5 Editing Techniques To Make Better Travel Videos

Traveling and exploring new places is a lot of fun. And everyone wants to share their experience and memories with people. But how do you do it in an impressive way? No, sharing photos is dull and uninteresting. The new talk of the town is a travel video. Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have opened a new space for such content. It seems like everyone has started a new travel blog and the goal is to know the editing techniques to make better travel videos.

To shoot videos while traveling is what everyone does. But with good editing, you can compile them and create amazing videos. You must be thinking that this must need a good skill set. How can a layperson do such editing? 

There are some skills one needs to learn to ace the process. However, with a few tips and tricks, one can edit those travel videos in no time. So, here are the five best editing techniques to make better travel videos that are engaging and creative.

Construct a Distinct Point of Interest

Finding an intent is very crucial in travel videos. What exactly do you want to portray or showcase to your audience? What will be the centre of focus that will hook the viewers? Your viewers should always know what they’re looking for in your video. Hence, make sure your videos have a clear point of interest. It could be anything. But what is the role of editing in this?

For a successful and engaging video, the framing of shots is the key. It will directly help you in crafting the focus of interest. The cuts have to be precise. You can do this with any available online video cutter. If the consequent frames have a similar size or side, the audience will find them easier to locate. Feels complicated? Well, it isn’t. In another way, points of interest are easier to locate when they remain in the same position within the frames of consequent shots.

Make Use of Music and Sound Effects

editing techniques to make better travel videos
person playing a guitar

Even if the rest of your edit is fantastic, viewers will lose interest. Here is where sounds come to your rescue. Great music may grab your audience’s attention, attract them into your story, and keep them engaged throughout the video. 

The selection of appropriate soundtracks for your travel movie should be a priority during the editing process. It’s not something that should come last minute. Choose music that aids in the progression of your plot, with the song’s rhythm complementing the emotion on screen.

Also, leverage the power of sound effects. It can enhance your shot and give meaning to it. You can utilize them all to make your video more potent, informative, and stylish. You can cut the tracks with the help of an online video cutter. For example, cut to a furious rainfall after adding some trickling rain sound effects to a view of some gloomy dark clouds. That’s a clever use of foreshadowing.

Use the Pancake Editing Technique

Editing might seem to be very time-consuming. It is daunting to find and choose suitable clips after each cut from the folder. So, do you want to make your edit faster? Pancake timeline editing is the answer to this. 

Pancake timeline editing is essentially a method of layering timelines on top of one another. Your choices are on the top timeline, while your master edit usually is on the bottom. It’s simply an editing technique that aims to make the editing process quicker while also keeping it more structured. 

But how do you do it? There’s not much to it besides stacking timelines on top of the other to:

  1. Conveniently scan through and check what kinds of clips you have. 
  2. Drag and drop sections of one timeline onto another. This procedure is popular and used by some editors to divide A-roll and B-roll, others for selections and rough cuts, etc.

Add Seamless Transitions

It is effortless to put all shots and sequences and compile them. Any online video editor like Kizoa can do this for you. But imagine how it will look. All your small videos will look disconnected and not aligned. It will distract the audience at every cut. So what’s the solution to this? Well, it is adding transitions and movements. 

There are several movements and transitions available in an online video cutter software. It could be anything. Your videos can transition in blurring in and out or sliding. It can also have rotating or fading movements. 

In after effects, you may crop in and add some position keyframes. Also, motion blur and generate some handheld camera wobble to shots. Make sure you use the transitions that are the best fit for your shots. Keep it simple and effective. These edits should come out as natural.

Find the Rhythm in Your Video

woman playing music drums
woman playing music

Every travel content creator is eager to show their viewers what they’ve captured. But one can’t simply be slow or high-energetic till the end of the video. That’s absurd. Creators must ensure a pleasing rhythm and flow. 

Don’t start on a high note. Start slowly and gradually lead your viewers into the experience. Then, hit them faster and harder, ramp up the energy, raise the tempo, and get the viewers all engrossed. Then, softly ease everything back down, following which you may go for round two. Or, change the format, according to need. 

Make sure the shots are seamless whenever you cut shots with an online video cutter. Apart from cuts, you can also trim your videos. Trimming removes or expands the length of your clip’s front or tail regions. It will ensure that unnecessary parts are eliminated.

Determining your rhythm and tempo is crucial for keeping your audience’s attention. Moreover, it also gives an identity to your form of content. People will know what they are looking for in travel videos. It gives viewers a great time, whether a high-energy film or a calm, thoughtful piece. So look for what suits your content the best. Make your rhythm the most loved among your followers.

Wrapping Up

Travel blogging or sharing travel videos is getting popular day by day. Everyone wants to showcase the best of them. Thus, editing rightly has become crucial to get the envisioned outcome. Although editing videos might seem daunting to many, the above editing techniques to make better travel videos will get you started.

The tactics of editing, as mentioned in this post, will help to do the best edits. It will also preserve your precious time and energy. Find the type of impression you want to leave on the audience’s mind and create edits accordingly. Entertain your audience and let them enjoy your travel experience at home with excellent videos!