that is required of you is listening to audio recordings and typing up what was said. Such an opportunity can work well both as a side gig or a main source of income. In this article, we highlight everything that goes into finding transcription jobs in Kenya. Moreover, you will know how much transcription jobs pay and who should apply.

What is Transcription?

Transcription is a new term to many. However, it deals with a common phenomenon, it’s just the name ‘transcription’ that confuses many. Transcription is basically, the process of listening to a recording and typing out what was said. Transcriptionists are often employed by companies that need to convert audio recordings into text files that can be edited for future use. It’s one of the best-paying online jobs in Kenya.

A transcriptionist’s job is easy. All you are required to do is listen, type and edit a given piece.

How Much are Transcribers Paid in Kenya?

Transcription jobs in Kenya can pay well depending on the company’s requirements and your experience level. The good thing about transcription jobs is that they pay based on the duration of the transcript.

Transcription pay rates vary across the country. However, it is not uncommon for transcriptionists to earn between Kshs. 540-3,600 per hour depending on experience. Most transcription jobs pay up to $0.6 per audio minute. When you do the math, you can make a cool Ksh. 3,600 per hour as an experienced transcriber.

As a beginner transcriptionist, you can make up to Ksh. 540 per audio hour. The rate is based on the fact that most transcription jobs in Kenya pay up to $0.09 to beginner transcriptionists.

The money you make will be deposited into your online payment platforms like PayPal and Payoneer. If you decide to use PayPal, you should be careful to avoid PayPal chargebacks as they can lead to the limitation of your account.

How to Get Transcription Jobs in Kenya

There are many ways you can get transcription jobs in Kenya. Below are the most common ways. You should begin by interacting with awesome transcribers Kenya. You will get useful information and job posting here as a beginner transcriptionist.

Here are other common ways to get transcription jobs in Kenya:

1. Friends and Family

If you have friends or relatives working as transcribers, they might be able to connect you with some of their clients who may need your services. This is a good way to start out as a transcriptionist as your friend or relative can hold your hand. He or she will teach you about what is expected of you to succeed as an online transcriber.

There are many companies in Kenya that need transcription services. However, if you get an opportunity in such companies, you will work as an offline transcriber. You will do the job following the normal 9-5 routine. Most of these companies conduct online recruitments therefore, they want the interviews transcribed for decision-making. Examples of such companies include Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), Kenya Ferry Services (KFS), and Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

Online Transcription Job Portals

Online transcription job portals is the common way most transcribers in Kenya get jobs. There are both local and international transcription job portals employing many Kenyans at the moment. You can as well get employed by these online transcription job companies.

Here are the best online transcription companies:

2. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is one of the best transcription companies employing Kenyans. It offers various jobs for Kenyan transcribers and it pays well too. The company offers more than 10,000 hours’ worth of audio files every week to its online typer corps.

The company hires both beginners and experienced transcriptionists. Thus, whether you are a beginner or experienced transcriptionist, here is an opportunity for you.

GoTranscript pays up to $0.60 per audio minute recorded in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia. The rate is higher for other countries like the United States as this is a native English-speaking country.

All application is done online. If you want to join GoTranscript, visit their website and fill out your profile. You will be tested on your transcription skills to determine your level as either entry or experienced transcriber.

3. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is another company offering transcription jobs in Kenya. It is one of the best-paying transcription companies. It offers both beginner and experienced transcriber opportunities.

Those working as transcribers at TranscribeMe work on voice messages, YouTube videos, and podcasts. The company will pay you up to $0.60 for every minute of audio transcription or voice message to experienced transcribers. The least amount paid is $0.01 per audio minute for entry-level transcribers.

TranscribeMe is strict when it comes to deadlines. Therefore, you must adhere to the provided deadline if you want to succeed here.

4. Scribie

Scribie is among the oldest transcription companies. It has been in existence for more than ten years, and it hires both experienced and beginner transcribers.

The company offers most transcription jobs at between $5-$25 per hour of audio or voice message transcribed. Scribie is different from other companies as it does not pay per minute of transcribed audio.

The advantage of Scribe is that you will get to work on short files (10 minutes or less). Most transcribers love Scribie because it provides free automated transcripts. Therefore, the time you take working on a file is shortened by up to 60%. Moreover, if you do exemplary work, you get rewarded and can be promoted to a reviewer.

The application is done online through the Scribie website.

5. Rev

Rev provides speech-to-text translation services to make transcribers’ work easy. It’s not easy to get hired by Rev as it has very strict policies. The company hires only transcribers who have previous experience in transcription or voice-over work, and they must take an exam to be admitted into the program.

The good news is that this company pays more than other online companies hiring Kenyan transcribers (up to $1.25 per audio minute). This makes it one of the best paying transcription companies.

Rev has very strict policies when it comes to deadlines. Therefore, you must adhere to its provided deadline if you want to succeed here.

If you get hired by Rev, you are guaranteed of constant job supply. The company is trusted by more than 17,000 customers. Work is not a challenge at Rev, the challenge is getting experienced transcriptionists. Thus, if you believe your transcription capabilities, go on and apply from the website.

6. Verbit

Verbit is one of the transcription companies that are easy to join. However, the challenge here is that the pay is quite low compared to other transcription companies. Although it has a high turnaround time of up to 4 hours, the pay is very low, starting at $0.01 per audio minute.

The company hires Kenyan transcribers using its online platform for scheduled jobs. You will have to pass the test before you start working as a transcriber here. In most cases, the test is short and it can take 3 minutes if you are an experienced transcriptionist.

7. Speechpad Transcription

The company offers transcription jobs in Kenya for beginners. The company provides transcription services to websites and individuals alike. The good thing with Speechpad is that you can work as an individual or collaborate with other transcribers on a given project.

The company pays a minimum of $0.05 per minute so that you can earn up to 50% more than most companies with lower pay rates. The pay is not fixed and is determined by quality work submitted in every audio file.

Speechpad transcription works with some big brands in the world like Amazon and Netflix. It is very popular when it comes to transcription in Kenya.

8. Crowdsurf

If you enjoy reading and writing, then CrowdSurf Transcription is for you. The good thing about this transcription company is that it’s always hiring. Additionally, the company is not demanding. Thus, you can work from home on your own schedule.

The company uses Work Market to hire and pay freelancers. If you want to join this company, you have to create an account on Work Market. Once the account is created, apply to join CrowdSurf as a new transcriber. Review the guidelines and take an assessment.

If you pass the assessment, your CrowdSurf account will be created. This takes between 3 to 5 business days. From there, you can start CrowdSurfing.

9. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription deals with the transcription of a variety of topics. Some of the topics here include business, academic, legal, and more. You work based on your schedule.

GMR Transcription is quite different from the other transcription companies reviewed in terms of payment. Imagine working for a company that gives you the freedom to set your own payment rates. That is what GMR transcription does. After determining what you want to be paid, you decide on which assignments you want to handle. That’s what most transcribers love.

The company is always hiring general and Spanish transcribers/translators. You can apply directly from the website.

10. CastingWords

CastingWords allows freelance transcribers from different parts of the world to apply. The company pays up to $0.60 per audio or video minute transcribed.

After signing up, you can set up your preference in terms of the jobs you want to work on. If you want to succeed and get promoted quickly in this company, you should choose tasks that match your skillset.

11. VoxTab

VoxTab is a transcription company affiliated with some top companies like Sony, Morgan state university, TESOL, and Aviva. Therefore, transcribers working here are assured of consistent jobs.

VoxTab is a diversified company. Apart from transcription, it also deals with subtitling, captioning, direct translation, and voiceover. Thus, you are advantaged if you work for this company as you get an opportunity to learn more skills.

The company is also diversified in terms of languages. You can work in any of the following languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, and Indic.

Types of Transcription

There are two basic types of transcription:

  1. Verbatim Transcription
  2. Edited Transcription

Verbatim Transcription

With verbatim/literal transcription, you focus on delivering the exact words in a transcript. If you are working on a verbatim transcription, aim to create a letter-by-letter transcript as heard.

Interjections, repetitions, stutters, interrupting words, and colloquial language are typed out. Here are examples of verbatim sentences:

  • Interjections: aahs and eenh
  • Repetitions: ‘I’m just saying, the region … the Brabant region uh, that uh, that’s the focus’
  • Stutters: st-stuttering, b-but, d-don’t
  • Interrupting words: um, uh, or mmhmm. 
  • Colloquial language: “That’s how it goes”.

Edited Transcription

Edited/clean transcription involves some light editing so that what gets transcribed is clear and readable.

In the case of edited transcripts, aborted words, half sentences, and interjections are omitted. You should write the conversation grammatically correct as much as you can. Therefore, the content of the conversation is perfectly reproduced.

Final Thoughts

There are many transcription jobs for beginners in Kenya. You can choose any of the companies outlined above depending on your skills, language preference, and pay rate.

Transcription can be a good option for you if you are looking for a home-based job. You can also get started on it with little or no experience in transcription at all. What you need is determination.