8 Amazing Things to Do at the Dam Redhill Resort in Limuru

The Dam Redhill Resort is located in Limuru, only 15km from Nairobi CBD. To visit the resort, you can use public vehicles, a taxi, or a personal car. Travelling by public means is relatively cheap as you’ll be charged KSh. 150 from the Nairobi Konja stage. An Uber taxi charges KSh. 900 (standard rates). Dam Redhill Resort consists of beautiful gardens and a dam. It offers a serene environment to relax and enjoy a time out with family and friends. The resort also has a kids’ play area. Visiting the resort, you’ll enjoy multiple outdoor activities. Read this article to learn 8 amazing things you can do at the resort.

1. Ziplining

Ziplining at the dam Redhill resort in Limuru
ziplining at the dam Redhill resort

Visiting the dam provides an opportunity to zipline as an individual or with family and friends.

Dam Redhill Resort zipline runs over the dam. If you like the adrenaline rush, it will be a great unforgettable experience.

The health benefits you’ll draw from ziplining are enormous, including the ability to build better relationships, build density, and elevate fears.

Zip Lining instructors will take you through a safety training session as a precaution.

Ziplining at the dam attracts many people. When visiting on a public holiday, book in advance to avoid the long queues or missing the thrill.

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2. Biking and Running

Do you love biking or running as you interact with nature? Dam Redhill Resort will suit you perfectly. The dam consists of a 20km biking track. You can bike as a team or as an individual.

Bike riding at the dam fits both beginners and experienced bikers. The trails range from cross country trails to hardcore downhill trails.

Biking will benefit your health by:

  • Increasing your cardiovascular fitness
  • Improving your joint mobility
  • Decreasing body fat.

Based on these benefits, you can’t underscore the advantages of biking. Also, biking in nature will increase your clean air intake that isn’t polluted.

The weather around the dam is cold, making it a good place for a biking adventure or running.

3. Camping

As you visit the dam, you can carry some tents to camp.

The resort has a beautiful camping site. You can camp with family and friends and enjoy quietness and peace away from the busy city life, work pressures, and city noises. Camping will help you build better family relationships, improve the quality of your sleep and reduce stress.

Spending nights camping at the dam is a thrilling adventure. You can engage in conversations with friends and family and have a great view of the moon and stars.

As you camp, you get to listen to the soothing sounds of birds and the calm wind waves.

4. Fishing and Boat Riding

boat riding at the dam Redhill resort in Limuru
boat riding

At the dam, you can enjoy a day out in nature fishing with friends. The fish you catch at the dam can be prepared for you or carry it home.

Visitors can fish at the shores of the dam or with boats. As you fish, you enjoy the spectacular view of the waters and surrounding nature.

Fishing will help improve your ability to set goals and achieve them.  Also, it’s a form of physical activity.

A boat ride with the family or teammates provides an excellent opportunity for bonding.

5. Fun at the Floating Restaurant

You can relax and enjoy a meal at one of the floating restaurants. The restaurants offer local dishes like nyama choma and ugali on order. They drift slowly as the wind moves.  Eating at the restaurant gives a feeling of eating at a boat or on a ship.

Apart from food, the restaurants also sell beer and other drinks.

Names of the floating restaurants at the resort are after big towns in Kenya. 

6. Jet Skiing and outdoor parties

To enjoy Jet Skiing, you must book in advance. The booking and queries number is 0723-273-914. Alternatively, you can email info@damredhill.com.

Jet Skiing improves blood circulation in your cardiovascular system and strengthens your muscles.

The resort’s spectacular grounds provide a nice place to host weddings, music, and video shoots. The grounds are big enough to host a large number of visitors.

The parking lot at the resort is big enough to cater for cars or buses.

7. Horse Riding

How often do you get a chance to ride on a horse? Not very often, I guess.

Horse riding is one of the activities you can do at the dam Redhill resort in Limuru.

When visiting the resort, you can ride on a horse. Horse riding guides are always on standby to guide the ride. They ensure that your ride is seamless.

Horse riding is fun for both adults and kids. It helps in improving body coordination and posture. Also, horse riding promotes the circulation of blood and flexibility.

8. Bouncing Castle for Kids

The resort is a great place for taking your children out. It entails an extensive playing ground for kids. Staff at the resort take care of kids; thus, you don’t have to worry about them.

Bouncing castle gives kids a way of enjoying themselves and keeping fit. Kids play with other kids making it easy for them to make friends and learn to interact with other people.

Kids can also enjoy the meals offered at the floating restaurants.

Note: The Dam Redhill Resort doesn’t charge an entry fee into the fields. However, the outdoor activities are not free, and their charges per person are as tabulated below;

ActivityCharges per person
Boat ridingKshs 200
FishingKshs 1,000
ZipliningKShs 700 for adults KShs 500 for kids
Horse ridingKShs 500 for adults KShs 250 for kids
dam Redhill resort fees

There are so many activities you can enjoy at The Dam Redhill Resort. The activities include ziplining, boat riding, and biking. The environment is serene and filled with fresh air.

Getting into the resort from Limuru road is easy. You can walk from as you view slopes and vegetation along the way. However, the road can be messy during the rainy season and might require a 4 by 4 wheeled car.

Grounds at the resort are big enough to host outdoor parties like weddings and photoshoots. Kids playground makes it an excellent place to take your kids out.

The resort’s proximity to Nairobi makes it receive many visitors during public holidays. To avoid being locked out of your favorite activities,  call in advance to book.