4 Impressive Picnic Sites in Thika for a Whole Family

What comes to your mind when you think about Thika Town? Maybe pineapples, a cool environment, or a town with cheap rental houses. What about picnic sites in Thika?

Thika is one of the fastest-growing industrial towns in Kenya at the moment. It’s located in Kiambu County along the Thika superhighway. The town is approximately 42 kilometers northeast of Nairobi City.

The interesting bit about Thika town is that although it’s administratively considered to be in Kiambu County, most areas are in Murang’a County. Such areas include Bahati Ridge, Maporomoko, Thika Greens, Thika Golden Pearl, Thika Sports club, and Bendor Estate.

As a cool town, Thika has some of the most impressive picnic sites. The good thing is that these picnic sites are good for a whole family.

The following are the five impressive picnic sites in Thika suitable for your whole family. You’ll realize that some of these sites have been featured among the best picnic sites along Thika road.

1. Karunguru Coffee Farm and Estate

Karunguru coffee farm
Karunguru coffee farm

Karunguru coffee farm is located 9.1 kilometers along Kenyatta Road off Thika super highway. It’s operated by Karunguru Coffee and Tours company. This tour company produces and packages single-origin coffee from Karunguru coffee farm.

The farm was founded in 1928 by the Glassfords family. Geoffrey Karekia Kariithi later purchased the 300-acre farm from the Glassfords. Kariithi named the farm Karunguru in honor of his late father. Through advancements, the 300-acre coffee farm was transformed to what is now a coffee-producing branded company with 500 acres of a coffee farm. The company produces and markets Kenyan coffee both locally and internationally.

For your picnic purposes, the Karunguru Coffee and Tours company will sort you. The farm offers impressive sites dotted with scenic hills, a smooth valley, and fresh country air. While at the farm for your picnic, you’ll get a feel of the following:

  • A scenic view of Ol Donyo Sabuk mountain
  • A thrilling breeze from the Chania river
  • A tour of the massive coffee farm
  • A fun day for kids which includes bouncing castles, rope jumps, and merry-go-round

At the end of your tour and fun for your kids, you’ll be hungry and need to quench your thirst. All these are catered for by the tour company. There’s a three-course meal at the facility and as you would expect, coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

You can go for the tour any day between Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm.

Contact: +254 112 924 050

Email: info@karungurucoffee.com

2. New Rain

New Rain picnic site in Thika
New Rain Centre

New Rain is a good picnic site in Thika suitable for family. It’s a luxurious, family-friendly getaway along Kenyatta Road, off the Thika Superhighway Exit 14.

The garden offers an impressive site because it’s located in the midst of countryside greenery. It’s an ideal place for:

  • Weddings
  • Family meetings
  • Outdoor Excursions
  • Parties
  • Social functions
  • Team buildings

To eliminate boredom, New Rain incorporates unique and therapeutic activities like climbing, boat riding, cycling, and farm experiences. All this is to ensure your fantastic stay and experience in the gardens.

When it comes to food, New Rain never disappoints. You can get any Kenyan meal you can think of at this joint. The good thing with New Rain is that they have great respect for the health of their guests. Therefore, they source a majority of their ingredients from their Global Gap certified and organic farms operated with the highest standards possible.

You’ll find the following on their menu:

BreakfastOmelette, Signature pancakes, eggs, toast, vegetable salad, Sausages, African tea, handcuff fries, house French toast
StartersFresh vegetable salad served with Italian dressing
Main MealsFish, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Pasta, and Vegan Cuisines
New Rain Menu

Email: info@newrain.co.ke

3. Fourteen Falls

Fourteen Falls in Thika
Fourteen Falls in Thika

Fourteen Falls in Thika is a glory of its own. The naming of these falls is based on the fact that 14 falls can be counted at the peak.

Fourteen Falls are found in the Athi River Basin and are the largest of all waterfalls in Kenya in terms of width. These falls are approximately 27 meters in height. When it rains, this height makes it possible for the water to spray the surrounding.

Fourteen Falls is a popular day-trip destination for many Kenyans. It’s a fantastic picnic site in Thika where you can do the following:

  • Sightseeing
  • Bird watching
  • Photography
  • Boat riding
  • Fishing

These activities are ideal for an entire family. You can take family photographs for memories. The chilling breeze from the water will keep you relaxed and refreshed from the bustles and hustles of city life. Therefore, by the time you’ll be leaving the scene, you’ll be rejuvenated and ready to start your week with zeal.

If you’re looking for a place to get your mind relaxed and maybe think about your future plans, Fourteen Falls in Thika is your go-to destination.

4. Chania Falls

Chania Falls picnic site in Thika
Chania Falls

Chania Falls is one of breathtaking picnic sites in Thika suitable for an entire family. The waterfall tumbles over a rocky, tree-lined cliff. It’s close to the iconic Blue Post Hotel.

Chania Falls is a green gem attractive to nature lovers. If you want to interact with nature and enjoy sweet bird melodies, this is the place to be. A great feature here is the location of the waterfall which is close to a restaurant. With a restaurant within your vicinity, you don’t have to get worried about hunger. You’ll not have to travel from your picnic site all the way to Thika town to get food. With a drink in one hand and a book in the other, you’ll enjoy the site and the sounds of the falling water until when you feel satisfied.

Walking down to the fall’s base is made easy by the gated walkway on the hotel grounds. Therefore, there is no need to worry about injury to your kids. You’ll all be safe while you enjoy your nature picnic. You’ll be able to do the following at Chania falls:

  • Photography
  • Fishing
  • Boat riding
  • Bird watching

Chania Falls is located about 1-hour drive from Nairobi city along Nyeri highway.

Over to You Now

Picnicking is an excellent way to refresh your body, mind, and soul from a busy schedule. This gives you an opportunity to focus more on important aspects of your life and be more productive.

These picnic sites in Thika provide an effective way to refresh yourself. If you’re in Nairobi, you can travel to Thika over the weekend and spend some time at one of these sites. Alternatively, you can check out the best picnic sites in Nairobi.

Frequently asked Questions

Why is it called Fourteen Falls?

It’s called fourteen falls because when you stand at the peak of River Athi, you’ll be able to count fourteen spectacular waterfalls along the river basin. Therefore, the best way to count these waterfalls and prove the name is to go on the peak of the river along the Thika Garissa road.

Where can I take my kids for Fun in Thika?

You can take your kids for fun in Thika at New Rain, Karunguru coffee farm, Blue post hotel, Fourteen falls, or Chania falls. These are good sites perfect for both kids and adults. New Rain and Karunguru coffee farm have fun activities like bouncing castles and merry-go round for kids.

Is Thika a County?

Thika is not a County. It’s an industrial town located within Kiambu County. However, other parts of Thika like Bahati ridge, Maporomoko, and Thika Greens are in Murang’a County.