5 Religious Retreat Centers in Nakuru City in 2024

People visit religious retreat centers mainly to pray. Christians from all denominations are welcomed. Prayer centers provide peaceful and quiet gardens good for meditation. You can visit them as an individual or group. The centers are open to the public daily. The rooms at the centers are affordable with vast grounds offering visitors ample areas for prayers. Some have prayer rooms for visitors who like privacy when praying. These religious centers also host religious ceremonies like weddings and pre-weddings. At the centers, Christians get opportunities to interact and make new friends. Staff at the centers guide first-time visitors who may not know how to navigate. Today, you’ll learn about the five main religious retreat centers in Nakuru and how to get to them. Moreover, we have included contact details for you if you want to speak to the management of these centers.

1. Subukia National Shrine

Subukia National Shrine
Subukia National Shrine

Subukia National Shrine is one of the main religious retreat centers in Nakuru.

It’s located along Nakuru – Nyeri Highway, 40 km from Nakuru and 210 km from Nairobi. The Kenya Episcopal Conference owns the site while Franciscan Friars run it.

The shrine welcomes visitors from all denominations though it is under catholic management. The visitors come to pray and meditate.

The actual shrine with a statue of Holy Mary holding baby Jesus is up a steep hill. The statue springs water, which visitors fetch to bring home. Some people believe that water has healing powers. It has a paved path of the cross at the foot of the hill.

A big church with a capacity of 5,000 congregants occupies the shrine’s center. The church holds regular mass services. Small prayer grottos offer a quiet place for individual prayers. You can tour as an individual or group.

The surrounding environment is serene, with beautiful green vegetation and a superb climate. You’ll meditate under breathtaking birds’ melodies and fresh cool breezes. You can take some photos of the unforgettable adventure.

If you’re from Nairobi/ Nakuru, you can use public transport matatus, taxi, or car to the shrine.

Contacts: 723303429/0789536533.

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2. Heavens Gate Prayer Mountain

Heaven's gate mountain
Heaven’s gate prayer mountain

The Christian prayer center is located past Gilgil Weighing Bridge along Nakuru-Nairobi Highway.

Christians from different faiths travel far and wide to the center to pray and fast.

The center has open grounds which provide quiet gardens to pray and meditate. You can visit as a group or as an individual. Prayer booths provide privacy during prayers. A church at the site conducts a compulsory evening service for all visitors.

The site is a fasting center and serves tea twice a day. Hot water is available to visitors throughout. The center’s library sells Christian literature and teachings. The services at the center are top-notch, and the staff is friendly.

The gardens have beautiful and well-maintained vegetation. The rooms at the site are affordable and clean.

The table below shows the prices of rooms per person per night.

Room TypePrice(Kshs)
Single Room500
Double Room400
Four Pax250
Six Pax150
rooms prices at the heaven’s gate prayer mountain

You can use public matatu from Nairobi/Nakuru to the prayer center. The distance from the highway to the center is approximately 500m. You can use a Bodaboda, taxi or walk.

Bringing food and taking photos of the sanctuary are prohibited. Also, visitors should be fully dressed. Contact: 0704744453.

3. Mizpah Prayer Center

Mizpah prayer center
Mizpah prayer center

Mizpah prayer center is situated along Nakuru-Nyeri highway at Bahati Estate. The distance from Nakuru town is approximately 14km. The center is set on a hill with vast open ground for people to pray. Also, prayer rooms at the center give privacy to visitors while praying.

Mizpah prayer center in Nakuru welcomes visitors from all denominations. You can visit as a group or as an individual.

Staff provides tea at 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. Furthermore, you’ll get hot water for drinking and baths as a visitor. There’s a canteen at the center that sells basic supplies.

Accommodation is affordable and depends on the room you’re booking. The list below shows charges(Kshs) per person per night.

  • Dormitories             150
  • Four pax                  250
  • Common singles     400
  • Doubles                   400
  • Singles                     500

The prayer center is surrounded by green vegetation, and you’ll have a spectacular view of Menengai Crater. You can bring a camera to capture the beautiful scenery.

You can get to the center by using public transportation or a personal car. The distance from the main road is 900m. Boda Bodas are convenient means of transport from the road to the center. The center offers ample and secure parking for visitors.

Contact: 0727766553.

4. Wendo Retreat Camps

Wendo retreat camp, Nakuru
Wendo retreat camp

The camps are located outside Nakuru, 7 km from Westside Mall.

The management organizes camps for teenagers, women, children, people with special needs, and interested groups. The camp promotes learning, responsibility, cooperation, and environmental awareness. The education is experimental and based on open godly conversations.

Visitors participate in fun activities like hiking, camping, and sports like tennis. The retreat center offers a great opportunity for team building, improving communication, and meeting new friends. A Volunteer program at the camp offers people a chance to serve others.

The center’s restaurant provides mouthwatering meals to visitors. The beautiful and well-maintained gardens make the tour worthwhile. Bookings are strictly on a reservation basis providing necessary privacy and security for visitors.

You’ll be required to bring the following items:

  • Bible
  • Toiletries
  • Blanket and pillow
  • Sports attire and shoes
  • Sunhat
  • Rain gear
  • Sweater
  • Slippers

The charges differ depending on the size of the group and the number of days you’re going to spend at the camp. You can call 0710707564 to book.

5. ACK Jehova Shammah Prayer Center

ACK Jehova Shammah prayer center

The center is located at Pipeline Estate in Nakuru. Christians from different denominations visit the center to pray and fast.

The large grounds also host religious ceremonies like weddings, prewedding, and funeral services. The center is open to the public daily. People can visit as groups or individuals. The charge per night is Kshs 100 per person.

You can get to the center by using public means or personal car. Less than 100m from the main road. The center provides secure and ample parking to visitors.

Contact: 0729522146.

Final Thoughts

Retreat centers are usually overcrowded during religious holidays like Easter and Christmas. The rules and regulations at the centers differ, with some being strict on the dress code and bringing cameras. Visiting to pray only during the day is free of charge.

Set a date to visit some of these religious retreat centers in Nakuru city for spiritual nourishment and growth.