7 Crucial Tips for First Time Concert Goers in Kenya

The ticket is ready, your party is assembled, and all that’s left is the big concert day to arrive. Your enthusiasm is understandable as live shows and music are incredible. Everyone is a music fan inside, so you should experience a concert at least once in life. Concerts offer a unique and enjoyable moment for every music fan. It will create a core memory that you will keep for the rest of your life. However, the first-time concertgoer needs to do research and be prepared before getting to the concert. The first-time concert can be tricky since you don’t know what to expect, specifically if you are on general admission with no assigned seating. It’s essential, therefore, to have everything set for the day. Here are tips for first-time concert-goers in Kenya.

1. Dress Comfortably

Everyone would like to look good at the concerto and get noticed by the performer. But to be honest, it’s not comfortable jumping in heels, and that lace top might get caught by someone’s bag zipper or wristwatch.

You need to be in sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing to concentrate on the show instead of adjusting your clothes. Moreover, you will be in the concert for more than 4hrs including queuing to enter and waiting for everyone to settle down; pretty sure you would want to be comfortable as possible.  

Also, concerts mostly happen at night and usually get very cold, so you don’t want to wear clothes that will keep you exposed to the cold. Dress comfortably to enjoy the concert to the fullest.

2. Keep Yourself Updated With the Rules and Regulations

Other than the usual rules in the concert venue like no photography, food, and drinks, you should note the time the crowd will be let in.  This is important, especially for the concertgoers who opt for the standing pit as they need to queue up.

Organizers will give information on the time and location of the queue to make sure you get closer to the stage and be informed of this information. Sometimes concertgoers turn up earlier than they are supposed, only to queue again at a later time when the organizers turn them away.

Ensure you arrive on time to avoid missing the first part of the show. After all, it’s a concert and not a movie; there are no commercials beforehand. You should also know that some venues will deny you access if you arrive late. 

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3. Take Plenty of Food and Drinks Before the Concert

This is one of the crucial tips for first-time concert-goers in Kenya.

Concerts take a long time to finish, and you need a lot of energy. Make sure you take plenty of food and drinks before the event. You may feel hungry while the concert is going on and you won’t enjoy it.

Concerts can be dehydrating, too, especially if the environment is hot. Probably you will sweat because of singing and dancing to the music, and you will realize how bad you will need water which you might not easily get during such time. 

So it’s crucial to carry your water to drink before, during and after the concert. 

4. Consider Your Budget 

Despite your budget, you can still enjoy the concert to the fullest by selecting the appropriate ticket category. Tickets usually are priced and categorized depending on the closeness to the stage. So you should pick a ticket that best suits your budget.

Tickets are always available at a particular ticketing platform that the concert organizers cooperated with or the ticket merchant. You can find the right ticket for you from either of them. The costly tickets are usually closest to the stage, while the cheapest are farthest from the stage.

You don’t have to purchase tickets that will compromise your experience, nor do you have to buy too expensive tickets. So if the ticket price isn’t a concern to you, go for the one that will keep you nearest to your favorite artist.

But if your budget is fixed, go for a ticket that will provide you with a memorable experience. A cheaper ticket that offers good value will leave you with some coins that you can carry as pocket money, which is also essential.

5. Know the Weather

It’s essential to check the day’s weather forecast. The weather forecast will assist you in deciding which shoes and clothes you will wear, the best mode of transport that will work for you and if it is necessary to carry an umbrella and raincoat.  

Depending on the weather, dress suitably and, more importantly, be comfy. Wearing comfortable will let you move and dance comfortably. Also, you should not wear too many accessories to ensure you don’t lose them since the show tends to get overly packed.   

6. Make Friends

Nothing is better than getting friends with common interests. Start with comments, compliments, or asking questions to break the ice. If they reply, that’s great. Continue talking, and exchange social media domain names.

You will now have a friend to go with to future concerts and someone to check on you during the show.  If they don’t reply or are uninterested, move along and find another. You won’t believe the number of new friends you will have at the concert’s end.

7. Enjoy the Concert

As obvious as this may sound, most people are usually self-conscious during concerts, which prevents them from immersing and enjoying themselves. Everyone at the show concentrates only on the performer, and they rarely look around.

Moreover, lights are switched off during a concert so just sing and dance along during the show.

Bottom Line

Concerts are a great experience to watch your favorite artist perform live. However, it can be bewildering as a first-time concertgoer due to the large crowd, anxiety about your favorite act, and other things you are not used to.

With the above tips for first-time concert-goers in Kenya, you’ll be able to make your experience more valuable.